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We have a small showcase of Alebrijes on the main square near townhall. SO cute. I just had to take couple of photos next to them. I am wearing a very comfortable jumpsuit and it's basically all you need to know about our current hot weather. I don't really feel like wearing anything serious right now. It's on the warmer side, like tropical, Yucatec style warm. Melting for some. I was wearing: Monki jumpsuit Cuidado con el Perro shoes kamal Reina bag (lucky rifa win, yay) c/o iGlasseshop glasses Fossil watch   Have a nice day, Lyosha  

Monday blues

I don't exactly remember when Monday Blues outfit idea became a thing but I do not mind it, not ever. Blue is probably my favorite color and I always enjoy wearing it. Posting a blue outfit on Monday makes total sense to me. Year 2k style is lately a thing and paired with a new Barbie movie, I feel heavily inspired by the styles of my early childhood. To say I don't enjoy it, is to lie. While I don't go into extremes, low rise clothes has made its way back into my closet. And I have to admit I particularly enjoy styling these pair of sunglasses lately. Comfort and vintage vibe is real. Did you wear something inspired by 00s lately? I was wearing: Lopatin skirt (old) Gucci sunglasses Cuidado con el Perro top k-shop flip flops   Have a nice day, Lyosha  

I'm a Barbie girl

Well I am excited about the movie and plan on watching it in the movies very soon. And I definitely couldn't resist taking a fun photo with a prop. My outfit is very matching I think as well. This pink skirt gives some barbiecore vibe due to its color. Or you can spot my top and mark it as a total nerd outfit Do you plan on watching the movie? I DO! Let me know what you think. I was wearing: Pirma shoes Kiki (local small biz) skirt   Have a nice day, Lyosha  

Maxi skirt

I love the maxi skirt trnd. Even more if it's cargo. Very comfortable and stylish. I liked it enough to add to my closet and to tell the truth I made quite a run for it. I styled it very simple this time to do some chores and eat ice cream one lovely evening. I do like green and brown combo, for me it's the most natural to style green, don't you think? Also what's your take on maxi skirts? I like mine so much I really am thinking of buying another one already! I was wearing: H&M top Bershka skirt Coach bag Fossil watch   Have a nice day, Lyosha  

Sailor Moon concert

As many other girls of my age and a little more (I grew up in Russia and everything came there years after it did in the civilazed world). I am a big fan and I do think this story of female friendship and girl power is very enriching for any girl out there. I managed to save my love to the show even growing up. When I heard about upcoming syphonic concert with Sailor Moon tunes I couldn't say no to it. I just had to get the ticket and go. And I did. And not alone either but also with my family (excluding Surak because dogs are not yet allowed in Cancun Theater). I also have to admit I shamelessly dressed up my daughter as a Sailor Warrior, Sailor Jupiter to be exact.  My own outfit is not a cosplay and it doesn't feature any elements of a fan but I did try to catch the spirit and represent it. Did I manage to do it with transperent purple top and mini-dress? I think so. I was wearing: c/o NAP lougewear dress Alena Akhmadullina top Converse Kenzo bag Versace Versus jack

Cuidad de Mexico, part 5. Assorted museums.

There are lots of museums in Mexico City. It is named one of top 10 cities by the number of museums in the world. Some museums are bigger, some definitely are on the smaller side and some are also absolutely free (sidenote: many museums are free on Sunday for residents and citizens, and some even for travelers as well). Today I want to invite you on a very assorted museum run with me. Here some (four to be exact) museums of Mexico City we managed to visit during our trip. By the way, all of them are free to visit. 1 Palacio de Cultura citibanamex. As far as I remember the exposition changes from time to time but the palace stays the same and looks spectacular. We saw a very modern and curious exposition of one of the biggest archtechs of Mexico city. 2 Museo Archivo de Fotografia. The photography museum. My personal favorite, we have spent tons of time here. I had such a plast. Definitely a must visit for people who are into the photography. 3 Colegio San Idelfonso. Mural, murals, mu