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Spring Weekend Vibes

Hello! Smile! It's weekend! This weekend is final lockdown weekend for us (fingers crossed the isolation will not come back June 14th, current effective date of 'walking isolation rules). We will be able to go for a walk as per schedule and workout in the early hours but I am happy with what this is.  My plans for the weekend? Bake something nice, play video games, ping pong and read (I am re-reading 'Hobbit' and I couldn't enjoy Bilbo adventure more)   Have a nice day, Lyosha  

Celebrate! Party dresses

I am still overexcited about being able to workout outside and go a walk in the park. That is just so awesome! Actually I am so excited to go outside after 64 days of lockdown that I want to celebrate it for real. I mean it, I am thinking of variety of fancy dresses to choose from. Yes I did dress up to walk my dogs or simply to hang out at home but it not nearly as food as going to park. I am thinking what photos to take there for you. I missed the park so much I think it would be a perfect background for me no matter where exactly really. And while I am raiding my closet to find the perfect dress I offer you to join me in online digging of wonderful Yesbabyonline to find suitable choices to celebrate of partial lift of lockdown here (we actually have a special house number based schedule to go for a walk here). Are you ready to check out my top choices? I have it right here for you: Short, perfect for summer, with laced flowers all along and red. Red means happy, fierce and hap

Can't wait for beach and dresses

The week flies very fast and it feels good because we have a big change effective in Moscow: starting Monday (and summer by the way) we will be able to walk not far from home 3 times a week and also workout outside early in the morning (I'm an early bird so I am super excited!), the park will be reopened and I couldn't be happier! It is fascinating how much you take for granted and how much you start appreciating little things after you lost it for some reason. It also means beach time is not far off and boat time will finally come as soon as summer comes. And I will be able to make photos freely without thinking and searching etc. Excited about it as well. And meanwhile I want to inspire you not only with good news but also with something pretty. No, not me. A dress. Yes I teamed up with Yesbabyonline again to show you the best goodies. And as beach time is getting closer I decided to pick something related a theme for the post. Today I am showing my two favorites of super


Happy Monday! The weekend flied so fast for me. I feel super recharged but actually am pretty surprised it's Monday already! The weather was horrible in Moscow, it was cold and raining so we mostly hanged out inside with pleasure. Not that we can really move around but this time I really liked the changed in the attitude: I want to stay in because it's cold and wet there. Thankfully it's a lot warmer today already and the forecast says the weather will turn back to normal +25 by the weekend. Meanwhile I am home and wear pretty clothes.  Big jewelry is an easy way to make your outfit look more planned. Bright lipstick is something I long to wear at home (because lipstick and mask do not work) to brighten up my mood. Dresses as always comfortable and this is one of my favorite dresses of all: by Russian designer Viktoria Tretyak, it's actually 3 years old already but it looks good as new. Yes I wear hat at home. My head tend to feel cold making a remarkable

Great ready to be formal and productive!

Happy Weekend! I feel so very recharged and happy now. And I so ready to hit the next week. It is going to be productive and super happy! Am I disturbing you with my overflowing positivity? I hope not! I really do! Today I want to inspire you and motivate you for the week ahead with help from Yesbabyonline . Even though most of us are not allow to attend any parties but online it doesn't mean we don't plan on it soon enough and are not going shopping. A lot of brands make digital collections but I am not progressive enough for it. I don't really see myself wearing jammies and applying clothes online to seam stylish. Clothes is something I am deeply passionate about and it's something I hold close to my heart. For me there is a lot of physical about fashion. I love seeing fashion shows in person because no camera can show properly the material moves around the model. It is very special and it is little something I adore about the clothes. Yes I love photography and spe

I stole these pants!

Can you believe it? I stole these pants from my husband. Yes, I did wanted to look like late XIX century homeless boy. Colorful and no jacket but close enough, don't you think? What is also fun about this photoset is the location. It's right next to the local park entrance. The park is closed and anyway it's too far from our door anyway as per regulation we can not go further than 100 meters. I never payed much attention to it because the park is way more exciting than a tiny spot next parking lot, park entrance and subway bridge. Check out the two photos below: basically the stairs and the tree are right in front of each other, literally couple of meters apart. It's funny how much new and exciting you can find in close proximity if you care to look. As I have already mentioned before my pants are stolen. My vest is very old (I refuse to think it's about 13 years old now). My shoes are my favorite running shoes, I did 4 half-marathons wearing them last

Attach and Take Off

How's you week going? Mine is totally packed up but I try my best in time management efforts. Yes my time management includes making a priority in pup time and ping-pong/audiobook listening. Anyway, I really want to catch up with you all. And just ask how are you. I prepared lots of personal style content and I can't wait to share it all with you but it is not ready yet. Images to soft, alter and (the most time consuming) to download. I promise you will like it! But so far I needed something to share with you so I chose to team up with Yesbabyonline again to show the best and most festive items. I am really a little busy today so I wanted something I don't really think much about. So I picked weddings again. At the same time I don't want to be too boring so I have chosen a slightly deeper theme. And it's also something i have never told about before. So the theme of the day is detachable train wedding dresses . Creative right? I didn't even know it existed b

Sky and Greenery

Hello! Creativity is definitely boosted for me. I enjoy looking for new options to make content for my blog. We still can't move around much so you will see one more post created in the time of isolation outside. On my favorite place of April/May 2020: dog walking area. It is so much fun hanging out there with my dogs and often with my husband. Sunny day are there and the weather is pleasing. We are just happy to be healthy and together. I really vote to explore new backgrounds even in the location you know well. I don't really like the cars parked on the background so I jumped on training dog element (I know I am not damaging anything because it is suitable for giant dogs as well and they are easily two times heavier than I am). I wear shots most of the time currently and add long socks and may be a warmer top if needed. But yes my legs are said to be weather resistant. I was wearing: Oasis top c/o Rosegal shorts Fila sneakers Lacost belt   H

Jeulia wedding and engagement rings for women sale 2020

One post is not enough for the weekend, right? Well at least for me. I had some extra time and I decided to inspire you one more time. Isn't that exciting? it is at least for me. So I didn't think twice and made you a different post. It is about something I personally miss the most yet try to avoid. Accessories. I always try to wear it and even keep some in my bag because it is crazy how much it affects the whole look. I always advise to take several accessories and sets of accessories with you on a trip: even a simple look with jeans and a shirt or a plain dress will shine bright if you add a statement piece. During the pandemic I try to wear less accessories outside. However there is only one jewelry piece I never fair to wear (two technically): my wedding and my engagement rings. Today I want to bring you some inspiration about it. To do so I teamed up with wonderful online shop Jeulia and will share with you some wonderful designs and trends. The topic today will be stil