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Walk on Beach. Review Black.

And here is the second part of my swimsuit review, generously provided by Walk on Beach. This is my favorite of the two and I am sure I will wear it a lot. Like really a lot. It's long sleeve which is a huge bonus on the agressive at time sun here. Especially in summer. It makes it suitable for a beach training my running club runs from time to time to diversify and divertify the routine. It also looks super cute as a top so I can easily put on some bottom and stoll into the restaurant or any other place without changing much. Trust me, saving a couple of mintures might mean a lot in my regular schedule.  The quality is very good. It's elastic and dryes fast enough. It runs true to size. I am wearing size XS and I have no issues with fitting. You can untie the bow on the bikinin bottom. Super happy with this little buddy! I was wearing: Walk on Beach swimsuit (gifted)   Have a nice day, Lyosha  

More green for Guelaguetza

Ok, I have just posted about me wearing more green and yes, here I go again. Wearing green again. This dress is so comfy and is so easy to wear. A pure joy, I don't really need to spend much time thinking what to wear and instanly feel at 100. I wore this dress for a festival called Guelaguetza. It was lots of fun. We had some nice food, bought some quesillo, watched Lucha libre and enjoyed merry-go-round. I actually can't believe I forgot to post this on time. The evening was a pure joy to our little family. We didnt take our pup with us and it was a good call: it was crowded and there were tons of opportunities to loose yourself and steal some cheese which is definitely not allowed. Bonus: earlier that day I was one of winners on a running race! I came third on 10k. The race was special because the partisipants were incouraged to wear a superhero costume. I chose Sailor Jupiter (from Sailor Moon Anime) to twin with my daughter. I am incredibly proud of myself. I was wearin

Walk on Beach. Review White

product review! yay, it's been awhile. This time it is even more exciting as this is a swimsuit review. I mean who doesn't like a cute swinsuit especially for summer. I live in the tropics and Carribean is just 2o minutes shy from my door. Do I enjoy spending time by the sea? I'd lie if I'd say I don't. I don't go very often but I do visit when I can and have a drive to go. And sure it is a huge blessing to be able to deside if you want to go and swim in the sea or not. As long as it's not hurracain you're all green to go on blue flag beach nearby. I actually recieved two swimsuits for the review. Both are provided by Walk on beach . Both are of a good quality. They also somewhat match in color so I totally see me mixing and matching them in future. But today I will start with a swimsuit I liked slightly less. It's white which is so simple yet stricking especially if my skin ever get tanned again one day. The top is made in a top manner which remi

Green and green and green

Lately I am into greens. I wear it a lot. It is such a lovely color and it makes you feel pumps in an instant. Ormay be it makes me match the jungle more. I don't know and I am not sure.  What do you think about this dress? It's new and it's the first impulse purchase I made in over a year. Normally  try to buy only what I actually need and be intentional in my life (it definitely doesn't apply to fruits). But this dress just had to be mine. It was a love from the first sight I put on it after my husband called me over saying he found the dress he loves for me. It took me just a second to take to the dressing room. I know you will see this dress a lot in near future. I was wearing: Malayerba dress Paul Smith hat (borrow brom my husband) Fjallraven backback (shamelessly stolen from myhusband for the color match) c/o Nordgreen watch   Have a nice day, Lyosha  

Beach time

Living in tropical paradise I always have a photo or two by the beach. I don't really post it often but I do have them. Not that it is very spectacular but when I am busy and unispired to make an actual post I do have 'the last beach resort". And today is the day. Ladies and gentlemen, here are my beach photos from Cozumel. Bonus blog appearance: Ada Maria I was wearing: super old bikini   Have a nice day, Lyosha  

Weekend approaching

This week passed in flash! wowza. I can'treally fully grasp what i wasted it for but here we are. Friday and the weekend is just around the courner. I have somuch to do, I am really excited, hopefully not going to jinx it. My favorite local market returns and all of my favorite enterpreneurs are going to be there! We are celebrating Guelaguetza in Cancun as well (wish me luck and lots of quesillo). And I also going to run in a costume run. I am so excited! Last time I ran in the costume I had tons of fun. So we'll see. And what are your plans for the weekend? The outfit I post today with photos is actually nothing more than one of my favorite dresses. I wore it have some fun at the beach. It was a lovely day on a hotter side. Needless to say, dresses are the best in such a weather. Bonus beach! I was wearing: Gucci sunnines Befree dress Miu Miu purse   Have a nice day, Lyosha  

Comfortable lot

Well, I do think you knew I'd share a lot more outfits with my maxi cargo skirt because I am officially obsessed with it. Well, you knew me well. Here it goes. One more outfit with this comfortable baby. I'd wear it all the time. I am actually pretty close to it. I wear it a lot. This time I wore it with a tied shirt (which I could untie in the shop to keep me more cofortable), tennis shoes toavoid issues withslippery floors and glasses to boost my vision and navigate shopping easier. I felt both very stylish and comfortable and generally am very happy with how both my outfit and my photos turned out to be. I was wearing: bershka skirt Cuidado con el Perro Jaws shirt Pirma shoes c/o iGlasseshop glasses   Have a nice day, Lyosha