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Carnaval in Cancun 2023

Wow! I definitely been neglecting my blog than needed. It all started with happy moment of my trip with my sis, after I had something to catch up, some work and other... and than I got sick. If you know me personally you might know I have a tendency to be dead for while, all dramatic in bed. But it works wonders and I am usually a corpse only for a day or two tops. Long story short a lot happened and I haven't been posting as much as I am used to. I am sorry, really.
Today I want to save some time and probably work towards the post stash so I have so nice well done drafts for the posts in future. And today I want to show you a very cute moment from last week, myu very first Carnaval. Surely carnaval is small in Cancun and I definitely can't say it's the best but it felt cozy and fun to me. Actually having a whatever carnival during the February is better than not having it at all so I am taking it. Despite the rain we enjoyed some smiles, dances, cute allegorical cars and food stalls.

To go and enjoy the parade I chose a simple combo. Polo white polo shirt with a splash of pop art. Basic and very comfortable skirt (I wish I more tights though), bag to hold my belongings (the skirt has no pockets) and comfortable sneakers. They are new and I barely take the off, so comfortable I hardly want anything else there (only my running shoes). Just kidding, I always prefer barefood but alas, it is not realistic.

P.S. yes, I couldn't help but stand in the middle of usually a bit busy Tulum street.

I was wearing:
Lacoste shirt
Coach bag
Cuidado con el Perro x Cowboy Beebop skirt
Prima tennis shoes
Fossil watch


Have a nice day,

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  1. oh wow! I can imagine how amazing and crazy a festival would be in Cancun, so cool!!!

  2. That looks such a vibrant and fun carnival!! thanks for letting us experience it through your post, and your outfit is cool!

  3. Ohh wow....I miss this kind of exciting fun carnival, so long . Thanks fir sharing your excitement time spent at the carnival. I'm in love with your sling bag in your ootd here. Cheers SiennyLovesDrawing

  4. So sorry to hear that you were sick! That definitely makes it harder to blog and do other things. Your pictures from this event are amazing! I love the floats so much and the fabulous skirt you wore.
    the creation of beauty is art.

  5. It looks like a fun and colourful carnival despite the rain! It's good you got to enjoy it, and I hope that you are feeling better and are over your sickness now!


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