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It's not a secret for some of you who read my twitter but that's the first time I,m sharing it in my blog. We are going to have a new family member. Yesterday, my lovely boyfriend and I went to see the puppys and fell in love. Our boy is too small to take him home now, but in a week he'll finally be home. We took the first photos of our Jack Russell Terier Raido and I really want to share him with you.

The wall

I remember many of you, my dear readers, loved the wall I sometimes take photos. ( the 1st look , and the second ) Recently we've found some more walls not far from our home (lucky me!). I made a lovely preppy look to play in the park. The awesome and cute painted girl the sneak picks of the funnest wall so far and little piece from the park walk: I was wearing: Morgan romper Vero Moda basic t-shirt No brand sneakers P.S. Happy day of System Administrator to everyone who is involved (incl. me)!

Last week

The week I have a had was a hard one. I had to look for new one because the job I wrote you about was crap. It was not what it was said it would be: it's mostly paper job not an engineer one. So I went off to look for the other job. But being someone who needs job not because of family condition (I may stay home for awhile or forever, actually) but temper it was hard for me. And I really liked the idea of me working in these place and liked mostly everything but the job itself. But waiting for doing what I can do right now is not what is fine for me. The passed week was very hard to me, the deciding was hard for me. But I've made it and here I am now. Fresh and ready for everything else. I've spend a very nice weekend with my amazing boyfriend who supported as much as he could and have a very nice friend friday with my univ friend. Today I've spend with my dear frind and I promise to publish the today's shots as soon as possible. I leave you with weekend photos. I

Linux love

I've never was into the social network but when I recieved the Google+ invite I was so happy! I really like this little thing, hope my mind woudn't change. Looking for new job is stressing. I'm tired of being home (crazy, huh? We do all want to spend more time home until you finally get a chance to). I've wrote I'm not into the social network and I was just about to delete it: I love twitter, I have a blog and I injoy it and I also have one more blog and it's an almost 6 year-old blog (crazy, huh?) Anyway, socializing through internet is very useful. You get a chance to know people you'd probably never know and if you stuck home for sometime you don't feel luck of communication. OK, now I feel like I'm taking part in good old stand-up. All of my lines are coming back and mixing. I'm good! As for taking parts, by the way, I took part in Linux Fan Fest. It was fun. We've hear some intresting talks nd spent good time together. We didn't hav

Cake thoughs

I baked a cake. It's not a big deal: I love baking, my man loves eating. But... I didn't bake for a bit long time. I'm currently not working, actually I'm officially unemployd sence the 1 of July. Anyway, I'm free to do everything I want. But I didn't bake, I didn't bake for mounth. Why? I wasn't so much busy or tired. - It was just hot. Actually it's still hot now but I've realized that I acted a lot like one girl I know. (not you, dear, I didn't mean you). She's overwieght. Like a LOT overwieght. She doesn't date, she doesn't wear pretty clothes, she refuses to talk with men even if the man is interested in her. Why? - you ask me. Why? - I asked her. And here is what I've heard: 'I'm overwieght. As soon as I get thinner, I'll start on doing this all.' She doesn't live in present, she's somewhere out there. And what if she doesn't get thinner? Her life wouldn't start? It'll freak me out, bu

Vacation, the last post

The last post with my vacation would be about the capital of Montenegro - Podgorica. I loved the city for it's comfy, cute and rainy. There are less tourists. There are a lot of monuments, mostly without the note with name. We had our great time together drinking awesome cheap coffee, hiding from the rain (we didn't have safe enough bags for our cam and IPad). The whole our look reminds me of Pratchett's TwoFlower charcter from the 'colour of magic'. To get to the capital we decided to start our way on foot and catch the train in the station in near by town Sutomore, which happens to be only for tourist-who-dream-to-lay-on-the-beach place. But on our way we've descovered the lovely ruined monastery. But what is amazing about it is what it is still working (3d shot - a small chapel where you can pray if you like). Taking about the religion in Montenegro, I need say how truely believing they are. Church is fully up to people (who come to the church or work there)

Vacation. Kotor

As for our trip to Kotor... It was the best place we've seen in Montenegro! So pretty, so nice, so comfy. The old part of Kotor is protected by UNES–°O and people still live in there. There is fort  on the mountain (seen on 1st photo), we went from the Kotor and made our way in a hour (it was very hot, so I get it as a good result). There was a group of enlish-speaking eldery people (I guess British and if my ears did fool me mostly from Wales). We both been impressed with these people! When some of them reached the fort (or the top) they were discussing who was older. I wish I would be so healthy to make my way there in my 70s so... yes, I'm so very impressed with them! This is the unique shot! It's the 1st photo my bf and I made together. I think I should print it and put in frame. I don't like my face there (I think I look creepy) but my bf is spp gorgeous there. I wish I had hair like his. One more thing - this shot is soo nice for my feelings about my hight