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Romantic and fierce

I don't really feel like posting something big today but i wanted to make an update. As I was talking about my night at the philharmonic. So why not? I will be sharing my outfit for that day. I madly love the skirt, it makes me feel so cozy. I am still not completely sure if I like the outfit but it sure is OK. At least the top is making it appropriate to listen to some classical music. I love Philharmonic and it is a common place to go on a date for us. Both me and my husband have deep love towards orchestras and it is always a big joy for us to be able to enjoy it.Holding hands listening to timeless pieces - what ever could be more romantic? I love tend to choose heavy and disturbing pieces mostly from German and Polish authors or modern Asian lightweight and strictness pieces. On a whim we chose a concert with Navarro and Ravel. It splendid, just what I needed and even a little more. Pure joy! Enjoy your weekend! How are you going to spend it? Outfit details:

Ready to listen

Ok I gave in the weather and enjoy outdoors as much as I can. It means I am not very active blogging lately. Especially taking in count me spending evening the Philharmonic and enjoying the music. I was so overwhelmed with it that I actually ended up updating my Instagram day late. But long story short today I wanted to share some inspiration with you. To do so I picked 27dress , the best shop to get inspired (or so I think lately). The hot topic today is largely inspired on my almost vacationing days. I am all set to think about the outfits for Philharmonic. It is actually still a place you will be looked upon if you wear jeans and sneakers. You should look properly to listen to classical music. And I love it. I love it even more as it is my favorite place for a date! I think prom is close enough to classical music so let's hit prom dresses online section and dig into the styles! Superb date dress so listen to the orchestra, don't you think? love the print and the sexy

it's almost Summer!

This week is taking my juices! I have so much to do, everything is piling up. The weather is freaking awesome and I can't help but take some extra time to enjoy the weather after all in the climate I live in you never know when you have such luxury again. So I decided to make an inspirational post together with Trendysuper online store. Do not worry I will update with my own photos soon (as soon as sort it out which I promise to do very-very soon). I pretty sure having all of this fine weather today and all the other joys outdoor you might feed urge to update your closet. Or at least I do feel it. Actually I wanted to talk about something pretty and more statement so today I will be sharing my top three choices in  women's casual pants suitable for spring-summer time. I will start with this model. You might guess I will never buy the pants I show because I actually own and wear similar pants a lot. I wanted to add it for you so you can buy it for yourself. It's so w

Monday blues

My weekend was fantastic and sure enjoyed it a lot. I am very sorry for failing to provide you with quality posts over the weekend. My apologies to all the people who checked on me and waited for that. I am a little bit tired today and don't really feel like talking so I hope you will forgive me if I make the photos do the most of work today. I don't want to think twice so I picked the good old 27 dress online shop How cute is that dress! elegant, sexy, shiny and black. This dress will stand out and make you feel comfortable at the same time. I really wonder why this dress is in cheap prom dresses section. I think it would have been ideal as a wedding dress. Anyway, I absolutely LOVE it! so sexy and elegant. very sexy and open. I do agree on model making the dress on photo but it you have sporty fit body this dress is a score! How does your Monday feel? And you like my dresses choosing? Have a nice day, Lyosha  

Lingerie Fashion Week, day 2

Girls knows her weakness and is willing to face it. But she doesn't fight it because she sees nothing wrong in it. This weakness is  my deep love to lingerie. As simple as that. Today I am here to share wonderful garments I witnessed on my second day (third in total). I have to say each was unique and pretty. Oh and also that day some men styles were featured. I wish there were more boys as an eye candy but alas. And I have to admit lingerie got most of attention. Let's simply dig into it and enjoy.  And the catwalk And my outfit time! I have chosen a simple one again. This time sweater dress styled with statement necklace, comfy flat shoes and big-but-not-looking-big bag. I was wearing: c/o Dropship Clothes dress Armani Jeans sneakers Uniqlo bag   Have a nice day, Lyosha  

Lingerie Fashion Week, day 1

ENG: If you follow me on Instagram you definitely noticed one more awesome fashion event I attended last weekend. It was wonderful and deeply loved by my girly girl side fashion week - Lingerie Fashion Week. It is a place for girls to shine: enjoy the looks of the catwalk, know more about many things exciting on master classes, take care of your breast health with free consult and enjoy shopping. Can we ask for better way to spend weekend? The only extra is long evening show and a wonderful partner in crime. I picked myself a new swimsuit, enjoyed fashion shows, listened to lectures, cheered on girl who battled in Miss Lingerie concur and watched evening show together with my husband. Perfection! русский перевод под изображением RU: Если вы подписаны на меня в Instagram ,  то для вас не секрет, что на прошлых выходных я посещала замечательное событие. Моя любимая самая женственная неделя моды, неделя нижнего белья Lingerie Fashion Week. Это место, где девушки могут, не побоюсь