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MBFWRussia, day 1

And so it started. I am always excited and energized before the shows. I try to avoid checking brands more and more to make my vision pure, not to wait anything extra or come under impression from collection before. And still it's hard not to have expectations. My first day screamed of what I love: Pirosmani, brand I deeply admire and love; Ksenia Seraya, designer I watch for several seasons without fail.

Ksenia Seraya is always tender, soft, romantic and feminine. But please to look at her creations, it doesn't mean she's too sweet or girly, all grace and elegance. I can't say anything bad about being a lady wearing any of her items. Designers specializes on knitwear and I can say without any doubt she does it the best in Russia. She also had several men fashion examples, very nice, comfortable and wearable. I easily see lots of guys wearing her clothes on daily basis.

Pirosmani is increadible. Pirosmani is mindblowing. It is edgy and brave. It is a statement. The wh…

Fashion Futurum

Fashion Weeks is Russia are starting. This year the start is spectacular and unique in its way for me. I went to see the young talents on Fashion Futurum. Being a big lover and supporter of any new talents I took my time and spend a wonderful day enjoying the shows. I had lots of things planned for day (such as seeing a doctor for regular check up, going some sports and getting my nails done) and I even took a liberty of hanging out in the Museum of Moscow before the event. The weather was lovely and made long walks around which affected my outfit: not very light, a bit warm in fact and very comfortable. Simplistic - yes but sometimes that's all you need.
As for the shows my personal favorite was the first one by Sakina K. The hems are nice, I love black and combos and the catwalk was nice. I wouldn't say it's something very fresh in word of fashion but sure is wearable and comfy, something I would easily for for. With pleasure.

VK Talents x Futurum Moscow was pleasing. v…

Jaws, cute jaws

Fall means funny sweaters to me. The funnier the better. I am still waiting for my own ugly sweater for Christmas, hoping for this year, may be. But funny sweater is funny sweater and I enjoy it a lot. I always look for a cute option to add to my closet because I have to be honest - I tend to wear jeans and random sweater often in windy Moscow autumn days. Bright and funny print often helps to make up with the weather. Today I want to share the new and super cute item I recently received from Wholesale7. Not only they have lots of cute dresses and sport clothes but also charming collection of various sweaters (side note: lots of them come in both female and male versions). I didn't actually think twice when I saw this funny and cute babe in stock. I new it immediately: this shark sweater has to be MINE (Halloween appropriate laughter here, please). It is of great quality and perfect for current weather, not too warm.In fact I already wore it several times with various bottoms. Th…