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Water Reflection

Hello! It's almost August already! How crazy is that! Time flies and it flies even faster as you have limitations and some lifts of said limitations. In short you want to squeeze everything in the little time you have to enjoy it all. People are treasuring connections even more now and it leaves less time. Also I have a short vacation coming next week which I am even more excited about. I don't really have a proper update so I will just go with I have here. Actually we took these photos during the short walk in the park with husband. We took it as break from work. He has more work than ever this month and with vacation he is super busy. It's just what life is: having it all and treasuring what you have. As for my outfit it's the example of little something I wear daily without any blog plans behind. Comfortable romper, flip flops all that. But the location is so pretty that I hope you'll just enjoy the view with me more than my actual outfit. I actually wore aweso

Pigeon House

Man, these days are packed with events and things to do. I am balancing doing all the needfull stuff and still find time to relax and enjoy. I apologize my blog took beating last week and I didn't post my regular Friday/Saturday update. It's only natural. This photoshoot took me around 5 minutes to do but I love the mood of it. I wore comfortable skirt, top and a jacket as it was rainy that day and the wind felt cold. I wore this outfit to hang out with my Dad one on one which we don't do often. I really enjoyed chatting and laughing with him over a cup of coffee. We should do it more often. Wishing you the best week possible. Enjoy a little extra real life pigeon who provided camera settings service for my hubby. Check out his expression! So bold! I was wearing: Skirt, bag and 'Hello Kitty' top from Uniqlo Jacket c/o Rosegal Armani jeans shoes Monki avocado socks (I have tons of avocado related stuff to be honest)   Have

Hyper Casual

I took a short walk to see my parents and took these photos on a way. Can't really say much about this outfit, I didn't try to make it an outfit per se but photos turned out so nice I decided to share it with you. And frankly I've been a little lazy on creating content as of late so I am trying to compensate it in a way and in future. I promise to make lots and lots of awesome photos for you to enjoy in blog my blog and socials. Sometimes I think I should have blogged about my dogs' adventures, they always have something exciting happening. But than I realized it's not like it in the end of the day. As there are less and less limitation tied with the pandemic we are super excited to have a first run 'race' this season on August 2d. It will also be in a town I have never been to so I am also excited to have a small trip. And talking about the excitement we booked a small trip to St. Petersburg and Russian Karelia later in August. And

Boat office

During the hot days I want to spend more time next to the water. And as my father owns a boat and is willing to lend it to us from time to time we can't stay away from it. But after the lockdown there are so many things we want to catch up on or have to do we don't have extra time just to enjoy our selves. So we thought a little and decided to combine two passions in one.I won't lie, it feels great. Water makes any heat more tolerable and being able to take a break swimming definitely feels special. Also boat makes such a different perspective on everything, you feel different and somehow rested. There are two outfits featured here. One is a very simple and beloved dress from Forever21. I wear on cycling trips and during the relaxed days and I am pretty sure it will last for a season or two more before it falls off being ripped and torn. The second outfit is a beach dress, which I used to cover up my bikini. I didn't have that much work that day, so I enjoyed m

What's in it for shoes?

Hello! I have to admit I like going bare foot. I actually prefer not wearing any shoes if I can. I don't even like socks. If you see me wearing it I either making a fashion statement or doing sports. Or, I can't deny it both at the same time. I do believe in being stylish while working out or running a marathon too. But as I live in the city and asphalt is nowhere nice to step on during a hot day (unless you really feeling this chemicals melting a little next to your skin) we still do wear shoes. And if we do wear shoes it better be pretty! There is one more thing I want from everyday foot wear for summer (apart from nice looks): I want shoes to be easily put on and off. Summer makes me spontaneous and makes me want to move around more. I want to be able to change plans fast or/and take off my womens flat shoes without much thought and do some grounding. As you might have already guessed I was window shopping again today. We are doing some home maintenance now and fixing fl

Luvyle inspires

Do you know what I was lacking this weekend? The thing I haven't done for ages for my blog: an inspiration post. I think inspiration posts are very important to build an interesting link between blogger and her or his readers without influence of blogger's own image. Inspiration posts also take off the limit of blogger's body and lifestyle to form outfits. For example if I most have casual times and activities such as work, walkies with my dogs and meeting my family I have a hard time wearing gowns. But if I love gowns and want to enjoy it without feeling guilty of swarming my closet with currently useless items I go window shopping and naturally want to share it with my readers. From this my numerous inspirational posts are born. But to tell the truth lately the lack of said posts presented because I was all into simplicity and as little clothes as possible. And even if I were window shopping I mostly enjoyed themed summer items. One of the places I liked was Luvyle . Th

Which Mario is your favorite?

This week was something! So much to do, everything flied in a flash right between my eyes and there you have it: Friday. I look forward to the weekend when I will see our friend and start taking classes. The weather is less hot these days, less than 30 and I know some people are happy about it but not me. Sometimes I think I should have been born in the desert under the scorching sun. Well any weather has the perks so today I was able to wear a little more clothes which actually feels nice for a change. They say the weather will be a lot better tomorrow and I am definitely all in. We took photos in our favorite spot for taking photos this season. It's just so comfortable and pretty there and we do try to find new angles. Today you can see the park pavilion featured, there several similar designed pieces in the park and we did shoot in other one before. I wear a white top with fun print yet again. It is my new weakness I am not ashamed of. Manga/anime and Nintendo ongoin

Floppy hat

This week has just started but I already feel like it's a great week! I enjoy it so much. So much to do, work under and enjoy. Even if life gives you lemons, remember how you eat it whole and love it.I am a positive person and I choose to see pretty but doesn't mean there is nothing to disturb me, I just focus on what is good. It's just a side note, don't dig too deep. The weather is awesome in Moscow and I enjoy every moment of it. Summer passes so fast so I want to take all of it be it walks, boat, outdoors or ice cream. To take photos we went to the wall nearby. On purpose, we missed taking photos there even if we had plenty of other places to shoot in. Back to basics, I'd say. What I also want to say about this outfit is very simple: invest (and it doesn't have to a a real investment just have it in you closet) in statement pieces. Be it bold necklace, a creative hat, pop colors on top/bikini or a cute bag. I highly recommend a floppy hat. It might