October 19, 2014


This Friday was a very busy day when I had to do tons of things, which is a bit unusual for me last days. But what was very cool about it is that I attended to an awesome presentation.
Irada is Russian brand which was born to fulfill the needs of muslim women to look stylish within the religious way. Now it's not fully made for that purpose but also provide all stylish ladies with long dresses and skirts which all of us adore. Moreover the prices are totally brilliant, kept low. But it's not just about dresses, there also are skirts, blouses, pants, amazing bags and scarfs. I was very happy and fortunate to have one of them as a present.

Originally I wore other outfit but I'll keep it for other post mostly because I don't want to ruin the spirit of the Irada presentation. Apart of showing their shop, offering some yummies and cheer spirit there also were amazing treats like masterclass of scarf do and mehndi. I couldn't try the latter because I'm allergic but I had tons of fun with the former! In fact I had my scarf done two times and still can't figure which was the best.
I also wore Irada dress during the presentation and it was soo good. Warm (mostly of wool) and comfy despite the length of skirt (Irada makes it for very tall women because what is long can be altered, what is too short — can't). I'll definitely add it to my collection!

having your scarf done is almost like a hairdresser time but better - faster and easier to redo if you didn't like a result. A turban shape, color of it, style can represent your mood and personality. If you are handy it can be a great add to your outfit.

I just love the way this photo shows the event - the colors and people on it show more of the spirit than shots of me.
As I've started showing more, I'd love to add shots of the small but cosy shop, where it all happened, stuff and people who came by.

 Brand founder (in lilac dress) and brand director (in deep blue).

Thank you for amazing time we've spend there, for smiles, for scarfs and showing us Irada the way it is, charming, friendly and cute.

I was wearing:
Irada dress and scarf


Have a nice day,

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October 16, 2014

Discworld day of mine

I promised to write a geeky activity which ate one and a half weeks of my life. It is called Everycon. I wasn't only a cosplayer but also represented Terry Pratchett's Discworld corner. I fell so proud and happy with everything we've done in a very short period of time. We managed to capture the spirit of book series and made our corner interesting to visit with my activities and charming looks.

This time I was Susan Sto Helit, granddaughter of Death.We also had Death himself so it was extremely fun and cute to represent their relationship and talk to people. I had so very much fun! in fact the emotions like this were much stronger than from being just a cosplayer.
Family portrait

Susan (me) and Magrat
 Yeap, it's Lexx
 Terminator... why not?

Family portrait
Magrat, Death, Susan
Stage moment

The whole team: Death, Susan Sto Helit, Magrat Gralic, Vetenary, Rincewind and Luggage.
These are my fave photos of Death (who is my real life husband). Alpaca became some soft of symbol of Everycon 2014
Death and Death
I do believe Death family are the true rulers of Vesteros.

By the way, do you find my outfit a bit fashionable?

I was wearing:
Costume made by my husband with my mom's boots


Have a nice day,

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October 9, 2014

Vintage Bridesmaid Dresses

Hello my stylish Friends!
Two weeks ago Max and I attended to our friends' wedding. We can be proud as it was us who introduced them. Although we were not wearing suits and cocktail dresses I thought it would be fun to imagine who it would be like if I was to be a bridesmaid (and I actually never really was one). If it happened I'd wear one of the vintage bridesmaid dresses. This time I've chosen a wonderful place to window-shop  fantasize about it with wonderful Dressv shop. Why that should be a vintage bridesmaid dress? I love vintage and retro touches in dress design and I think that's a prefect opportunity to stand out but not too much on wedding. Depending on overall wedding mood I've chosen 3 possibilities of dress for me.
First is more official, more serious wedding day. In that case I'd go for longer bridesmaid dresses like this one.

I think what is the most important is to wear a color which is rich and fits all of the bridesmaids. Although I do love when bridesmaids are all wearing bright colors. Ones I saw a wedding with 7 bridesmaids each wearing a same style dress of all color of the rainbow. I think this i sea could work with both bold or pastel versions.
Talking about something more youthful is this dress. This could go if all of bridesmaids are either of the similar body completion or each vintage bridesmaid dress' style is different.

The last option I became in love with on Dressv is this one. You just can't go wrong with this style and it looks so adorable on each young lady. Moreover this dress is a wonderful option if some of bridesmaids are little girls or teenagers.

What would you pick?

For everyone I still didn't answer in their blogs or emails: right now I'm very busy with one geeky activity and would be online on Monday. I promise to tell you everything!

I was wearing in my imagination:


Have a nice day,

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October 3, 2014

Red and yellow

Did ever sit next your computer and have in fact nothing to say? That's what happens to me now. 

I have wonderful outfit I wore simply to have a small walk with my dear husband which I actually put on because I wanted to look pretty and feminine. I didn't put a lot of effort in it, simply combining items which came in mind that time. Overall nothing special. I wanted to add some red in my look basically because have't worn it for ages. Do you remember my post about travel ootd? - it was my last moment of wearing red. The coat I wear is my good old fave, a lot like friend you know. I don't wear it often but when I do I feel special.

I can't help but add also a funny picture of me because it's Friday after all!

I was wearing:
Mango red coat
Topshop bag
Alba boots
not branded skirt, top and scarf
headband c/o Frontrowshop

Have a nice day,

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September 30, 2014


Autumn is everywhere! I love how beautiful and ever-changing it is! Feel so inspired simple looking outside of the window not taking about walking in the park... 
In case you're wondering I feel much better now, thanks a lot for everyone of you! I believe it's your positive thinking helped me a lot.
This time it was time for knits and feeling cosy. Despite the unmerciful wind this cape made me feel good and cosy. I'd add a scarf to feel warmer but alas I realized that in the park already. And yes, turing back is just not my call.
The scenery....

Talking about my outfit... There's a lot I can tell. The shoes I'm wearing are my fall boots, i fail to wear them during spring but always keep wearing it all the way around during fall. Comfy and the color matches the nature too well. My necklace with peacock (thank you oasap for that) is lovely I wanted to wear it a bit often but that was the first time it actually left my apartment. As for my central item here - the knit cape it came to two days ago and I couldn't wait to style it! It's very cosy and warm and quality is way better than I thought it might be for the price! I was provided with this item (and it actually starting to be my fave this fall) by Lovelywholesale and very grateful for it. The shop is nice, prices are kept low and quality is kept high.
Wanna know more: check out more photos!

A little fun? How do you like one my fashion admirers?

I was wearing:
c/o Lovelywholesale knit
c/o Oasap necklace (it's out of stock but this one is charing as well)
Timberland boots
Topshop jeans and tee


Have a nice day,

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