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MFW day 1

I've just finished reporting on Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Russia and start on with other fashion week held in Moscow. Moscow Fashion Week was less than a week apart of MFW and was generally quite interesting. The first day was the splendid to me! The show of Gena Gorbachev brand GG won't be forgotten any time soon (you might remember the designer from FollowTheFabrika contest). Totally the KING. I'm so impressed and happy with the way it turned out. No matter what you do you will find a great outfit in that collection. Too bad it was men only collection. I know I could still wear in general but size matters lots. The second show of the day was wedding fashion. Absolutely lovely and romantic gowns from Humarif are easy to imagine on practically any wedding. I enjoyed what I saw a lot. As for my outfit I have chosen a comfy and casual look. I love that skirt, it's just too good for me. I want to wear it non spot and I wi

How to Take care of Braziliann Virgin Hair Extensions with Hair Oil?

How to Take care of Braziliann Virgin Hair Extensions with Hair Oil? There is a popular saying that looking good makes good business. The state of your hair will always have a positive or negative effect on your general appearance. When it comes to maintaining your Brazilian virgin hair extensions, moisture should be foremost on your mind. Properly moisturized hair is sure to be stress-free when it comes to styling, plus it leaves your hair looking vibrant and with a dash of shine. This principle also applies to natural hair growing out of your scalp. Virgin hair extensions are incapable of benefiting from any nutrient or moisture flowing from the scalp to your natural hair and therefore needs an extra boost when it comes to moisturizing. When moisturizing your Brazilian Hair Weave, one of the best moisturizing agents is the hair oil. Below is a discussion of how to take care of your virgin Brazilian hair weave with hair oil. Wash And Deep Condition The Hair The first

Information: Brazilian Virgin Hair

Brazilian virgin hair are super easy to consider proper care of also it can continue for a really lengthy time. It may be beneficial to spend time trying to find your hair which are most appropriate for you, because virgin hair is a great investment. Whenever we discuss virgin hair, we're really speaking about real real hair that is not bleached or colored, nor has it gone through every other chemical treatment. Just one bundle of real human virgin hair are usually acquired from one donor, using the cuticles laying intact and facing exactly the same direction. There is also a lots of different hair types in the marketplace and before you purchase extensions here are a few points to consider and a few steps to follow along with. With regards to virgin, you will find the choice to obtain a different texture. It is crucial that you should take proper care of your virgin hair and treat them much like your own hair, therefore it is crucial for you personally to under

MKMM announcement

29 марта пройдет Финал VII MKMM Международного конкурса «Московский Конкурс Молодых Модельеров», ФИНАЛ состоится в театре Луны Сергея Проханова. По традиции финал МКММ проходит в формате классических фэшн-показов и театрализованных постановок на заданную тему. В этот вечер молодые модельеры покажут свои лучшие коллекции, а также продемонстрируют свои навыки и фантазию в исполнении двух образов на тему года. В 2018 году тема «Матриархат» выбрана не случайно. Финалист МКММ VI получил работу в Театре Луны и уже создал коллекцию для спектакля «Матриархат». Над созданием зрелищной постановки работают главный художник театра Константин Розанов, а также художник по костюмам Светлана Михаленко, выпускница Международного института модного дизайна и маркетинга Polimoda во Флоренции и победительница конкурса МКММ «Московского международного конкурса молодых модельеров». «Матри-Архат» - это размышления автора и постановщика Сергея Проханова о возможном будущем, в котором женская э

MBFWRussia day 5

This is the report about final day of MBFWRussia to me. I had a chance to watch two very different shows (and even managed a lovely date in between). First show was lovely mostly because of nostalgic feelings I had to experience. Being a 00 child I remember how big Russian female pop band T.A.T.u. have been. I didn't really like their songs but I definitely heard them a lot through radio and music channels. Being reminded of that and super edgy and fun clothing mix moved my heart. Second show was by Ksenia Seraya. I really like the designer and there was no chance I could have missed that. I wear knitwear a lot myself which makes the collection even better for me. I am also very much fond of evolution of designer work, how much trend changes yet you feel the designer character there. I am crazy about these pants. So comfortable! so easy to style! And I love the openings which can present or not. The vest I am wearing here is actuall

MBFWRussia, day 4

The 3d day was unique to me. I did not only had a lot of great moments during fabulous fashion shows (both designers I've seen are well known and dear to me) but also spent time with my beautiful mom. It was first fashion show ever. I am very grateful to Julia Ivanova for this opportunity. And starting with my impressions of the shows. First of a day fashoin show by Ivanova Julia was amazing! Bravo! So far it's the best collection I have seen from her! Absolutely feminine, fun and beautiful. Additional love to wonderful hats!   Second that day was fashion show by Nikolay Legenda. Probably the best outerwear ever! Both male and female collection is perfectly wearable and edgy! I loved the colors and layers so much! Absolutely darling looks. Also as it's both gender brand it will make fab coordinated look! My outfit was pretty basic. I wanted to wear this skirt again (I love it too much) and show o