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Chain necklace

I am in love with this little trinket. I was gifted with this necklace and I agreed at first because I liked the person who is building her business slowly and steadily and because I kinda liked what she did. She offered to make me a custom accessory and I couldn't be happier! I waited but when I actually saw my new necklace it blew my mind: it looked so perfect, it was me. I wear it very often now. You might have noticed it in my post before (spoiler alert: you will see it often and I also have a super exciting extra with it). I wear it all the time: it's super lightweight, very easy to style, it's secure and grey agate makes it easy to add into any look. Today I just want to show off my new necklace, casual outfit and wonderful background of my boat. I was wearing: custom made and gifted necklace from Moon Flower Uniqlo shirt Oysho bra Befree jeans (yes this tiny bit of jeans are these jeans)   Have a nice day, Lyosha  

МКММ + Couture Fashion Show

So! I am so very excited! I have visited my first real actual fashion show ever since March and I couldn’t ever be happier. It’s just wow! This time I visited MKMM final shows merged with Couture Fashion Show later that night. I had a chance to see many wonderful shows by young and talented designers and enjoyed it a lot. Creativity everywhere. Something is purely catwalk (and I totally don’t mind it at all), something that is very easy to imagine rushing the streets, something very creative and futuristic and making a statement with so much in between. Overall in love. I don’t think I really can be picky because after all those digital shows real made a huge impression on me. It almost as if I am visiting my first ever fashion show but better because I know what to expect. I think you are not reading this and already scrolled past this point and enjoy the contestants. And don’t blame you at all.  RU: Прекрасные новости! Мой первый настоящий офлайн показ с марта месяца. И он оказася пр

Bring in Tuxedo: allaboutsuit

Having events returned makes me feel so excited! I am so happy I can see and feel fashion with my skin! I have just realized how much I missed making inspiration posts lately. Starting late July I was super busy during the weekends catching up on summer activity and forced hiatus of social matters due to you know what. So right now I am all but motivated to sort of get back on track with my postings. To do it more often and effective. I can definitely do more often but I do realize I might not have that much of the material to share. After all getting dressed everyday, getting dressed everyday pretty (which is what I succeed at at least 6 days a week) and properly document are very different things. I can't really make my outfit photos happen than often because I have to find a nice spot, don't repeat myself too much, take time to pose properly, than work on photos if the weather/light is not perfect. So I thought and realized how much I wanted to bring my inspiration posts b

S'elections Moscow part 2

I had a huge joy of attending it two days in a row. My second day way quite poor on photos but I enjoyed it more than my first day. I gave my all to social media marketing, website marketing and other fashion related lectures. It was so much fun! Basically I won't really do the retelling of what I learned because it might be boring and I don't want to be that 'Chinese whispers' game for you. What I wanted to show you really here is  my outfit. Do you like it? I think it's a great idea to keep your mood up with brighter colors. I think my outfit looks kinda interesting even though it's very basic if you give it a look. What makes it stand out is my bright magenta dress mixed with soft pink bag and grey jacket. Black is other elements keeps it neutral and is controlling the color splash from the dress. I wanted to look bright and fun but still appropriate. I was wearing: cold dress from Topshop c/o Zaful jacket Acessorize hat (from ages back) Fila sneakers