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Feldkirk, Austria

If the trip was great and if you cycled a lot you tend to have less photos of you than you would have normally wanted. May be there was something about my outfits or may be my husband was too much consumed with regular photos of abouts but I actually don't have much photos of myself from that trip. This is probably the the best part of the trip Austrian Feldkirch (yes I did visit different parts of Austrian during the two trips this year). We actually wasn't really into this place when we've been planning - it is situated between The Lake Konstanz or Bodensee and Lichtenstein, a tiny country we really wanted to visit because both me and Max have a soft spot for tiny countries. This place offered cheaper accommodation and comfortable location so we decided to stay there. I was so happy we did! I liked this place so much - it was so beautiful, so comfortable, so pretty! I was crazy about the zoo and the castles, the food was lovely and so are the small streets in the center.

Vienna after 5 years

During my time not home vacation or not I tend to post my adventures from before. This time I will do so too but I really wanted to kick off with a new stuff. Not long before during the trip max and I took some time off and enjoyed Vienna. Actually we booked a connection flight with a huge hole in the middle so we could get out of the airport and wonder around the city. It was not our first time there so we did really enjoy some extra time in the city, remembering the first trip. But our main attraction and the main reason to get out the airport and making our flight that long was the desire to see the Durer exhibition in Vienna's famous Albertina. Durer is a special artist to me, I have a soft spot for him. I used to have a book I got from my mother (who is a big lover as well) on my book shelf opened during my university days. I flipped the images to match the mood and moment, for example I used to have Melancholy opened during the exams. It was absolutely incredible to see the