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Young Designers Collective

I love learning new things and new brands and that's the main reason I love sharing new stuff with you so much! Young Designers Collectiv e is a very unusual group of people. They design for non-profit organizations which is extremely cool. All products are of  high  quality (I do  believe  it's truth) and that's their way. The allow free exchange of ideas and want to revive the artist behind the designer. True artists, with  extreme  freedom in shapes and  designs . Why do I write this" I've just read 'D esign  for giving' here What to know more? Look, what i have found on their page

Elen and I

My apologies for posting this  photo-set  so late. We've made those photos back in fall right before last season's Fashion Weeks. It was such a pretty time. The golden leaves everywhere, dogs around and nice warm weather. What I love the most is that me elder dog Elen took a big part in it. I love her son much - she's such a kind and lovely dog. We had tons of fun walking then. The dress I'm wearing (you don't see it actually behind the jacket but it is actually a dress) in one of the most comfortable I own. Great colour, nice fabric (iron? - what for?) and the lightness of it is splendid. My shoes are perfect for dog walks. Timberland is a great firm to make shoes for walking in parks etc. I really wanted to wear it in the most lady-like way. As for the jacket - I wish I wore it more often. It's very comfy and looks splendid. And it's also the first piece of clothers Max had given me as a gift. Oh so romantic.     I was wearing: Tatum

Vienna for my beloved

During our vacation weekend we also went to Vienna right for my hubby's Birthday (yes, we have only a week and couple of years in between). Vienna was charming from the beginning with charming view till the end of a day when we went to listen to classic music. We have seen tons of fun there coffee and strudels. The museums were absolutely awesome and we were  extremely  happy to spend most of our time there (it was very cold then) but the joy of looking at art and music instruments together with knight stuff was perfect. As for my outfit I wanted to mention my new bag (that time but unfortunately we were able to see that bag before on my blog during the fashion week). We bought it in Bratislava in Etno Sumba shop. I was so happy! Finding it in 10 min from our hotel while I was looking for the alike for months online. The bag is extremely comfy and easily to carry tons of stuff (it's so very useful during the journey)      I felt extremely  embarr

I love Bratislava

Recently Max and I went to small weekend vacation to Bratislava and Vienna. We had so very much fun despite cold. Our first part of journey was in Bratislava. I really loved this place as it's very pretty and somehow comfy. Actually due to  forecast we had issues with clothes as it was around 0 all the time (forecast wrote 7-10 you see) so we ended up wearing 3 shirts-sweaters at the time. But still it think this comfy travel look is good enough to share and use. By the way, my satchel fit all of my clothes so we didn't use luggage at all (I hope you did not exclude me from Fashion/Style Blogger list don't you?) I really loved the museum in Bratislava hrad. The white marble on the stairs made this place look special... and very comfy to show off the outfit from the inside. No chance I could resist Oh Devin Devin... Devin castle was amazing, I really loved those ruins, their beauty. I was a very interesting part of