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Not long ago I was contacted by wonderful company providing friendship bracelets. I'm very much in love with both concept and realization of it. The main idea of those bracelets is one to wear and one to share. Easy and fast friendship bracelets where you can take photos directly from your FB and Instagram. I've never been crafty and haven't worn the alike bracelets although I've always wanted to. This amazing company gave a chance to get those. For now I'm waiting for my bracelet to come (the worst part of living in Russia is very slow mail service) and personally looking forward to finally wear one. Guess who I would share the second part? While I'm waiting I would love to show you more about those amazing guys. We've made a great interview! Let's read what Eric Anderson (the CEO) and Lyndsay Anderson have to share: 1. How did the idea of friendship bracelets for same came to your mind? was there some kind of push or it happened after a brainstorm?


Staying in not popular and new hotel  among  natives is something special. I really enjoyed watching  their  lives and getting to know Maldives better. I've never thought it could be so different from what I read over the Internet. As you may know on Maldives everybody is  using  boats. We have cars/motorcycles/buses and they have boats. it even feel like ones you are  Maldivian  you should own or at least know how to use the boat. Why do I tell it? During our vacations we had a great having dinner on the beach and watching the new boat build. Or looking at the boats in the port or simply on the coast during the repair. And you do know what we thought - perfect  location for shooting! I wanted to mention my lovely cover-up. It actually belongs to my mom but I borrow it from time to time when it's hot or during the vacations. It's perfect for hot days to protect the skin being very lightweight and not easy to bet through at the same time. It also provides a fine look for

Maldivian relax

I wish I was having my vacations now! I mean right now. Being in the cold Moscow after 8 precious days in Maldives... Stunning. Yes, answering your questions - it was one of the Maldivian islands I went to. The dress I'm wearing on those shots is one of the most comfortable dresses I own. It's absolutely lightweight and perfect for hot weather. Sorry no more words, I just wish I were there now.       I was wearing: Marc by Marc Jacobs dress   Have a nice day, Lyosha  

Compare 2013 and 2012

I've just came back from vacations! I'm very happy you guys loved the guest posts. For the fist my own and schelduelded post I wanted to compare two very differents days I had. The first 'outfit' photos are my look for amazing 2012 year which I loved. The second are giving you the main idea of how I've spent my first hours of 2013 aka the non outfit part. I loved 2012 but look what I've had for 2013! That must be even more fun! I was wearing: Topshop coat - my on to go coat for winter Zara hat - perfect for having fun Diesel glasses - I wear thema lot more ofter than you might think DKNY sweater - I loved it so much until I made it a teen size   Have a nice day, Lyosha  

Vintage Fashion

Hello! I'm still partly on vacation and started missing my blog. But in the meanwhile I'd love you to check this post. One of my personal favorite bloggers Ally from  blog  Shybiker helped me a ton with this guest post. Ally despite of having a very schedule shares fashion tips and ideas. I had tons of joy reading it. Thanks, dear! (it's so pity you didn't feature yourself in this post) When we think about fashion, we tend to focus on what's trendy and new. We shun styles from only a few years back as old-fashioned. The history of clothing, however, is very long and if we look further back, we can find delightful treats. There are many beautiful and interesting styles from earlier times. When our ancestors were young, they had different clothes to wear. There is nothing stopping us now from sampling those old styles. When you search the Internet, you see dozens of talented young women enjoying vintage fashion. Some even dress in it full-time. An immersi

Contouring Tips for 5 Basic Face Shapes

Hi beautiful people! Currently I'm having fun on my vacation with sun, sand and sea. I bet you got my idea - I'm off the blogger world. But fortunately we have amazing people to catch up on this. Meet Renee Bertrand and his post. Contouring Tips for 5 Basic Face Shapes Let’s face it; very few of us are born with a face shape that will make nay make-up technique work whatsoever. Even models have to shape their face shapes, not with chiseling tools, but with the magic item in any girl’s make-up box – the contouring cream or powder. You also need your blush-on and highlighting cream to complement the entire contouring of the face. But the same contouring method that works on someone’s face will not work on another. You need to align your contouring technique with the shape of your own face. Check out which of these face shapes is yours and what you need to do bring out the best outline of your visage. Round Face Have you been often remarked on the very round face of your