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Estet Fashion Week, p. 3

ENG: My third and final day on Estet Fashion Week was super fun. I was a little bit tired after many hours walking and relaxing with my better half but the shows were lovely enough to make feel excited forget about how my body feels.
RU: Мой третий и последний день на Неделе Моды Эстет был очень интересным. Я приехала немного усталой после дня, проведённого в прогулке с моей лучшей половиной, однако энергетика шоу наполнила меня так, что от усталости не осталось и следа.
Each show was unique in its own way. And left a lovely trace of wanting some more after each passing. A bitter sweet emotion of being excited to see next show yet curious to know to come next. And as each final day it was great to know winners.
I can as well say and actually feel an urge to say the 15th Estet Fashion Week was a huge success. It was nicely organized and the participants were interesting to watch, styles are very fashionable, many could be worn daily. I can only wish many Estet Fashion Wee…

Estet Fashion Week, p.2

My second day on 15th Estet Fashion Week, fashion week where accessories and jewelry meets with fashion and complement each other. It wasn’t technically the second but the week is long and I wasn’t able to attend every day.
RU: А это отчёт по второму дню на 15 юбилейной Неделе Моды Эстет, неделе моды, где украшения встречается с модой, чтобы идеально дополнить их. Технически это не был второй день, но неделя длится 7 дней, все посетить у меня, к сожалению, не вышло.
The day was so much fun! Nice styles including but limited to kids fashion. Also absolutely lovely gowns and casual clothes made complete by accessories and jewelry from jewelry house Estet. Would you wear it? Would you add same jewelry pieces to complete the looks?
RU: Этот день был ярким и особенным! Прекрасные образы, включая, но не ограничиваясь, очаровательными детскими показами. Прекрасные вечерние и формальные наряды, а так же повседневные ансамбли, дополненные великолепными аксессуарами ювелирного дома…