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MFW, day 1

Moscow Fashion Week always follows after Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Russia. And we are blessed to be able to see both. Very different, very curious and filled with wonderful fashion. Moscow Fashion Week does a lot in kids fashion field as well as with Russian regions and youth. Today I want to tell you about the first day of MFW for me and share highlights.
The first show was from Adelya Kurnosova and it was all about evening dresses and feminine bodies.

Second part of this show was a joint showwith NK Fashion which also represented the formal wear. Both shows were accompanied with singing.

The final show that day for me was kids fashion! Stephania is a lux kids brand. I loved the tiny collections there, each section was dedicated to similar style and ways to wear. Also huge thank you for making the fashion show inclusive, I loved the model on a wheelchair so much. There wasn't much fuzz about her at all, she was one of the models on the catwalks. I can only applause to that.


MBFWRussia, day 5

The shortest and the nice day. I had so much to do, still enjoyed everything!

Leaf Xia created a very colorful and happy outerwear collection. It's fun and bright and absolutely wearable. I would really enjoy wearing it if I could. It wasn't really Chinese motives, it think it was what Europeans think of modern day Asia in general.

My outfit was total black. I actually thought of 90s when chose it. do you like it?

I was wearing:
Arny Praht backpack
Thriefted shoes
Dina faradgeva top
Cheap Monday vest/shirt
Uniqlo jeans
Belt - older than me, originally belonged to my Mom not branded hat
c/o Rosegal necklace
Have a nice day, Lyosha

MBFWRussia, day 4

I am very excited and happy to show you this post. it is indeed special to me! This is my favorite outfit of all I wore for Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Russia. It is so beautiful, I can't help it. I am very excited to read what you think about this one. Please don't take it seriously though, it's more about colors than actual input with Asia.

I wore it for two unique shows. First one was a very futuristic one from Linus Leonardsson. 5th Element, Luna from Harry Potter, 60s look into 00s. You name it we felt it. It was fun!

Second show was probably the most important on MBFWRussia. It was from Mad Daisy Moscow in collaboration with Tretyakov Gallery (one of the two biggest and most important museums in Moscow). Not only they used a very beautiful image from Russian female painter N. Goncharova from early XX but showed a message on the catwalk. Not only diversity they talked about alopecia. Alopecia is an autoimmune disease affecting hair. People who have alopecia loose all …