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Little girl

Hello, my lovely and stylish readers! I'm very sorry for not posting this outfit last week, but I got mess up with my  schedule . I thought I had some time on Friday. This girly outfit came from the perfect mood I had. Seeing lovely people through the hole weekend and attending to dog show (in the morning I didn't know the place would so small and being there will not interesting). So I've created this outfit. I think my 3 year old niece  might love this outfit or wear it herself. By the way, last week she turned 3 (she wanted puzzles) and I love her more and more each day! She's gorgeous and very smart. P.S. Just in case you might ask: Raido did great. I was wearing: Next burgundy jeans Vera Moda tee H&M shirt and belt not branded boots gifted from Max necklace handmade  earrings  (I bought this little dresses three years ago and love it still) Have a nice day, Lyosha  

Skull baby

I'm not a fan of  skeletons  and such but lately I feel into it. Dunno why actually but it is so. I found the gloves on sale in local store. I loved the lovely  asymmetry  of the pair and the price was more than fair. 10 rub (about 30 cents) for gloves? Score! When I bought it I thought if the gloves die right after the shooting of outfit it worth to be bought anyway. But it  proved  to be better and looks like a good contribute to my closet. I wanted to create a rather outdoor outfit that's why I didn't show you what I wore under (a thick black sweater if you are interested). At first I though of a total black outfit but I found it much more fun to be bi-colourd. So my favourite color of blue was added. I personally love this outfit madly. Hope you'll love it as well I was wearing: Jeffrey Campbell shoes Tommy Hilfiger skinny jeans (basic is basic) Topshop hat not branded gloves, coat (I remember i

Explore your home

During posting of my trip to Czech Republic I received a huge feedback on that travel/outfit posts. Everybody felt interested in looking at new places together with clothes. And finally when my dad and I skied next to the old country house in the park near by (in fact this park was part of the old owners' of this house land). I looked at it and then thought: 'I should so shoot in front of it'. And then my mind went far and far. Why don't we take the trip to our own home? Trying to see your city/town with stranger's eyes is fantastic! That's how  the first feature of this blog  started. Once a month I'm going to show you one special spot of Moscow. I bet most of you haven't been to Russian capital, the city of Moscow. Despite it would be logical to start these posts with the lovely house next to my home but I won't. In fact, it's too cold to get there and still look fab. That's why I wanted to show you one of my new obsessions: the museums. I

Quick cold

A very quick post about the last dog show Raidho attended (click the link to see more shots). It's very-very cold outside but during the show it's warm and you move a lot so getting dressed for such  occasions  is a bit tricky. This is one of the easiest way to look fine for such shows: jeans, extra comfy shoes and at least two layers. I kept it blue as it's my favourite colour and I also played with a tiny bit of  accessory . I'm very sorry about the  quality of the outfit shots. It's far from perfect, I admit, but I wanted to share it so much! P.S. he got the highest mark and won CW, and the best puppy JRT (male and female comparing).     I was wearing: Topshop denim shirt Tommy Hilfiger jeans H&M belt Sela top Handmade by my friend necklace Raidho the dog bag   Have a nice day, Lyosha  


It's very cold here in Russia. I mean very-very cold! We do all try not to spent time outside unless it's  necessary .  It was -14C when we took those shot but after what we had for couple of weeks it felt getting warmer. God, I miss summer. And spring. And autumn. OK, I miss everything but cold. I called this outfit the heroic one due to cold. But that's not all I can say. This sweater is  over-sized  and for men. And it's also extra-warm. My  fiance's Grandmother knitted it years ago. I'm so sorry I didn't have chance to meet her or his Grandfather. They could have told me a lot about him for they took a huge part in his life and practically raised him.  I used to wear this sweater for dog walks pairing it with my warm pants or jeans with termo-pants. I was walking with sweet Raidho when I realized how to turn this outfit is something really nice. Here is the result. Styled with rings, necklace, bag and ( surprise !)  nail polish .

Thank you for making me happy

Yesterday I had a crazy day. I was super tired and stressed out. That's why I way so happy to see my very first award. Thank you so much dear Cosmo Calista for making my day better! As I got the reward I should follow the rules. and the rules are: - thank who send you the award and add a link to her/his blog; (done even without a note) - write 7 random things about you; - give the award to other 15 bloggers you love and tell them. Seven random facts are difficult in fact but here it goes: 1. I don't normally cook (Max does it for me) but I regularly bake (about 2 times a week). 2. I love skiing with my dad but I'd never go skiing without him. 3. I'm ambidextrous which means I use my both hands equally bad 4. I'm a grown up but I share my bed not only with my soon-to be husband but also with a stuffed toy. This little dog is almost 16 years old. 5. The best waking up recepie for me is tea with sugar and lemon. I call it the crappy tea

Fairy Tale, part 5. Prague

Blast! I'm starting with Max and mine photo together. As usual we have it on only one spot but the nice guy we asked to shoot us take 3 photos. here is the closest version. It's very sad to say good bye to Czech Republic again. It's my last post about this  wonderful  country this time. May be there would be more one day. Prague is very pretty and even though we have met before the Czech capital showed me some more of her  beauties . Max and I always travel on foot so that we can see more and feel more. The place I'm writing for is the Vojanovy sady as Google Maps adviced. It's in the historic center next to the Prague hrad. We found it a very calm and peaceful place. The only thing that sounded weird  to us is that there were not allowed to walk with dogs. Some  minutes  in this lovely place passed and we have found the reason The peacocks are walking freely there and we had a great joy seeing them walking in the park without any guards in the middle of