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Tanooj Moda fashion show

I am so happy and SO excited! I had a change to enjoy a fashion show in Cancun. It was wonderful and I couldn't be happier to experience it again. It was a pure joy to me. The fashion show was actually dedicated to beach wear. I absolutely loved how beautiful and diverse it was. I am sure each person could find something to enjoy and wear. The  models were obviously having as much fun as the spectators. The sets looked very comfortable as well and would definitely help you to stand out on blue flag beaches of Cancun. The brand is 100% Mexican and even more to it, it's Cancun created. I am very proud and happy to be able to be a part of this fashion show. I wore a comfortable and a little warmer outfit. It was a cold rainy-windy evening and I could definitely use some extra warmth so I wore a jacket. I wore a silky skirt to make my outfit a little more fun and help me stand out. I really like how the colors played together. I was wearing: versace versus jacket hm skirt

Merry Christmas

Many blessings from my family to yours.  Have a nice day, Lyosha      

Innternation Boat Show Cancun

My love to boats do not have an end. Surely I could miss touching and enjoying the best local expo and touch as much boat or near-boat stuff. Even more taking my family there with me. It was SO much fun! The boats were all beautiful, ttech stuff curious, I really wanted to get some kayaks (which I thankfully did not). Basically there is a lot more to see and explore than to actually descriibe so... let's stick to pictures       My outfit consists of my favorite maxi skirt, this is such a lovely item, definitely goes with everything. I wore flip flops with it so I could easily get on a boat to check it closer. My top is actually pretty awesome. It is a handmade item by my fantastic mother-in-law. Isn't it the cutest?     Bonus  I was wearing: Bershka skirt handmade by my mil top log-in flip flops   Have a nice day, Lyosha  

OWS sports by Oladance review

Not long ago I have recieved sports earphones from Oladance for a review and I can't stop being thankful for that. The earphones are so good, so comfortable, I bore my friends and family talking about it. Here are some points that make OWS sports the best pair I evenr owned. They hold good no matter what I do. I used them during my morning runs, working out, walking and even cleaning at home. No matter what they stayed perfectly set on my head. Very lightweight. They don't cover my ears and use unique no bone-conduction technology, which I believe works even better. My pair is so also loud enough to support me on the urban runs but at the same time putting them on does not cut me from my surroundings. Wind noise reduction is fantastic! Really the best sound I ever got on portable headphones. Not only they sound loud and clear I do too. You can use them for conference calls and get wonderful result.  They use dual speakers. Being a long distance runner I often worry if I

Finally back

Hello! it's been so busy lately! Looks like happened literally everything: visits from familly and friends, events, travels and even a little bit of bitter stuff catching a cold. I do feel very happy lately but at the same time I did have to save time and here and there on everything. I have tons of content to share and I promise to post a lot these days. I am sorry for beingg pretty much inactive lately. I still love blogging with my whole heart.   This was taken on a walk to the local park. I go there at least once a week. It is a lovely natural place with lots of shadow and animals such as coati, monkeys, turtles, birds and even crocodiles in the fenced swamp. I looked very 90s-00s with those comfy cargo pants and Pokemon longsleeve. Special shout-out to my photographer, luv ya. Bonus: insta vs reality shot.  or a special appearance of Ada Maria. I was wearing: Cuidado con el Perro top, pants and hat Pirma shoes Levi´s belt   Have a nice day, Lyosha