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Shine and Inspire with BM Bridal

I hope you didn't really hope I start with outfit posts. I actually could have but I really feel like my fingers miss typing and talking to you all. So I wanted to start with something a little more chatty than regular 'I wore this and that to do this fantastic thing'. I wanted to find an inspiration for each and everyone of you. So I decided to write a new inspiration post. I feel a little rusty about inspiration and blogging in general so I took up a very simple and still enjoyable topic. Bridesmaid dresses inspire me and push me a lot for the better so I am always thrilled to write about it. I keep on saying while Wedding Dresses might be more stunning but we do all aim to wear it only once; Bridesmaid Dresses on contrary could be worn multiple times and are always super happy, after all each girl wants to have at least couple of besties near the aisle, right?
To inspire everyone I chose one of the well known to me and very stunning at the same time online shop called

I am back!

Long time no see! Sorry everyone, I love you all. the final of 2019 and start of 2020 been rough, tough and uneasy for me but I am very positive about what is coming next. I strongly believe in awesome future for me and my family as well as for my blog. It is and always is and will be a big part of my life and my priority. I am terribly sorry for not being able to properly keep up with it lately. I will come back soon enough with full term posts and engagement. I am actually hoping this post marks the come back of regular posting

Have a nice day, Lyosha

Feldkirk, Austria

If the trip was great and if you cycled a lot you tend to have less photos of you than you would have normally wanted. May be there was something about my outfits or may be my husband was too much consumed with regular photos of abouts but I actually don't have much photos of myself from that trip. This is probably the the best part of the trip Austrian Feldkirch (yes I did visit different parts of Austrian during the two trips this year). We actually wasn't really into this place when we've been planning - it is situated between The Lake Konstanz or Bodensee and Lichtenstein, a tiny country we really wanted to visit because both me and Max have a soft spot for tiny countries. This place offered cheaper accommodation and comfortable location so we decided to stay there. I was so happy we did! I liked this place so much - it was so beautiful, so comfortable, so pretty! I was crazy about the zoo and the castles, the food was lovely and so are the small streets in the center.…