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Lake shore

Update: I wrote this post last week but decided to keep it on the shelf a little longer to have content ready for my birthday (it's today!). Meanwhile Moscow is in full lock down, we are not able to leave houses unless it is absolutely required (my window says nobody listens). Be safe! We are practicing social distancing but I do take advantage of me having dogs I need to walk to snap couple of photos of my outfit as well. Local park has always been a big advantage to us when we chose a place to live but we never really fully realized how happy and blessed we are to have to walk literally 250 meters to enter it. One more thing: we take our walks in the morning taking advantage of lack of people and sunshine.   As the ticks are active I never forget to cover my head. I am wearing this hoodie often now because I do think it's important to smile more and what helps you smile more than cartoons and treasured childhood memories? P,S, Happy Birthday to ME

Formal dress therapy

I couldn't keep you waiting for too long! How about new inspiration post? Most of the world is advised to stay home and fight it like that. I think it's not as easy as would normally think but still. Most of my friends who like spending time at home feel urge to go out, to walk in the park, buy stuff and eat out. It is all because we are advised not too. It is very important to keep things that way. I am very worried people in Moscow do not stay home as much as it is needed (I live near the park and see tons of people walking toward it, there are actually way more people walking out than a week ago, it is crazy!). I know I can not change much but I talk a lot with friends and family on importance of staying in and I provide my readers with little something to read and look at while we are at home. Moscow is in full lock down starting tomorrow so we do all need some extra inspiration, I believe. Today I once again turned to to look for some in

Top 12 Cheap But Nice Prom Dresses 2020

I wanted to give more exciting things to read so I am publishing a new inspiration post which is a guest post, I liked it! (Cheap But Nice Prom Dresses 2020) To make a lasting impression at prom, choosing an amazing prom dresses uk shops is the key. Go to the prom in a gown that will draw the most attention and have the crowd talking. To help girls make the quickest decision and find the perfect dress, the Top 12 cheap but nice gowns for prom 2020 are listed below. Whether you are into elegant, cute, sophisticated or sexy style, you will have more than enough options for prom 2020. 1. Pink V-neck Cheap Prom Dresses Prom season is hereрџ‘‘ make a statement in our dress, also available in red and either colors. 2. Red V-neck Cheap Evening Dresses Jersey The immaculate fit of Reckless is the statement of this dress! Soft stretchy with low back вќ¤пёЏ 3. A-line Cheap Formal Dresses Black If you're trying to find that simple, elegant, and timeless dress, but y

Humor and Inspiration

Next week is going to be very sad for one of my friends. She was supposed to have wedding. Well it's pretty obvious she will not have it next week, It was decided before (when people realized virus is real) but I can only imagine how it must feel to wake up on a day was meant to be special, once in a lifetime day. The worse must be to know it will never happen. I know it will happen to them, I do wish them the happiest married life in future. Still it is sad. My friend even makes jokes about being able to fit in the dress after quarantine. I made a back joke saying that even if she doesn't there is a lot of fashion out there hungry for customers. The other friend made a note that there are a lot of plus size wedding options in case quarantine goes way too wrong (the bride is petite). I thought it is a funny story to share with you all. We do all need some good humor now. And fashion fashion. I personally need some fashion too. To provide you with this I teamed up with   suzho

Top 10 Cheap Prom Dresses 2020

Social distancing and loneliness is never easy so today I decided to give you some extra content to enjoy. Check out thoughts on Prom dresses in the guest post below. (Cheap Prom Dresses 2020) Prom 2020 is approaching! Are you ready to be the prom queen? But it is not easy to find a perfect gown for prom as there are numerous options. To stand out on this important occasion, girls should choose a gown that will make you the most shimmering. Check out the following collection of Top 10 cheap dresses prom uk . A variety of styles such as elegant, sexy and cute are included. 1. Simple Mermaid Cheap Formal Dresses Make memories that last a lifetime рџ‘‘ wear a dress that makes you feel like a princess! 2. Princess V-neck Cheap Party Dresses Luxe isn't always more more more, sometimes luxe is simplicity and subtle 3. White Lace Cheap Evening Dresses Angelic, elegant, and polished. This beautiful girl wears White Fly Away. 4. Black High Neck Cheap Prom Dresses J

Weekend inspiration in action

How are you doing? I thought as most of us are socially distancing, working from home and have events cancelled so we spend more time online. Even though we decide where to spend our time choosing between bedroom and living room (kitchen is a fine choice as well) we tend to wear comfortable home-wear, or something similar to casual working outfit (I personally wear jeans and a hoodie now). We don't need formal wear and will not need it soon (in my country for at least a month ahead) but girl can dream right? It's dream together browsing online for pretty clothes. To do so I teamed up with wonderful online shop we all know (and I fully support). It's I do think even looking through as the styles they have are all pleasant. But it is never that exciting and time consuming to be doing things without purpose. Let's think of a subject today. By the way, it is awesome idea for therapeutic online shopping (not only now) to find a topic to look for and don&