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Flower Child

I think each summer I think of boho. It's adorable and being surrounded with flowers makes me think of flower children who (in my heart) are synonymous to boho style. Boho chic is actually pretty hard for me to pull. I don't have a good eye for it so I rarely hunt for the style. Sometimes it just pops this way. If you read me long enough you have seen this dress a million times. It is probably my favorite summer dress. I wore it at home during the isolation last year to feel happier, it followed me on cycling trips making thousands of kilometers in my bicycle rack, allowing my legs to feel free on our spare time, I wore it after half-marathons I ran, I walked with my dogs and friends countless times and surely it had a lot of space on both blog and insta. And here it was again. I bought this H&M headband with flowers on sale, I thought the price allowed me to enjoy it and it worth the money even if I wear couple of times. Plus I have always wanted to see if I can really pu

Tiny cut

Happy Monday! I am very excited with this week and enjoy myself a lot. My husband and I also started getting ready for half-marathon month is August so we're adjusting our diet and training under different menu... it feels kinda sad to follow the rules, hehe.   I have to admit there is not much about this outfit but it's so cute and I don't really feel like I need to add anything to the outfit. This dress is super comfortable, very lightweight and cute. I love the style and a tiny cut on my belly. Max keeps on making jokes that this cut should have showed my belly button because it would have been more funny that way. What do you think? I was wearing: befree dress   Have a nice day, Lyosha  

In the lake

This is the outfit formula I basically live in these days. If I am not wearing a dress, you can see me wearing a top (cropped usually) and shorts. as usual I am wearing flip flops or nothing at all. Sunglasses are a must as well, after all getting older I need to think of wrinkles and avoid potential situations. I wore this outfit to do my daily life stuff. My husband and I went on walk after lunch and suddenly decide to make a little shooting. I even went into the water to make funnier photos ending up in this gorgeous greens. Enjoy! I am crazy about this top! it is so cute and I love the deep cut on a back. I am so very much enjoy the this top, it looks amazing. The shorts are super comfortable and I have a hard time washing it (because I don't want to let it go). Do you remember these sunglasses I wore during Zanzibar? I still do very often! It's so edgy and SO comfortable! I was wearing: Befree shorts Monki top c/o Glassesshop glasses c/o Nordgreen watch necklace -

Summer = picnics

I can definitely dub summer 2021 as picnic summer. It's been a half of it and we spend a lot of time picnicking. It's actually is a great change of pace and feels super peaceful. Surely our local park is to blame. We now have a big list of foods we love for picnic and things we better avoid. It makes me feel relaxed and sometimes makes me feel even more special. This time I really want to dress up a little. Lately we started having short rains almost every day which highly limits places for comfortable picnicking for example, this spot. It is actually a little isolated so every time we relax here it feels very private. This dress is one my favorites. I bought it on random on ebay some 10 years ago and never regretted it. I wear it several times a summer and always feel fantastic. It's silk and has a built in undergarment which makes it a little hot to wear during a hot day but who cares as long as I chill in the shadow and feel fantastic! I was wearing: bcbgmaxazari

Not real outfit

I am SO lazy! I'm into meeting with friends and family, outdoor activities (we tried sup boards and loved it) and boat. Generally, it's mostly the boat. We get up early, walk the dogs, run and than get back to work. I also received my second shot and, oh my, brain fog is real. I wanted to update my blog anyway so I am posting photos I took during the last weekend. It's not really an outfit it's simply a cute dress I wore. To be honest I don't really feel like outfits lately, simply throwing some dress and go. I promise I will wear and take photos of this dress properly styled or something I was wearing: new and fantastically comfortable dress from Befree Certina watch handmade bracelets Border Collie Surak accessory   Have a nice day, Lyosha  

How to choose Wedding Cake Topper

Summer is the wedding season, there is no doubt about it. And I don't mind that at all. After all, weddings are beautiful and very romantic too. People, who choose to get married, are the people to look up to (we won't talk about people who rush into marriage only to get divorced in a couple of months). Also wedding is an amusing event to attend to. I mean, my own wedding was small and very fast (we really wanted to get on the plain as fast as possible) and I really wouldn't want to change anything. But seeing those dances, photo shootings and a beautiful cake sure is something. I mean, I do want other people to get all the stress from it while I get to enjoy it. Unapologetically honest from me, right? The only thing I might have changed about my own wedding is lack of wedding cake. Wedding cakes are super cute and super fun and I kinda wish I had it frozen for the first anniversary (my friend eaten her couple of days before that's what got me thinking). Today I want

Leshow Moscow

  Nothing beats real life fashion show in my eyes. Ever since the pandemic started I get less fashion to see in person and I am a little sad about that. On the bright side it gives me more positive emotions and fills me with gratitude. I was able to see the fashion show, stand next to the catwalk and photograph beautiful models. What else I could have asked for? Leshow Moscow is  a fashion event dedicated to outerwear and cold time clothing in general. It used to be a fur expo before but things turned to the better these days. I was able to see 4 fashion shows. One with more of a casual sporty style with extra warm pieces. Second had faux fur elements and went for more elegant styles. Third fashion show showed various jackets (I loved creative styles) and the forth focused on coats. Which one did you like the most?    It's hot again in Moscow and I am beyond grateful. I love hot weather and always super happy with it. I wore a lightweight jumpsuit, sandals and the bag we call thir