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CPM Moscow, spring 2020

Time flies so fast! It feels like I have last been to CPM yesterday. But I don't mind to have it often at least in my heart. Today I had a wonderful opportunity to visit the opening day. It was so exciting! Today I want to show the opening part, where the most stunning and trendy items in each of CPM fashion sections were shown: formal, casual, for males and females, lingerie and beach wear and clothes for sport were presented. I enjoyed variety of styles and body types presented on the catwalk. Today and always CPM never fails to impress.

Melt it all!

Is it too early to feel the spring in the air? Because I actually do feel it and I enjoy it oh so much! I am not a winter person, I am more of late spring or early fall person or even summer. Yes I grew up in a country everybody connects with word 'cold' and I dislike snow. Confessions made! Not ashamed.
This is one of my outfits I wore for nothing serious. Daily stuff to do, regular life to enjoy. We went to the local park to chase melting snow and enjoy some sun (I missed sun badly!)
I love wearing culottes lately. It most likely has something do with dirty weather, it helps a lot when you don't have to wash your pants every time you go anywhere. Vest is my on to go item to regulate temperature. Surely I unzipped it for a photo shoot, I don't do bare belly below +10C.

I was wearing:
Uniqlo vest
M&S pants (from years back! like 15 may be)
Monki top
Jil Sander boots
Swatch watch

Have a nice day, Lyosha

Yoins upcoming spring inspiration

Ready for super inspiring weekend? I hope you do! I look forward fantastic weekend myself. For example I have mu hope up for the best possible ever celebration of my nieces birthdays. Yes, they have one day (and several years) apart. I can't wait to hang out with little ladies and my family. But it is not the only exciting thing for me is the forecast. The weather is warm and it's holding this way. Heads up for spring. Personally can't wait, I love spring so much! And being all hyped up about the spring Ii just couldn't leave it and just had to look though fantastic prints, yes floral prints for spring. Obvious but still legit. Today I set my eyes on Yoins (I have already told you about them awhile back, couple of years may be) so it's definitely a good one! Let's take a look at spring and pretty stuff around! Yay for floral dresses. here are my top choices:
I am madly in love with this print! so very pretty! The dress is long so it could be worn in both hot a…

Play it smart

I love wearing jackets. It's easy to style, you always look appropriate, it easy to regulate the temperature (you can put it on of take it off) and helps to hide something you want to hide or the opposite. Bonus points go to jackets for being a part of a suit. suit is a no-brainier option to look super stylish and all prepped up. I also love wearing suits to go to the museums (esp if I go with my beautiful mom because she loves wearing a suit to enjoy art). Comfortable shoes or even sneakers (as on picture) is a great option if you plan on walking a lot. Glasses are something I wear always when visiting the museum or theater if I don't forget about it.
P.S. behind me: early XX century, 'Venice' by Alexandra Exter
I was wearing:
Monki suit
Fila sneakers
c/o iGlasseshop glasses
Forever 21 top

Have a nice day, Lyosha

Happy Valentine's Day!

Happy Valentine's! I do think it's a nice holiday to get some extra romance, eat chocolate (it's an excuse to eat more of it for any sweet tooth) and finally get out of home together. My husband and I are not that much of a fan of obligatory holidays but we like doing romantic staff so February 14th comes naturally. Today we visited Philharmonic and listened to some classic music. In fact it was a coincidence but why not if you are still very much in love and ready to celebrate.

P.S. I also got a surprise with my favorite sweets, that is such a blessing!

I was wearing:
Akhmadullina dreams dress
Jil Sander boots
Kenzo bag

Have a nice day, Lyosha

Just one more outfit

I haven't done a proper outfit post for ages! I even got asked if I stopped blogging about personal style (And I love you guys for that!). I realized how wrong I am about it. So there you have it an outfit post. I actually made this outfit to relax and enjoy my time with my hubby. Nothing serious, a little walk, laughs and delicious meal. We might go to movies or something. Somewhere in between a date and just us being very much in love. I know I am blessed having found my better half, my one true love.

Velvet is not something I was very much into throughout my life but lately I am a velvet girl. I like everything velvet.. don't blame me for this. Brighter colors are something I really want to wear more often during the grim winter months.

I was wearing:
Jil Sander boots
Uniqlo pants and top

Have a nice day, Lyosha