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Crabs are my fans

Oh I wish I were there! I'm soo very much thrilled with the idea of being  somewhere  else right now (in terms of clime actually) that even looking  through  those shorts is making my heart beat faster. On Maldives where we've taken those shots we did pretty much nothing. Here you can the see the skirt I've already worn and shirt I'm going to wear in next post. I also worn glasses I originally took for sightseeing to refresh the look and you may not notice but I applied lip gloss for those photos. I sorry for lack of posts lately I seam very tired lately with tons of work everywhere. Stay tuned for tomorrow post - I have a Spring  surprise  for you and even more!     Say hello to crabs who couldn't stand my beauty and showed up to say 'hi' I was wearing: Glasses c/o Firmoo Shirt c/o Motel Rocks Skirt c/o Cocofashion Flipflops Tommy Hilfiger   Have a nice day, Lyosha  

Refreshing Inkkas

I've already told you about Inkkas shoes before here with an interview .  What I wanted to show is an outfit with Inkkas sneakers. It was a bit hard as those shoes are  obviously  not suitable for subzero temperature outside. But nothing could stop me or Max with  enjoying  them.  Actually  I have to notice the weather became better a little after the photoshoot. Anyway, I've been thinking a lot about making something different from my regular on street photos. Inkkas as amazing shoes and even more amazing brand are better in the unusual scenery. Enjoy the fun and tribal  Aztec  prints! I was wearing: Inkkas shoes Mango tee Ozzy official   bandanna   Have a nice day, Lyosha  

Be My Valentine

For me the main about love is being happy with someone you love without willing to change anything. Love each other!  and your pets as well... even if they are annoying.     I was wearing: Motelrocks pants c/o Firmoo  glasses c/o Mango coat Russian handmade leather boots   Have a nice day, Lyosha  

How to WOW him on Valentine's day

If you’re hoping to impress your other half this Valentine’s Day, you’re probably already considering that all-important question – what will you wear? After all, you only truly feel at your very best when you’ve made an outstanding effort and know that you’re looking a million dollars. Here, we’ll look at five tips for wowing your partner on the most romantic day of the year. Go for killer heels An extra few inches can do wonders for your confidence, so dig out your best pair of heels. They’ll make you taller, slimmer, and can improve your posture. If you haven’t worn them in a while, have a practice session at home. There’s nothing worse than having sore feet at the end of the night! Dare to wear red   Red is the most obvious colour choice for Valentine’s Day, and that’s for a very good reason. To really get in the mood, choose a red dress , a red piece of jewellery, or even just a red lipstick. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a full outfit or just a splash of c


It's been awhile since I've waited for this post to be published and I'm very happy to share it with you. During the fashion weeks relaxing I run into Inkkas website I asked them if they wanted to make an interview for me. They actually did and also sent me amazing shoes.  Despite having a wet weather here I still wore them during the weekend and totally inlove. In this post you can find a little preview for them. Inkkas shoes are incredibly comfomfortable and soft, the pattern is very bright and cheerful (see the image - make it x2). I also want to highlight that each Inkkas shoe is handmade by local artisans here at their small workshop in Peru and they try (and succeed) to make every pair with care and love. Inkkas also donate 10% of every shoe we sell to help preserve and protect the Amazon rainforest and its native inhabitants through our partnership with AmazonWatch ( ). I took an interview from Inkkas founder Danny who happens to be a great

Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Russia, season 26

I have very cool news for you, guys! The official dates of Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Russia are published. I'd love to give you a little preview about the upcoming week. I hope all of us would enjoy this  splendid   event ! Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Russia will be held in Moscow from March, 29 till April,2. The most influential fashion week in Eastern Europe will occupy Central Exhibition Hall “Manege” (1, Manezhnaya square). Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Russia is ready to present the best and most well-known Russian designers: Slava Zaitsev, Tatiana Parfionova, VIVA VOX, BESSARION, Dasha Gauser, Julia Nikolaeva, Elena Souproun, TEGIN, BORODULIN'S, LEONID ALEXEEV, The MuscoviteS by Masha Kravtsova, POUSTOVIT, Lena Tsokalenko and many others. The protagonists of the Fashion Week are not only acknowledged leaders of Russian fashion field but talented debutants. During 12 years of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Russia history more than 60 Russian fashion designers were granted p

Red and Blue Guilhi

There are outfits that just happen. Some of them all in a sudden some of them are carried out. And there is tiny little bit of outfits that come in a flash and then carries for day or even weeks to finally come out. It may be a waiting of specific item that delays or the  schedule. Sometimes it's time of the year or simply waiting for specific moment for an outfit. This outfit made a long way and got several reasons for waiting. But from the very moment Max and I bought tickets to Maldives I knew it was the time for this lovely outfit   Everybody knows blue is my favourite colour. So when it went to choosing clothes from I didn't think twice with colour. You may remember this skirt from before when I wore it as a dress against the snow. For now it was more approprite way to wear - next to the sea for the hot day...   On those photos you mind a little mpore of locations of Guilhee island and our hote


Hello! When we went to Maldives getting dressed for visiting their capital was a bit of challenge. I take it as something we  definitely  accomplished in flying colours. The island-city was  charming  as although Max and I got a little lost in the  beginning  it all went just fine. I've chosen heat-prof outfit with most of my body covered. How do you find it?  Milkshakes were our passion during the vacation  Fish Market. I was on my half way to buy something even though we didn't have a place to cook.  The Islamic center  beautiful Sultan Park  Boats are everythere around the city/island. By the way, I think Max looks charming I was wearing: vintage pants Gap shirt Tommy Hilfiger flip flops Mango Glasses   Have a nice day, Lyosha