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Missed shots. Osaka.

I've just realized I missed Osaka part of my travels and I have something to share with you! That's fortunate. Osaka is/was a blast actually. As a traveler I highly recommend getting an Osaka pass because it saves you tons of money and (most importantly) time. It allows not only go to museums and such like  Ferris Wheel but also some relax like spa and shop discounts. That's why we've spent tons of time doing unusual things for our usual travels and we didn't think twice if it worth coming or not. I wore a super comfy skirt outfit which helped a lot for walking in the hot weather and easily enter cooler places like museums. I do also like the match of my white tee and socks to be honest. We took this photo-shoot (tiny one in fact) in the Botanic Gardens. It was such a wonderful place to stay with shadows and vague scent of flowers around. oh I miss this trip! And now some spam with sights:  Paleontology museum  The zoo.  R

Tidebuy Blazer fall

As for me I am happy with fall. It doesn't mean I dislike summer or other seasons on contrary I believe each season has it's better sides and is lovely in its way. That's why fall looks and fall inspiration are important for me. No matter if I tend to wear most of my clothes through out a year (mixing and remixing and depending on weather) fall me means Blazers. And it's exactly what I am going to talk about now. I was very excited when wonderful shop asked me to share thoughts on blazer from their shops because blazers are great for me all the time. Even more I was happy when I looked through tons of wonderful styles they have to offer there were so many of them so I highly recommend you to have a look your self - you'll definitely find your perfect blazer there even if it's not one I picked in this post because after all I can't add each and everyone of them, right. You can find them following the link: www.

Custom made adorable dresses

Happy Monday, my lovely readers! This one more inspirational post because I don't feel like shooting ootds while it's raining. As it looks like we are going to have rain-rain-rain all night and day for couple of days more I wanted to come up with one more charming dress review option. This time I don't only want to show stunning dresses available online in shop called Yesmybride  but also tell about super awesome opportunity they focus on; custom made wedding dress. Can you imagine how cool is that if online? The price in this shop is much more affordable than offline custom made dress options but it actually pretty much the same. The procedure of order is very simple - tried it myself. You can combine different style to create a fully unique style made esp for you. Also altering existing models and customizing ready models. The models displayed are amazing and I had a lot of joy checking through them. because after all if you don't like the pre-made styles it would b

Something new, something blue

This time I want to share with you some amazing items because it's almost weekend and weekend means more inspiration for everyone! This time I wanted to share with you some cheap prom dresses online. It didn't take too much to pick the shop I want to share you now. It's lovely Gudeer where you can find tons of amazing stuff and definitely very remarkable prom dresses. Actually when I browsed from the shop looking for some faves to share you I had a very hard time. Practically I could simply copy images from any random 3 dresses and make it my faves. Yes, each dress had a personality and a great style. It wasn't easy but still I managed to create my top 3 over all top quality style dresses from Gudeer today. Here are my choices: It's not only wonderful dress but it's also a very arty image. I love the deep light blue color, big but not too big skirt and lovely detail on waist to highlight it. What a charm! More casul, girly option. Very calm and romantic.

Relax last summer days

Hello fall! Bye Summer! Even with weather changing it's still warm and feels more like summer still. But we do have more rains. I'd like to send my best wishes to students of all kinds as in Russia the 1st of September is not only the start of classes but also is a called day of Knowledge. It's also a day for each person who dislike the school to thank age for you don't have to go there any longer. As for me - today is the day when I share with a very relaxed outfit I wore for a date with Max when I went outdoors to walk in trees, sit next to river and each our pre-made lunch. Sun was shining and it was generally very pleasing. I paired a Pink Floyd top (which I grabbed on Dolls Kill) with super comfy shoes and shots and felt like I was missing some standing out accessory. Than One very handy came in mind. Born pretty is one of the shops which never left me without something cool to wear and this bracelet for me is one of the kind. It's edgy, very stylish, versa