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Shapewear and Waist Trainers

I seriously can't get over the theme of shapewear and waist trainers. Don't get me wrong, this girl is strong but this girl also wants to look her best which frankly is not always the best combo ever. Surely there is nothing I can do to change back into the body I want now instead of the body I have now. And I do understand and try to find peace with the body I will have at least temporarily and try to prepare myself for it... but can you really? I am still absolutely not sure it is possible at all. The thought that actually does help me to make peace with the changes and consequences of me having a child so I let it be. Thinking solutions and ways to make the solutions work is better than simply being bummed about anything. Right? At least that is what I want to find myself thinking and what I want to see myself focusing on. That and my work (the part of it that I actually still do, I no longer can be my regular self due to me being huge hardly bending baby incubator), my re

New Local

While relocating might mean a lot of stuff one of them changing your surroundings and your routines. It might be harder (when you try to figure out your new favorite almond mild brand) some might be even exciting. I love exploring new clothing possibilities and new brands. And I also love dogs. If you ever been to Mexico you already know what I want to talk about today. Cuidado con el Perro (beware of the dog) is a street style brand from Mexico. I absolutely LOVE it. They are very affordable and very street style. And not only that, they have tons of geeky collabs, like anime Cowboy Bebop and One Piece, or cartoons like Rick and Morty, popular new and old music, sport and even sci-fi like Star Wars. I found the fits pretty nice too. This is my first item styled from there. It's a very simple tie dye loose fit. Wonderful dress for everyday matters or a beach when you will spend most of the time having it off anyway. I styled it with layers because spring is tricky and I felt cold


I received a lot of questions about my relocation and my new place. I am so touched by the questions and attention, it warms my heart really. Lately I had a perfectly good reason to share my collaboration with Photowall who provided my new home with art. They also have a gift for you: 25 off + free shipping on every order with lyoshathegirl25. Don't thank me, thank Photowall and order from them you need canvas art, posters or artful wall paper for your accent wall. I think it my whole apartment look real and living despite missing stuff here and there (for example, my chairs are still being delivered, hi Amazon). The baby room has nothing done about but I am in no rush and completely chill about it. Call me weird but I see no motivation and generally am not interested. Our nightstands turned out to be a huge debate and we have spent so much time looking for options! Having it finally ordered made me feel super happy as it's the last major piece. We are eyeing a tiny table fo

Waist trainers

My body grows bigger, skin is stretching and feel like like a zeppelin. I know I am on the small side but one can only imagine how it might have felt if I grew even larger. Yes, I am still quite strong and am able to workout everyday and walk as much and as long as I want but I feel it as an advantage, not just as a part of me. Pregnancy is tougher than you think. And it is SO much longer than you might think. I can't wait for it to be over. I have never been fascinated with pregnancy at all and becoming pregnant made me feel even less for it. And thinking of the end of pregnancy no matter how I try to focus on the baby and emotions over it (whatever it might be) I think more and more of this weird body of mine. I highly associate myself with Kermit the frog and that is how we call me at home over the last couple of months. Why Kermit? Became my hands and legs appear longer and thinner because of the giant blob aka my "baby bump". Yes, there was a lot anxiety and negativ


On of the perks of my new home are picnics. I have always been into it, even before when we often when go have picnic during short summers in the local parks. But here it is in full bloom, it is so much fun to have it on the sea side at any time we want. It is a pure joy. During the picnic everything feels different, more special and I really appreciate it. Gratitude is the main emotion I feel these days and it makes me feel special. What I also do all the time is waiting. Waiting for deliveries to finish up our home and waiting for our baby. I can't wait to see her and finally stop being pregnant. I mean it, I want to run, jump and swim freely without a huge bump attached to my body. These huge shorts I am wearing are very nice. I still fit in them even though they go up my waist. A little victory if you ask me. I also feel very summery even though it's spring here and it does feel that way in the air and during early morning and evenings when I wear extra layers. You may no

Edgy all the way

I am adapting to the weather well. I do like the things hot and I feel like despite wearing shorts every day when we only arrived I started wearing jackets here and there quite often as well. I actually realized there are time when I freezing here. I prefer not to tell it to people who life in the climate I used to live in just a month ago. Spring is the spring everywhere to tell the truth. The weather is unstable and we do get rain, cold-ish wind, cloudy weather here and there. It is chilly in the mornings very often (very handy by the way to do grocery shopping because you don't get sweaty carrying the bags next to you and also you do not worry about the ice cream or anything frozen getting undone). This is the outfit I wore on a cold day. I went for something more edgy and I find it very fun. Pregnant or not I am still me and follow my style all the time. Edgy from time that is as well. I was wearing: Pirosmani top Versus jacket Docs hiking pants Fossil watch Lacoste ba

I wanna run to you

With my baby bump growing or as normally we say it between Max and myself as I look and more more like Kermit the frog, I tend to get into a more relaxed style. My regular formula each day is a crop top + shorts. I often wear dresses too as well as actual pants (if it's a colder day, and yes there days like that here as well, mind me, I as a bit surprised too. Spoiler: posting a colder outfit as my next post so stay tuned for Spring outfit Cancun edition). Unfortunately most of my hat collection been left at home so I am mostly switching between this hat (that gets most of the attention) and a brown hat Max wears often as well. This is the area I really enjoy visiting a lot. It's not the closest park to me (nearest and a small one is about 100 m from any of our balconies) but it's near by as well. I personally can't wait to finally run there in the mornings! Imagine the lagoon breeze! Alas, it'll have to wait until the birth of my baby. I stopped running at my 30t

Black and White

I am into black white combos lately. Really enjoy the simplistic yet impactful look of it. Adding some color to pop from accessories makes it even better in my eyes.I do think I started taking more photos and documenting more of my outfits, basically it feels like nice weather and change of routines makes Max and walk more often together. That is reduced circle of people we know here. But we have already managed to set up a working routine here, which frankly makes me feel excited. Every day we wake up in the morning (some days I wake up earlier and have yoga, sometimes not), have breakfast and start our work. After couple of hours we take a little break for a walk. after we come back to work and around 12:30 I move downstairs to take my daily swim (super healthy thing to do for any pregnant woman they say) and by the time I made my 'rounds' Max usually is almost done making lunch. After lunch I start my daily Spanish class which became not leisure but necessity and after come

B-day girl

I promised more maternity styles with no maternity clothes. There you have it! It is what i actually wore for my birthday on March 31st. We had a blast. Before I start telling about my b-day celebrations I wanted to tell you something very exciting. Max and I relocated and now we live in a whole new place. My style will change I think because now I live in tropics. It does sound like a dream and I absolutely LOVE it so far. I now live in Cancun, Mexico so if you are ever here, drop me a line, I'd love to hang out. So far I absolutely love it here, all the downsides are the ones I knew of and been prepared to; so much that actually succeeded my expectations! I'll tell you more later on, most likely when we are fully settled. We celebrated my birthday in Playa Del Carmen. It was very much fun! We had a huge ice cream instead of a cake (and I totally don't mind) and spent most of the day relaxing in cenote. Cenote is a cave, semi-opened cave or a an opened natural pool with