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Time flies! I have tested and tried for one month products from Vegamour , a GRO complex. I wanted to see my hair more think,, shiny and healthy and that is exactly what I have got! I expected to see some improvement especially when you watch closely but here you don't have to pay attention it is right in your face. I have visibly more hair and moveover it feels like I have more hair when you touch it. Products I used: GRO Shampoo and Conditioner kit . Great scent, easy to wash, you don't need to use a lot of product so it will stay with you for long. I still have a lot of product to continue working my hair. GRO Hair Serum . I have had a pack for 30 days and I  have used it all up. Will most likely purchse it for myself. Just a tiny step to level up the game. Hair Gummy vitamins . The thing I miss now the most. A very tasty and low in calories (only 8) gummy vitamins. Fantastic taste, it made me feel as if I am having a dessert. I also think the vitamins affected my nails ma

Effective Financial Control with Accounting Outsourcing

Happy weekend! Today I want to do something unusual and share some highly important and valuable information. I know it is not tax season yet but still believe it is something to keep in mind. We don't know dress well we do have what it takes to get us cute clothes. I hope you will enjoy the guest post below. Effective Financial Control with Accounting Outsourcing Maintaining effective financial control is crucial for the success and stability of any business. In today's competitive landscape, many companies are turning to accounting outsourcing as a solution to enhance their financial management practices. Accounting outsourcing involves delegating financial tasks to external professionals who specialise in accounting and bookkeeping functions. This growing trend is driven by its numerous benefits, including cost savings, access to expertise, and improved efficiency. In this blog post, we will explore the concept of accounting outsourcing and delve into the reasons why busin


I don’t know how to live without you.  Lyosha