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Tips on wearing dresses during winter

Since it’s winter and it’s cold where I live a lot of women forget about dresses and skirts. While I do agree it might be not best to wear it for long walks, especially active it does work nicely in day to day life. The only thing is to dress properly. Let me share some tips with you: First of all wear a very warm and long coat/parka. It should be really long at at least 3/4 of your thigh. Second of all pick longer dresses midis and maxis, the dress should definitely be long preferably something woolen or similar quality. Third of all pick you tights/leggings wisely. It’s better to overdo than not during cold days. Also thermal clothes do the trick. Now that you know my tricks you shouldn’t feel worried at least to try wearing dresses during this time of year. And to encourage you even more today I am going to inspire you to wear maxi dresses in my Monday inspiration post. To do so I teamed up with Berrylook women’s clothing online . I am good to show you my three favor

Bag heaven at

I have always been a bag lady. Actually even one of my largest Pinterest board is dedicated to bags. Bags are not only very useful (because after all we carry our belongings there) they have a unique ability to dramatically change our look. A good nicely styled bag makes a difference. Even if you wear simple plain top blue jeans and some sneakers a bag you carry might actually turn your outfit becoming a fashion center. Not mentioning a variety of bag styles: handbags, shoulder bags, crossbody, waist bag or even a backpack, each beautiful in its own way. If you ask me I can’t actually give a simple answer which I like best. A good quality bag, luxury bag can be passed through generations and turn out even better. Also bags last long so you’re not going to throw the bag away next season. So bags are source not only of endless style option but also are a great investment. However if you are on budget you might want some less costly options. My post today is focused on them. Today is

Cardigan love with Dresslily

B aby it's cold outside. It's cold here and I feel like spending more time at home. I wish it was warmer and I can't wait to fly to warmer place for cycling training in two weeks. It actually gets on my nerves somehow and it makes me feel colder than I really should have felt. And while trying to keep myself warm I can barely think of anything but sweaters and cardigans. After all it's a great way to stay warm. So today I decided to share my Dresslily wishlist with you. It all about cardigans. And my deep love to Dresslily. I am in love with the print and colors. So pretty! And the best here is the addition to the look. It's so much easier to wear it that way if you also planning on wearing a parka or a winter coat with it. This one is way lighter, I see this cardigan as a substitution of light coat. But it's so pretty I can't leave you without sharing it. Perfectly winter look. So cute and extra warm by the looks. What do you think? That

MillyBriday beautiful dresses for Monday

  Do you remember me telling you I'll give you two inspiration posts instead of one?I do keep my promise! Today I am bringing one more topic to get inspired on just in case you are not that into hair stuff. I am going to talk to you about a bit common yet unique and beautiful topic to discuss. And also I haven't written about it for ages. Are you read to find out what I want to tell you about? One-two-three! yes you got it right: Vintage Prom Dresses Why? because prom dresses are pretty but more down on earth comparing to wedding dresses. You can work a little and find a lovely prom dress suitable for re-wearing. Also there are more tiny sizes in prom dresses section which brings me to shop for them when in need for evening dress. You have no idea (unless you are petite) how hard it is to find a proper dress when you are not only skinny but also short. Countless of time I heard something like: go to kids section. prom dresses are my way out. Today's inspiration is brou

Hairvilla hair inspiration

I totally missed this weekend's inspiration. Sorry for that, my bad really. But it's not all that bad! Because I made you a post today! Make it two even! Monday inspiration is fine as well, don't you think? Today I want to share a great inspiration about hair and bundles with frontal . I do love some additions to my hair looks and looking forward a new cut (unfortunately I have to wait to get to the mater I want). In the meantime I'm getting some inspiration in online shopping and pinterest. While you can use Pinterest better than I do, I master online shopping. Today I brought you a new shop to me and may be a new shop to you. it is called Hairvilla It looks very user-friendly and offers a huge amount of hair bundles you will definitely find a use of! Today I want to concentrate on specific subject and may be start with straight hair because mine are. What do you think about this one? it's so hot! or may be this Human Virgin Hair is even better? Gorgeous

Snow and more snow in warm hat

It's finally snowing here. I actually have mixed feelings about this. Well it's season appropriate and I could go and ski (which I plan on doing tomorrow) but at the same time... I don't like cold and prefer to stay as warm as possible. Less than 10 is actually cold to me so  you might already get my feelings about below zero. But even in cold time there are some positives moments. For example clothes. Blog super warm coats, funny hats, cozy gloves and fluffy scarves. Today I want to share with you my super casual look, something I wore to hang out with friends and do some shopping. I have chosen extra warm Monki coat (I was half expecting cold to finally wear it properly) and my new hat from Rosegal . It's sooo warm! I love the pompom a lot it makes me feel funny. It's also uniquely designed with it's back part being longer than front. It makes the hat even warmer! The hat is so cool I could make tons of A++ reviews for it! Also you know I LOVE Rosegal and it

Fashioncluster and Boao Fashion Art Week's Russian Day.

18 января в малом зале Московской Торгово-промышленной Палаты прошла долгожданная встреча руководителей и партнеров Fashioncluster`а МТПП. На событии собрались руководители направлений разных стран: •  Марина Шматова – Председатель Комитета по поддержке и развитию предпринимательства при МТПП. Председатель Fashioncluster. •  Мария  Резникова – представитель Fashioncluster`а в Индии, Грузии, Израиле; член МТПП; основатель международного fashion-проекта «FollowTheFabrika»; директор по развитию «International Fashion Awards». •  Мария Ардакова-Цихишвили и Дениза Гий - основательницы проекта Popdepôt (PR & sales showrooms, pop-up shops in Paris, Milan, London, New York, Moscow, Tbilisi etc). В Fashioncluster`е ответственные за регионы Китай, США. •  Луиза Авье - официальный представитель Arab FashionCouncil в России (Палата моды 22-х Арабских стран), представитель Fashioncluster`а МТПП по работе с рынкам ближайшего востока: Дубай (ОАЭ), Эр-Рияд (Саудовская Аравия), Бейрут (Ли