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BegiJV outfit and run

ENG: Do you tend to celebrate things with sports? I actually do and for three straight years I celebrate New Year with a run, this year I also celebrated my birthday with a run. And I am not alone in this. Imagine my curiosity when  I got an email from Restar agency (and restar agency means perfect event to me) telling about the run to celebrate birthday of Julia Vysotskaya, Russian TV personality, actress and a cook. The run was called BegiJV which is impossible to translate. JV - initials of the birthday lady sounds like zhivi which is live in Russian. Begi is to run. So it's run and live. Happy Birthday to Fab Julia Vysotstkaya, I was happy to add my 10k to your joy. And also have an extra medal in my collection.
Here is what I wore. I know total black is not that festive but it classy right? I am also crazy about both these pants (I wear them for my yoga classes almost all the time) and this hoodie is just too perfect to me. It's both comfy and super stylish. Русский пере…

Silky good night sleep inspiration

It's weekend and weekend means inspiration post. I try to never let you down so here is the inspiration post of this weekend! Today we'll going to dig into FreedomSilk
Summer nights sure are warm and pleasing. I always enjoy sleeping in summer and often find myself spending more time in bed than during winter in summer. I don't know why but I do seam more relaxed in summer. Also you might have noticed on my blog that during summer I dn't have such tight and good posting schedule. I take longer brakes or scrump posts in one. Summer makes me less focused and more 'on the wind'. I tend to get and use up all the inspiration I get at once.May be it also happens so because summer means parties and fulfilling the dreams (remember your resolution list from January? Isn't the most of it summer related?)
The other part of desire to stay in bed longer might be connected to super cozy bedding and silky clothes to wear. I like wearing something during summer nights. It …


I am super happy with temperatures this summer in Moscow. It’s hot, it’s sunny, it’s exciting. I enjoy every day. This makes me want to wear bright and happy colors. Like in the outfit below. I wore it to run the chores on a hot day which included lots of sunscreen and walking. So very much fun!

Today it was raining finally and I am actually happy. There is a charm of sitting inside drinking tea or coffee or even may be some hot chocolate when it's raining outside.
I was wearing:
dress Vero Moda brought ages ago
Marni shoes
Joop! bag from even more 'ancient' times necklace c/o Zaful
sunnies c/o Firmoo
earrings gifted by my fantastic parent
Have a nice day, Lyosha


Все мои давние читатели знают, что я увлекаюсь не только модой, но и спортом. Поэтому это событие я не могу пропустить совершенно! Присоединяйтесь ко мне!

16 августа 2018 года в 10.00 московском парке «Дубки» пройдет забег #БегиЖиви посвященный дню рождения актрисы, телеведущей и известной поклонницы бега Юлии Высоцкой.

Почему мы бежим?
Юлия Высоцкая считает, что нужно жить полной и активной жизнью, поэтому она так любит бегать и делает это каждый день. «Я бегаю и, действительно, люблю это. Когда есть возможность, отправляюсь на пробежку», —признается Юлия Высоцкая. Мы предлагаем вам присоединиться к Юлиному образу жизни и сделать небольшой шаг ― пробежать столько, сколько вы можете, если вы не привыкли бегать, или пробежать 10 км. с нами. Бежать можно везде, где вам удобно.

Где бежим мы?
Основной забег пройдет в Москве, в парке Дубки 16 августа. Сбор, регистрация, разминка в 10:00 у центрального входа в парк, старт в 10.30. Команда квалифицированных тренеров и волонтер…

Milano minute

My trip is going on. Right now I am camping which is super fun on it's own. No inspiration this weekend, sorry. But I have something better sightseeing in awesome place through my photos.

I love Milan. It is one of my favorite places on Earth. It's my happy place. It is my center of Italy which I love and will never stop loving. Milan is where probably the best people ever live (Ludosporters, I am talking about you). Last May starting the long trip from Italy staying in Milan made us SO happy! We have been so excited to start there, we totally knew Milan will make us a great head of start and will make us feel super powerful! Not mentioning the awesomeness and coziness of architecture.

We had some time to roam around the city and start the trip in a slow pace. Which for me shortly means exciting! I can't miss posting some of the sights because some Milano never hurt nobody.

Swiss cheese dreams

It is a tradition! I always post outfit photos from my latest trip when I am away. As you may have already guessed I am away. This trip is going to be short (less than a whole week!) but I have one more event planned right after so I am sure I'll have my share of super fun. This shot is totally showing my mood for my trip in May-June. It was a cycling trip I have already told you before (here is the post if you want to know more) and it was a beginning. We just watched Giro di Italia stage and made it to Switzerland which was a huge dream for us. Zurich was dreamy, we had a blast with cycling buddy there. I don't have much to say about Zurich, Bazel and small towns on our way (like Baden or Rheinfelden) it's LOVE. I mean it. Switzerland feels perfect. It is beautiful, convenient and very neat. Yes, I'd exclude that many electrobikes ridden by elderly people (I mean it, they are going to fast so it's not safe) but overall it's cycling heaven. Cheese is superb,…