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Summer uniform

It’s one of my most worn outfits this almost passed summer! Comfortable shorts, funny/edgy/sexy top, comfortable shoes (usually flipflops though), matching hat and a backpack. This time we shoot it next to our yacht club right after quality boat time. I enjoyed it so much! And what was your most worn formula? I wish a very productive and happy week! I was wearing: Befree shorts h&m top Uniqlo hat Arny Praht backpack Converse c/o Nordegreen watch c/o iGlassesshop sun glasses   Have a nice day, Lyosha  


I have to admit I am more lazy lately than I should have. I think summer getting closer to the end is to blame. I feel like I want to squeeze in more and more and everything in the final weeks of fine weather. When it's hot I don't really feel like being home next to my computer instead setting out to explore. having a minor leg trauma didn't help me much to stay home either: I opted for picnics, guests and a boat. That is my little intro-apologize for posting so little these days. The theme of the post today is the dress I have already shown on my blog page (check it out here , also it took me only a month to post, good girl!). I wore it as is, very simple and I think it's still a fine way to wear it. I styled it with a bag. It has totally different print but I do like the mix of it. The hat was a last minute add and sure makes the outfit pop. I went to no accessories but small earrings with a blue stone (thank you so much, Mom!) and watch (thank you so much, Mom a


Chapeau is the biggest hats and accessories professional exhibition in Russia and one of the top in Europe. It's actually a lot of fun because I adore hats, both regular and super quirky. I half way and to go to hippodrome to have a reason to buy the beauties. I am also very happy they are no longer twinned with Fur exhibition because I don't really feel like supporting real fur. The opening day was fantastic! There were many shows and many hats to enjoy. I love the way many hat designers paired with basic clothing  brands to bring the best of it. I personally find the ballet dancers the most creative for the purpose. Only one brand with lots of kids clothes (it's called KGB and they did played around the most terrifying for any post-USSR person abbreviation which is also the abbreviation you get if you use the first letter of names of the designers  and the first letter of their surname).  There also was a legacy show of Slava Zaitsev. He is a maestro of Russian Fashion,


I just got back from the vacation. Needless to say I want more. I had tons of fun running a half-maraton (I hit my planned time and even been a little faster than I wanted to, I allowed myself to run freely without much focus). We have spent two days with our friend wandering around St. Petersburg, visiting railroad museum and such (I'll post about this museum as a separate post because it is fantastic for train lovers such as me). And finally we enjoyed the beautiful nature of Karelia. The views there are super special and very attractive. I love the grim, brutal beauty of rocks and firs. We visited the remaining pagan holy places and touched the megalithic rocks, wondering what the ancestors were thinking back than, what I hoped for and prayed for and if we do it the right way. It was absolutely magical and beautiful! I wish I had more time to spend there. I wore what I call comfortable clothes: roomy t-shirt. Roomy jeans and sneakers (the latter are actually were taken off p