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Snow and more snow in warm hat

It's finally snowing here. I actially have mixed feelings about this. Well it's season appropriate and I could go and ski (which I plan on doing tomorrow) but at the same time... I dont like cold and prefer to stay as warm as possible. Less than 10 is actually cold to me so  you might alreay get my feelings about below zero. But even in cold time there are some positives moments. For example clothes. Blog super warm coats, funny hats, cozy gloves and fluffy scarves. Today I want to share with you my super casual look, something I wore to hang out with friends and do some shopping. I have chosen extra warm Monki coat (I was half expecting cold to finally wear it properly) and my new hat from Rosegal. It's sooo warm! I love the pompom a lot it makes me feel funny. It's also uniqly designed with it's back part being longer than front. It makes the hat even warmer! I actually sticked to wearing it full time now. If you happen to see this hat on Moscow streets it's…

Fashioncluster and Boao Fashion Art Week's Russian Day.

18 января в малом зале Московской Торгово-промышленной Палаты прошла долгожданная встреча руководителей и партнеров Fashioncluster`а МТПП. На событии собрались руководители направлений разных стран: • Марина Шматова – Председатель Комитета по поддержке и развитию предпринимательства при МТПП. Председатель Fashioncluster. • Мария  Резникова – представитель Fashioncluster`а в Индии, Грузии, Израиле; член МТПП; основатель международного fashion-проекта «FollowTheFabrika»; директор по развитию «International Fashion Awards». • Мария Ардакова-Цихишвили и Дениза Гий - основательницы проекта Popdepôt (PR & sales showrooms, pop-up shops in Paris, Milan, London, New York, Moscow, Tbilisi etc). В Fashioncluster`е ответственные за регионы Китай, США. • Луиза Авье - официальный представитель Arab FashionCouncil в России (Палата моды 22-х Арабских стран), представитель Fashioncluster`а МТПП по работе с рынкам ближайшего востока: Дубай (ОАЭ), Эр-Рияд (Саудовская Аравия), Бейрут (Ливан), партнер…

Pink cycling power

When I talked about cycling costumes I wasn't that lonely. In fact showing some chic new outfit on my babe I was wearing my new cycling suit as well. It is from different shop Rosegal and is made for colder times. In fact we can cycle in colder periods of time, the key moment is to keep warm. And so I did. The costume is of superb quality and looks so fun! I felt super warm and comfortable. And how cool it looks. the asymmetry of pattern makes it look better and I really love it as it hides possible size issues. My cycling costume is in fact a little bit too roomy, I wish I had a size down but it is lovely as is as well. Pink is not normally my color but this one definitely is!

How do you like it?

P.S. my cycling shoes are Vittoria and I love them so much! Clip-in system rocks!

P.P.S. I hope you feel ok with my sports fashion posts. I promise to come back with new regular outfit post very soon!
I was wearing:
Cycling jersey and pants from Rosegal, brand Malichko, shop for similar

Cycling being pretty with Dresslily

Long weekends and holidays are hard to come back from. I try and do my best but I do know I am not perfect. Yet. Today I decided to comeback in a very unusual way. Or do something you didn't expect me to. I am posting an outfit with a model. It's not something I wore it is something my model wore.

And it is also about my deep love to cycling. What do you think about my beloved husband posing in a brand new cycling uniform from Dresslily.
And not only the suit: the superwarm gloves are from this shop as well. I personally can't wait for summer to wear it and cycle more. Even though our cycling season was prolonged in Moscow (we lacked snow until couple of days back) it's still too cold for me to use this pretty combo.
As for my opinion on this cycling jersey and shorts I highly recommend it! The material is proper for sports clothes, the helms are soft and pleasing, the pockets are big enough to fit in an extra bottle not mentioning a bar, the shorts are made ver…

tedHair inspiration

Happy New Year! As we are all on vacation today I want to share with you something funny and useful. I bet we are all more fit into some window shopping an a small inspiration now. Today I want to share with you one more post about hair extensions. Yeah you know they started being my thing currently.  I love adding to my things some new approaches and adding some hair will definitely help and help a lot. And it's a new shop it's even better. I discovered TedHair not long before and I really like it. New shop means new possibilities and it's very important when you go for hair online. You should find a fine hair color option. Because after all you don't really want you hair to look like you added some extra from the stock. And when you think about it I want to give you a piece of advise. Go for color a little darker than your regular. Why? two reasons. One is that your 'inner hair' a little darker than your 'outer' hair if your hair are not colore…

Happy New Year!

I finished my 2017 with a run.

And I started my 2018 with a run.

Happy New Year to you all!

Have a nice day, Lyosha

BestHairBuy is your magical shop to transform your hair in a flash

As many of you know Russia does not celebrate Christmas on December 25th. Many of us still celebrate it privately and very limited with people who do celebrate it on December 25th. Also Russian Catholics do celebrate it on December 25th. However there is no public holiday in here. Instead we widely celebrate New Year. It's also the time when we exchange presents and walk around the Christmas tree! In Russian Christmas tree is called New Year's tree.  Which in short means my celebration is only 4 days ahead. And there is still some time to sort out the presents or go and update you look. As hairdressers now have huge queues and it's virtually impossible to set an appointment if you haven't booked in advance. But no worries even if you haven't think of your hair look for New Year. If you want a change there are some option you might want to try. My favorite option is hair extensions It's harmless and not permanent and it really helps a lot. Most of girl I know w…