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Ciudad de Mexico, part 2

Today I don't feel like writing a lot. It's a lot like saying I'd recommend you walking past the street of the center of mexican capital to enjoy it, to feel it, to get to know it. Stroll, explore, watch and eat. This is what I wore to simply walk about the city. And yes I am too tropical these days so I had my hoodie on. I am not ashamed! I wore a very comfortable look, which is perfect for long walks.   Surely I couldn't leave you guys with only a brief sight of the monument of Revolution. Check out more streetviews I snapped during my vacation     I was wearing: Levi's jeans Cuidado con el Perro shoes Hoodie Befree top (under) Monki   Have a nice day, Lyosha  

Cuidad de Mexico, part 1. Gran Hotel Ciudad de Mexico

It has been a fantastic trip! I enjoyed it through and through. It hasn't been easy but it was fantastic at the same time. Wandering around megapolis felt very nice even though I didn't feel like coming back to bigger city just yet. I enjoyed numerious museums we discovered non-stop and our incredible hotel. I was in the awe when I entered museum of Frida Kahlo. I remember how I had the online tour there explaning how curious it is because otherwise I would never see it with my own eyes. 3 years later,I am casually there for the weekend. I will definitely tell you about the museum more in the separate post and so far I want to share the hotel. the ceiling is something! Our room   It is the best hotel I have ever been to. Historical building, old-fashioned style everywhere and incredible interior. WIth current trend on old money, this hotel gave off just the vibe.More over: there was an elevator, a very old one, it is actually a point of interest. It is the first elevator in M


Just another weekend stroll outfit. This time featuring my favorite dress and bucket hat. I felt so comfortable I think I could go on forever. And I also felt very cute. I took photos at Puerta Cancun which is mall, residential area, yacht port and a beach all in one. I actually went there to visit the sport shop called Innovasport to fetch my kit for an upcoming run (I enjoyed it a lot despite having any goals on achieving the results) Also do you like Vespa-like motobikes? I do. The only reason I don't use and own it is that I don't need it. I was wearing: old Forever 21 dress Pirma shoes Coach bag Cuidado con el Perro bucket hat Watch Fossil   Have a nice day, Lyosha  


Anime and cosplay events are numerous here. I have to admit that we skip on them sometimes. Who would have told me that years ago. But this one is very special and dear to us: it's the same as the first we attended as a family of 3. Surely we enjoyed some food, fun and fellow freakies! I didn't cosplay this time so I only went with a cute flow. Our daughter though definitely rocked her Sailor Jupiter cosplay. I couldn't help but snap millions of her shorts rocking a girly warrior. We had tons of laughts when she and her daddy (cosplaying as well) danced during life performance featuring the opening theme. Below are some most fun moments:   Have a nice day, Lyosha