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Mode Vision Fashion Weeks

Despite my being sick and very busy I managed to write the post about this great even before the week ended. I planned on visiting three events during the weeks (04/27 till 05/09 it lasted) but made it only to one. The Mode Vision Fashion Weeks is fashion related art festival. I bet Marcela from Fashionadictas felt how often I was think about her during the event. Acording to russian superstition it might have a hicсup. Anyway, I had a great chance to be a part of only one day of Mode Vision Weeks. But it was very interesting! I same the award ceremony on fashion film category. Fashion film are short and fashion related. It can be a lookbook, a general fashion or some idea. I enjoyed every one of them and can't actually say wich one was the best for me although I must admit the winner for stylist work short fashion look book on Arsenium collection was definitely very good. As for the main winner Delicatessen short movie where a lady ate the jewelery as if it were spagetti left me


Last week I was on a very fun event. Britishcouncil  held the «Reconstruction: Культурное наследие и современные тенденции моды»\   " Reconstruction: Cultural heritage and contemporary fashion trends". I spent there only one night where I was listening to Kristin Knox lecture on Fashion Blogging. I wish I heard her before! I could have more use of it and although she didn't tell anything totally new she nailed the lecture fine enough. I really enjoyed my time there and didn't regret the evening spent on it. Now I'm very much inspired to work on my blog more and more.  Vivienne Westwood installation  A little of Paul Smith  Kristin Knox during the lecture I was wearing. Denim: Topshop shirt Calvin Klein jeans H&M  sandals Zara shirt and bag Have a nice day, Lyosha   Join the giveaway

Join me!

As many of you know soon I'm getting married. I'll have a very small floral ceremony and then leave for vacation. All three of us would be there: Max, Raidho and me. I thought it would be nice if I steal and use the idea of Ralph from Shybiker. What if any one of you can join my wedding? Ralph gave me a brightest idea how to. I'm asking all of you to join me in internet by sending me an outfit which you virtually wearing for my wedding day. As we are all wearing floral pattern and simply flowers somewhere I'm asking you to send me an email with your outfit. I'll feature each in special wedding post. But that's not it all. One you my lucky readers will  receive  a gift from me. With the same idea of bridesmaid I'm going to give away a flower brooch-hairpin (I wrote before about it here). I bought couple of flowers but this one became a total out cast from my wedding outfit. The reason is very simple: it's peach colour. I was thinking of peach floral s