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Kylie for lips: the review

Not long ago I posted about NYX lipsticks (you can read my review here ). I actually liked my little beauty blogger efforts. I am definitely not switching to it, no worries and definitely do not aim for being trustworthy I just talk about what I like. A lot of people I know say they like Kylie cosmetics and I longed to give it a try. The thing is I am not really that much of makeup person and I don't own a lot of items about it. But when I offered a try by Wordmakeup I couldn't resist. Long story short: I liked it. And here is why.   The lipstick shades are basic so it is easy to incorporate it in day to day life. Especially as it is cold outside so lips need extra protection. The texture is creamy and shades are bright to make a difference. It lasts long enough but definitely will not survive eating or drinking without a straw. No problem I like reapplying! As for Wordmakeup I am very pleased with delivery dates, it arrieves at your door and a bit fast. Pleased!

So cold!

Winter sure is a harsh season for any person living in the northern parts of the world. The temperature hits below 0 C, there is a lot of snow and such... It might be tempting to pretend to be a bear and stay at home doing nothing. But you definitely shouldn't do that. Relax, go out and do your best to enjoy the current weather. Or at least make yourself move as fast as possible to move from point A to point B and enjoy your life when you are finally at the place of destination. The key is to get dressed properly. Try more layers or use very warm items. Also thermal underwear (the simplest and cheapest being Heattech from Uniqlo) might help a lot. As for me I mix warmer items, layering and smart materials to achieve the best result. Today I post my little outfit I wore on Friday. Met with my family, did some shopping and went to gym. Overall I was spending a fair amount of time outside so I needed to stay warm. Surely being a blogger I couldn't avoid desire to still look

Lazy daisy

I have been lazy this weekend and didn't do pretty much anything. Focused on myself, my travel plans and family I failed to provide myself with something even a little like material for my blog post. As I believe in myself for later this week today I have basically nothing to share. But I did have couple of photos of me, wearing a super casual outfit for a small walk on Saturday. I enjoyed some fresh air, trees, ducks and a nice little conversation with my beloved husband. Do you like my lazy weekend look? P.S. It was taken by my phone briefly for stories. I was wearing: Nike sneakers c/o Zaful jeans Vero Moda shirt Esplit sweater Uniqlo coat   Have a nice day, Lyosha  

Pizza Day!

Do you like pizza? Do you like brooches and pins? I do both. As I don't eat pizza often (and definitely not as often I might would want to) but starting from this week I can wear it daily. I've been looking for fun pins for ages (because I love them, my Pinterest board of the them is second largest). Imagine how happy I was went I discovered this uber cute pizza shaped pin on Rosegal ? My finger pressed on 'Add To Cart' instantly. I couldn't wait it to be delivered and it took a little more time when I would want to because of the holiday season and practically overwhelmed post offices. But now it was finally with me and I can't wait to share it with you. A tiny reminder for you. Rosegal has wonderful promo now. Rosegal New Year Big Sale ! Jan 8- Jan 14, Free shipping week on everything! Enjoy Extra 25% OFF With Coupon: RGBF1 Swimsuit: Home Decor Sale:   I was wearing: c/o Rosegal pizza pi

Rosegal cardi: review

As every fashion/personal style blogger I do love receiving gifts from the brands. It is such a thrill to open a box and to see what's in there, to finally style it, to feel gratitude towards the brand. It feels even better when it if the brand I know quite well and enjoy working with. Rosegal is this wonderful online store I feel so happy about. Today I want to show the most recent addition to my closet which is a cardigan. It's light yet made of warm material. It's a great add to ever changing weather or when you go to some place you feel unsure about the weather. It also doesn't take a lot of space so I believe it will show up in travel closet often enough. P.S. Just in case you can to be as happy as me I have some news for you. Rosegal New Year Big Sale ! Jan 8- Jan 14, Free shipping week on everything! Enjoy Extra 25% OFF With Coupon: RGBF1 Swimsuit:   Home Decor Sale: I was wearing: c/

Weekend inspiration with Babyonline

Weekend is my favorite time of the week because most of friends are available to meet. But honestly weekend is great time to do whatsoever. But for me weekend is also a time when I spend some time waiting. Waiting for friends to come, waiting for transport if I am in for a short trip, waiting for movie to start in the cinema or restaurant order to be made for example. While with some we actually can chat and spend time enjoying the company of people you hold dear in some other cases we have to entertain ourselves in other way. Just in case it is your case and you decided to go to my blog I have some inspiration for you. As it is weekend and weekend inspiration sure is the best I decided to share with you something I know very well of. Babyonline wholesale is my personal favorite place for inspiration. Please tag along with me and enjoy the beautiful gowns. My topic for today is extra exciting because it's the best ever (in my humble option) reason to dare a gown, wedding. But as

Baby online prom

Happy Friday. I hope you will have exciting weekend coming. Mine sure will be super exciting. And some of you can't wait for it to start. That's why to make today easier I decided to make something I haven't done  this year (yes I love it in January, when I can say something about year long). To do so I decided to share my inspiration from on of my favorite shops ever: Babyonlinedress Do you like formal wear as much as I do? Even though I am almost sure you had some time for it to shine during the December holiday season. At least I think you had some opportunities if you fancied the gowns. If not well... there are still a lot of other options weddings, homecoming, prom. How about talking about prom dresses online today? I am all in. Here are my top three choices. Isn't it chic? Wonderful embroidery, chic pink shade, mermaid tail... fantastic overall! Red, bold, super sexy but not tacky. Be a lady in red with pride! This is a little more sexy and outstand

FollowTheFabrika 20/12/18

20 декабря 2018 г. состоялся фееричный финал главного fashion-конкурса России FollowTheFabrika, завершивший собой второй сезон конкурса. Это яркое событие прошло в историческом особняке XIX века, памятнике архитектуры, построенном в 1891 году по индивидуальному проекту и являющимся бывшей городской усадьбой – Ginzburg Club. Именно такое роскошное здание как нельзя кстати подошло для проведения состязания креативных, творческих и одаренных безупречным вкусом дизайнеров. Уникальность мероприятия заключалась в его формате, представленном в виде квеста, в ходе которого гости мероприятия смогли окунуться в неповторимую стильную атмосферу начала двадцатого века. В каждой комнате гостей встречали участники проекта FollowTheFabrika со своими великолепными финальными коллекциями в формате живой картины. А неповторимую теплую атмосферу создавали художники, музыканты и артисты. Дуэт декораторов Леонтьевой Светланы и Фрэнкель Елизаветы воссоздали дух того времени через антуражные декорации.