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ProFashion Masters Finals

  CPM is not only a great trade fair for processionals of fashion industry but also a place where one of the best contests for designers is held. They say the hardest piece of clothes to construct is a coat. That is exactly the theme of the collections from designers who are willing to try their luck with ProFashion Masters. I loved the collections and approach there. Each showed the unique face of the designer and I could totally see how they are not willing follow the paths and rules looking for their own answers. I was very much impressed with quality of work (most looked amazing on models no matter how much they moved). One of collections was made by the digital designer who made her digiatal works real. It was hyper impressive, no wonder she won the artistic part (first photo below). While other vibrant collection won the seller's competition.  We were not only shown the collections by the contests so it was not only the finals for us. We were presented with collections fro

Dreams by CPM

I really enjoyed the start of fashion season here. CPM (Collection Premiere Moscow) always marks it for me, it works that way in my eyes even if technically it was not the first event. This year I am covering both lingerie and home wear collection shown there and the finals of ProFashion Masters contest (I will post about it soon). I am a huge fan of lingerie and I really with this show had more on this department but alas. On the bright side: bright and fun beach dress were definitely a nice addition that sparkled the whole catwalk. Cheers to dancing models as well! I find it very hard to concentrate these days because of you know what happened. It is very scary and it's hard to stay positive and still think of exciting things like your work and fashion, it all seems so minor. I really have no words but fear and disbelief.   My outfit is abusing my favorite vest this season this time taking on colors from my well known top. I really enjoy wearing both items and I like the way th