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In the end of March (which was chilly enough) Max and I had a per-wedding shooting. We tested the photographer we chose for a wedding. We really like the result as there is no actual posting on these shots. We were just fooling around. I wanted to share it with you as the results is fab and this day was full joy and laugh. And I do believe you missed my smiling face!  rare moment of Lyosha and camera   Raidho had his moment as well I was wearing: Topshop jaket Tommy Hilfiger jeans Vero Moda tee Empodium shoes (bought in Czech Republic)   Have a nice day, Lyosha  

Boticca and Risingtaste

Risingtaste. Sorry for brake in posts I promised but I;m here to write a review (do you already miss my face?). Some time ago the shop Risigtaste sent me an offer. They gave me a discount at their shop. Here is what I ordered. I stick to the accessory as I wasn't sure at all about the size of clothes. They write it as free size and provide so measurements. Most of items are surprisingly big and can be labled as M. That's my I didn't try my luck and ordered some less personal items. Flowers for my hair (I was thinking about the wedding day options but the flower is already chosen by now) and couple of bracelets. The items are very cheap so you can order many of them - how exciting! But as pro for Russia I just have to name the postal issues. As almost every mail to Russia to it takes a lot of time to actually come plus the shipping is rather expensive. The postal costs were as much as my items costs (I tried different variations but it was still that way). But even you

Volvo Fashion Week Moscow - Sunday

It was the last and the most unexpected day of the week. Max and I were busy in the morning so we had only evening for us both. We saw two shows both of new people for VFWM.  First is the show of Sestra (the translation is Sister for  English ) it's a brand of two young ladies designer and model. They made their collection wearable enough. I think they have a good potential for fashion and although models were not faultless (fabric), they are very nice and comfy.   Sesta was late for the show for about 20-30 minuts but ODRI (the brand of Y.Rudkovskya and E.Plyushenko, the latter is  Olympic  champion in Ice Skating) made the brake last about an hour. It took us some time to get inside and then we waited. But it was a real-deal show. Despite of regular catwalk shows but was more like a pop show.  Musicians played some live music (fine enough in fact), there were three special men to play the roles of... magicians. It was fun. At fist they took a huge paper shopper bag,

Volvo Fashion Week Moscow Saturday

It was the day we both, Max and I waited and planned. We had a charming day included only us and fashion. oh, and also movies. It was a great experience, which I could have not solo but with my beloved. And you know what? I'm a happy girl who has a boyfriend who loves her and who loves fashion as well. We discussed  designs  and simply people around. Lucky girl! We had a luck to see 4 shows that night.  The first one is charming  squirrels and pastel collection by Viktoria Andrianova.  Max loved the huge prints, I loved the unusual tops and the performance was a bit nice. We were a little late to get fine spots but still it was very cute. All the models went at the same time at first. What I also loved about the collection is that it is totally wearable The second show was our favourite show of the day and total from Volvo Fashion Week Moscow. Alexandra Serova. You have already seen her designs before (on Sony-Vaio-Intel Fashion Days ) but now we get to see the new coll

Volvo Fashion Week Moscow Thursday

The Volvo Fashion week Moscow finished and I feel a little sad about it. I"m so very happy to finally share with you Volvo Fashion Week Moscow experience! In fact  instead  of just one day announced at my blog I had a great chance to be on whole three! The first day included two shows for me. Anastasia Z. and Lena Vasilyeva.  Both collection were dreamy. The first in the timeline, Anastasia Z.,  designers  were very close and tight by temper. feminine, absolutely wearable clothes. I loved the romantic mood of collection and flowing like water materials. I also have to add the colours were very nice and calm to my eye. In fact, if I had more money I would buy it. Lena Vasilyeva knocked my brain off. It's the 5th day after I saw the collection and I still can not clearly say how I feel about it. The collection is split up on two 'spring' and 'summer'. What I'm trying to say is: the first part of the collection is rather grim, dark and vintage but stil

Old Slots

For my birthday Max, my parents and I went to the museum... of soviet slots. So very much fun! My parents remembered  their  childhood and youth and we just had very much fun. I'll just share some picks. By the way, sorry for my basic outfit (but hey, I wore a kilt!) but I still think I looked very nice. By the way, some prompt and small Volvo Fashion Week Moscow update. yesterday surprisingly I went to VFW. Lovely lady Alexandra Plein who I contacted with for this event told me I could come to see the shows yesterday. I thought a little, gave up calm evening home with blog, chictopia, etc. and made my way there. I saw shows of Lena Vasilyeva and Anatasia Z. Loved both collections and that's all I say here. The proper post is still to come. By the way, I was one of the million people who downloaded instagram for android the day it first became available. Add me I'm kinda nice there too. lyoshathegirl is my user name I was wearing: Skirt bough