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Earthy tones

It happens so I natturally wanted to wear this skirt more and it ended up on photos a bit closely to the one before. It is a very casual look, very weekend and super relaxed. I wore it git the store to try on some spare running shoes. I was very relaxed and happy to be walking with my ffamily on sunny Sunday. I think my emotions pretty much ooze from my face and poses. I was wearing: malayerba (cuidado con el perro) skirt H&M top walmart flip flops Coach bag iGlassesshop sunglasses (gifted) Fossil watch necklace bought on some triip long time  ago   Have a nice day, Lyosha  

Sea Fancy Review. Part 3

Third part of the review of swimsuits series. I wasn't sure about this one at all. The dress is a cute and it definitely useful for a relaxed time but how is it to actually swim in it. It is fine. Absolutely ok to relax in the water, probably some movement as well. Definitely awesome to chace a one year old around on the beach. It looks super cute as well, the dress looks absolutely regular and it is long enough to be worn outside of the beach as well just like any other dress. It has the most comfortable bikini bottom I have worn lately so I am definitely going to use it separately in future.  Which one of the three did you like the most? I was wearing: SeaFancy swimsuit (gifted) Glassesshop sunnies (gifted) miniso hair clip   Have a nice day, Lyosha  

Sea Fancy Review. Part 2

Hello! Second swimsuiut in my Sea Fancy review series.  This is something less regular this time. I absolutely love this relaxed option, we definitely can wear the swimsuit freely anywhere with little styling applied. I absolutely loved this one and was very excited to try it, it exceeded my expectations. It was super comforable to stay during the time off the sea. I bet nobody thought it was a swimsuit from the first sight. The shorts have an inner layer which is tight so I had no issues moving around and swim if you are curious about the action. The bra is comforable as well and provides enough support, at least for my moderate size. And it has pockets. Basically this is next level to me. I LOVE IT. I was wearing: co seaFancy swimsuit co Glassesshop sunglasses   Have a nice day, Lyosha  

Feliz Hanal Pixan

Or Dia de Los Muertos or Halloween or whatever makes you happy.  We obviously celebrated it with lots of joy. We joined celebrations in the Puerto Juares part of the city. It was so pretty and we obviously enjoyed our time there a lot. The ofrendas were beautiful and the parade put smiles on our faces. Wonderful work this year again.  I wore comfy and practical clothes. We had to walk a lot because the festival occupied large territory and also use buses (provided by the city) to get to the port area. I didn’t particularly dress up but still i felt very happy and very full with tamales and pan de muerto.  Bonus I was wearing: Cuidado con el Perro top and pants Pirma shoes Lacoste belt Motel Rocks shirt   Have a nice day, Lyosha