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Unusual but still inspiration

In my latest post I was talking about the lack of news to share with you. I read a lot about writing about the pandemic. I don't want to. First of all I am not a professional. I am a modest citizen and I only follow the rules we have as good as I can (and I think I never broke it even partly). The whole thing is scary and I strongly believe there is too much of information noise around. And also my blog is not a lifestyle blog it is a blog about fashion and style. So I decided to write about the new normal detail. We wear masks. We wear masks a lot. We wear masks most of the time out. Why don't we make it stylish? There are a lot of funny options but I'd better write about something special facial masks from Russian Designers. Here are my choices: Ksenia Knyazeva . It is a lovely designer who makes very feminine dresses, I like her creations a lot. She started making masks to keep her personnel busy and make some extra money to support the brand. BatNorton is a ni

Ms. Spring

Hello! it's a quick update because I can't actually find anything even remotely smart to talk about. Most of the time when I start writing a post I either tell about the event I attended to or have something interesting to share about my outfit. This is an outfit I wore at home to have a regular daily life. Work, have fun and eat. I also danced with my doggo. I like this dress, it very comfortable and I have strong association with spring and sun. I dunno why but it makes me feel happy and very easy. My favorite leg warmers and a headband add to the mood. I find this outfit very cheering up or something like that. I was wearing: Monki dress Mod Cloth headband leg warmers from Lingerie Fashion Week last season bracelets bought from hippies on nudist beach on Canary Islands c/o Glasseshop glasses   Have a nice day, Lyosha  

Shopping as war

Shopping, regular shopping been a joy and a chore. Generally it was something nice. I often didn't do any long lists and didn't think that much about food shopping. During the isolation and a lockdown I actually think about it a lot more than I would have wanted to. We have lists, we wait for as long we can. We plan what to buy and what not to buy, we even debate on what vegetables and fruits to buy in order to consume it in the best way. Man, I really miss running to the closest shop in the evening because my husband is baking a cake for tomorrow and we ran out of something. Right now it's a battle! I try to think of my husband when he leaves for a shop (it happened only once yet and mostly because no delivery can bring you good fresh vegetables and fruits) as of viking who leaves me on drakkar. It's fun. These photos were taken two days before we were put to lockdown, we had to do some chores and decided to snap photos in between. My mask was about to be due so

Stay at home tips, not numbered

I know I post about fashion but let's face it: we are all home and we are facing crisis. I have chosen to be open with my readers and I can't really avoid the issues me or most of people here face. I definitely mean people who follow the new normal and stay home which is a huge issue in Russia. Lots of people are not staying home and living as normal. I can't change the situation, all I can do is to follow the protocol and stay home as much as I can. As you  might already know I work from home on regular basis, it means I didn't have to organize home office and somehow adapt to this. I also don't have little human at home so I don't have to try to homeschool anyone. But I do know a lot about working from home. Normally I go for a walk in the local park several times a day: to walk the dogs, to have a run, to discuss something with husband (we both think better when we move). Now it is banned. We still need to walk the pups and we try to play with them a lo


Travels are all cancelled but we at least have some dear memories! Today I want to make a throwback to awesome summer 2019 while I think where I will spend my evening: bedroom or living room. I have to admit I have a thing for tiny countries. And I do like adding new places on my travel map. Cycling trips make it even better because you feel your trip with your legs - you are your own transport. When we planned a trip around Bodensee (lake Konstanz) we thought it's an awesome idea to take a little de-tour and visit Liechtenstein as well (yes it is a spelling horror-name, by the way). Did we regret it? Not in a bit! The road is super pleasing and easy so you can easily cycle all the way to the capital no stress or issues, bonus points for most of the way is on the cycling path. The capital is lovely, the city center is neat and cozy, postal museum is wonderful and I loved the ice cream there. If you have time, take a trip to the ruins (bonus points for picnic there) up to the m