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Mesh outfit

I had this post as well as a couple of others with my pregnancy outfits. I decided to post it now, which is actually handy because while I am taking time to heal up I can't make quality not at home outfit posts and frankly I only wear simple dresses these days. There is something special about transparent clothes to me. It's sexy and it boosts the confidence SO much! I do think the lasting trend on similar items shows how much we, girls, seek empowerment and enjoy rediscovering ourselves. And yes being a huge of Riri pregnancy fashion I just had to go for something like that. But that is not it. I actually bought this top from a stylist who was a part of the team who made the fashion show featuring this particular top (yes, it is a runaway item) while I was experiencing one my first times of shooting being an official photographer from the show. Needless to say this makes time piece even more special. I didn't think twice packing it to come with me despite not actually wear


This is a very very personal post. And I think most of my readers kinda waited for it. Last weekend, on Sunday May 22d Max and I welcomed a new life on Earth. Her name is Ada Maria and she is already making me feel proud. 48 sm and 2485 gr of joy. 'Though she be but little she is fierce'     While we promise to do all we can to keep her healthy and to give her as many possibilities as we can (because they are limitless) showing her that there is nothing to ever stop her we wanted to give her something else. Special. A name. I think most of parents these days make a big deal out of a name. Some cultures say name helps to define the person. We at least partly believe so as well so we wanted to name her significantly. Today I want to share the meaning behind my daughter's name. Ada was our first choice for a name for a girl we both had in mind before we even meet, not only started thinking about the babies. Ada, after Ada Lovelace, the first programmer ever, mathematician an

Wedding anniversary

A little report on how we spent our 10th wedding anniversary. It feel on a weekday and unfortunately we had to work. So we kept it low key and simply went out in the evening to eat out and watched movies. We wore matching shirts with our favorite folk-rock band.   But we planned a second part for the weekend! We took an extra long walk on the coast line again. Grabbed breakfast on the shore and headed to Aquarium! It was long planned because we both love aquariums, we heard it's very nice nice one here in Cancun, it's relatively inexpensive and we haven't visited it yet! I more a dress and shirt for it. Actually this is the exact shirt we wore on our wedding day! It feels SO special and totally matches the first real big anniversary for us. Surely I would have wanted it to be more special and active but there is not much you can do really being 38 weeks pregnant. I am just happy I can walk as much as I want and enjoy my life still.   On our way back we enjoyed the beach

Cancun ruins, part 2

Not all of the tourist know it but there are two sets of ruins in Cancun. The second, more remote, less touristy ruins are from fishing village which is considered to be ancient Cancun, the ruins are called El Meco and are located in the northern beach part of the place. While ruins in the tourist area have a great museum, they can't really offer much in ruins department, after all it used to be a very wealthy and big but farm. El Meco ruins is actually a small Mayan village and it preserved quite well. The only downside of it is the size, I think it's hard to enjoy it more than an hour. On the bright side during the seaweed season the cleanest beaches are located close so if you happen to be in Cancun it might be a great idea to plan on a beach day. Also there are mostly locals on the beaches nearby so you will get a different vibe. And marines with yatchs and boats are literally everywhere so you are more than welcome to enjoy these kind of views (I very much did). Also whi

See you in glasses, Cowboy!

I am so excited to share one more cooperation with Glassesshop ! I was even more excited because now living in Mexico I do need more sun glasses than I used to have before. During our last and very fruitful collaboration I received three lovely pairs. Two of them are regular sunglasses which were immediately "shared" with my partner Max (he loves both pairs) and one of them is only for me. It's a great option for travels to save space if you ask me. Transition glasses where you can simply magnet the sunglasses part and take it off in a flash. Super handy! And... as I promised The outfit I wear with transforming glasses is a new item from Cuidado con el Perro x Cowboy Bebop. I am a huge of anime and watched it an insane number of times. I just had to have something from it. This little item is great for Cancun climate and reptile like me. I enjoy wearing it the evenings when it gets a little colder and no sun. I really enjoy having Faye on right and Spike on my left all

Touristy Cancun

Hello! We didn't really explore Cancun before as tourist. I turned out we fully visited it only when we started living here. It is actually fun because we can explore it from two point of views at the same time. And giving it no rush over anything. Cancun has neatly separated tourist zone with nothing but hotels, eateries and some entertainment like big aquarium. It also has some ruins. In fact we have two set of small ruins here one are actual ruins of fishermen village of Cancun (it is believed to be translates as a snake nest which I personally adore with all my heart as not only I love reptiles but also often joke around I am either a reptile myself or at least been one in my past life or lives) and the other ruins are the ruins of the farm. The latter are located next to the big Maya museum (only city of Merida has it bigger), the entry is cheap and gives you access to both the museum are ruins/garden (bonus points for a huge number of iguanas there). We absolutely loved i