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Chapeau and Mosfur 2018

First af all. Today is September 20th which means it's my fantastic Mom's Birthday! I love you so much! Happy Happy Birthday! I can't wait to see you today and tell you directly!
Chapeau and Mosfur is the two faced exhibition annually held in Moscow, Russia (check out 2017 edition here). You can see all the trends and hot stuff in hat and fur industry not only from Russia. But I am proud to say it mostly is occupied with wonderful local designs.
 It is traditionally opened with Slava Zaitsev show. He is Huge in Russia. He is our gem and legend. He is 80 but his collections still shine. I am very proud to be able to see his collections. Yes collections, there were two if we include the presentation of kids line. Check out more below.

Go get a dress!

First of all I have to admit I was shopping today. I was out shopping with mom to get her ready for her birthday party tomorrow. I am so excited. She looks fantastic and I am excited to complement her with clothes even more. Sorry, Mom, I know you read this and I hope you don't feel offended somehow with me sharing this! I mean no harm.
But as much as offline shopping with Mom is fun I wanted to have you on board with me. But as I am a little bit tired of what we actually shopped for so I am sharing something different. The theme of today is wholesale vintage dresses Nothing is more simple when it comes to creating a visually striking outfit in no time. All you need is the dress. Well if you want to wear it again and again you can pair it with jackets, blazers. Belts, shoes, bags and even a hat might totally change the impact of the look. So invest in a fine dress and you will never regret it!
Today I teamed up with wonderful source of online inspiration and budget friendly shop

Politics wall

Happy Weekend! Weekend is always exciting. I don't really have a day off during the weekend but ti sure feels different anyway. Old habits hardly die.
Moscow is warm today, warm and pleasing. During the day the weather is so pleasing, it feels like summer. But the leaves already started coloring themselves. But fall is also always exciting with so many upcoming events and layering the outfits. And Halloween. So I am still very much positive.
But today's post is all about summer. The outfit itself is very summerly. Yeah the weather is great.

Do you like the location? I was in the rush to post it because I was afraid those cool Warhol like images might be erased, you never know when it goes about politics, right? Anyway, I think it's pretty patriotic and arty so I wanted to keep in photos.

I was wearing: Marc by Marc Jacobs shoes (good old fellas)
Forever21 top
Monki skirt
Hat bough in Montenegro (it was soo long ago!)

Have a nice day, Lyosha