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5 Best Lace Front Wigs For Women 2018

The lace front wigs are trendy and popular nowadays. This is because it will make your hairline in front looks very natural. These types of wigs could cover your scalp area and achieve that natural looking hairstyle. To help you search for the latest lace front wig, we list the top 5 best lace front wigs in 2018.
Top 5 Best Lace Front Wigs 
1. Jon Renau Ignite Lace Front Wig  Image Resources:
The Ignite Wig by Jon Renau will truly make you attractive and appealing. It has a hand-knotted lace front that is invisible and could look very natural in your hairline. This hairstyle features angled layers that provide accent to a round, oval, diamond and a heart-shaped face. What is more attractive in this synthetic hair wig is that it comes in various colors including the shades of grey.

2. Raquel Welch Crowd Pleaser Hair Wig 
Image Resources:
Create that stunning beautiful look …

Care for some Dvorak?

Happy Friday 13th!
I'm not joking. Actually any combinations of 1 and 3 are happy to me and seam to follow me everywhere.
Despite the return of super hot weather and lack of rain I am sharing today my look from last week when I was visiting my beloved Philharmonic to listen to some music.
Getting dressed for classical music concert is always tricky to me. I definitely go for something more or less classic and I can't imagine myself wearing jeans. At the same time it's important not to overdo so balancing is a key there. I have chosen the simple dress (which is originally the under dress), shirt to warmup and pumps to make it a little more appropriate. And I also missed wearing heels so... No bag there by the way, I skipped on wearing a bag at all. Max was carrying my phone for me.
I was wearing:

Mango shirt
DKNY dress
Givenchy shoes

Have a nice day, Lyosha

Short skirt for boat

How are you feeling guys? Summer is in its middle and even though it's a bit rainy here I still enjoy my time. Visiting my family, doing some chores and surely giving some love to myself. Also I have great news: I joined a course to get my boating license! So cool! My head is about to burst but I am absolutely excited about everything. I study hard and really hope I'll get my license on August 1st (wish me luck).

This is my casual warmed up outfit. I just love brownish colors lately. I think it looks nice with some tan I ended up obtaining despite all of my effort. What do you think?

Have a nice day, Lyosha

Summer uniform and coffee

In my post before I was talking about summer uniform. Today I want to show you one more example of my typical summer wear. It's actually that super comfy and cute skirt I pair with various tops. This one is simple without any print but I just love the silhouette here. So cute!

The photoset was made to show my favorite drink: Skinnycoffee. It is delicious no matter how you choose to drink it - hot or cold. it actually is delicious when paired with some milk however both me and skinnycoffee club don't recommend it. If you feel hot just add tons of ice!
I was wearing:
Monki skirt
Topshop top
Nike Air Max
beats earphones
belt from toddler times

Have a nice day, Lyosha

Fancy inspiration from Babyonlinewholesale

Happy Friday! Nothing beats a good relax and excitement over upcoming weekend. I think it goes for any person even if you don't work nine to five. For me weekend means meeting with friends and family so I do work way less over it. Plus for the whole month of July Max and I are super busy on Saturday! We enrolled on boating classes which means both of us will become captains for the small boats. The first license is local but who knows what will become of us next. Yes boats are contagious!
But today I don't want to talk about something practical and useful to wear during the trips. Instead I want to go for other boat association: fancy. Yes boats are considered being fancy. Even though it doesn't really work this way if you actually make it move and not leisurely laying on the yacht nose. But never the less it is how it is. And today i want to inspire you! And inspire with wonderful formal evening dresses. To do so today I picked babyonlinewholesale shop. They have a wide …

Say 'yes' to a dress with Yesbabyonline

When you start on inspiration posts it hard to spot. At least for me. I feel like I am half awake in my bed, feeling super lazy and have to strict plans for the morning so I am hitting the 'snooze' button. I almost hear myself saying 'five more minutes' and I do mean five more minutes but I fail and hit 'show me more' button. Inspiration from online shops devour me. Yes it is budget friendly (you don't need to buy things even though you do want to) but it is not safe for your time. I can't really say I am against it, it is a good to relax and is also useful if you need to wait for your partner to finish some stuff to do. This evening it works especially well because I am waiting for my husband to finish the page. I am more or less limited by time so my online inspiration will be most pleasing. As always I wanted to set up a topic to make it even better. My topic for today is long formal dresses. Out of tons of online shop I picked the best for me today…

Living this way

I am still struggling with keeping up with me blog. And as it is currently very hot in Moscow I don't feel like styling a lot, preferring relaxed roomy dresses as simple shoes. Today I am showing my favorite dress I wore it like million times. It is my 'I don't care how I look" dress.

I took it on vacations with me, I wore it to the gym and going chores. It saw numerous fashion shows. So much for impulsive mass market Forever 21 dress. I originally bought it because I liked the pattern. And it was roomy with long sleeves with could be useful in intensive sun period but the latter was more of the excuse. I just though it is cute and cheap enough to be my treat. It still is.

P.S. don't mind my cycling tan. I stopped paying attention.

I was wearing:
Forever 21 dress

Have a nice day, Lyosha