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Happy Friday

I thought I'd have more time now& In fact I don't& I'm busy keeping up with things and it's taking some time. I do hope for next week a lot and hopefully start being a normal blogger during the weekend. So far I'm not dead just lack of photos (I do hope my hubby try his best to make it better). Or I'll it better myself like this I hope you're having a best Friday! I was wearing: Topshop top and shorts ute to the core sneakers   Have a nice day, Lyosha  

Homecoming softness

Summer is not just a season of sun and greens but also a time of the events  among  your close ones. I mean - not just weddings but  anniversaries , large meetups and definitely homecomings. For these you'd definitely need a dress. not just a  dress but THE Dress. This time I put my eye on Dresswe cheap special occasion dresses promotion. One of my fave online shop s Dresswe became the place where I thought about that events with lightweight  dress which look more or less formal. Look at this soft pink item. I love how  asymmetry  is handled here. Fully closed sleeve paired with flirty naked other. I'll always be into  asymmetry  and this is a very fine  example  of this with both mood and shape. Talking about something more fun girly and easy to wear all day long - check the dress above. The straps are very cute and I love the dress details with all of those tiny parts  assembled  everywhere. The colour reminds me of  ice-cream  and I just love how the waist is highlight

Rosegal windowshopping

Everybody knows move is a disaster. It's like a hurricane! That's my I'm more of window shopping blogger right now that an actual style blogger. My apt looks way better now and I have far more space for clothes, so yeah I'm happy. That on the other hand doesn't mean I wouldn't love to blog more. But for now I'm a window shopper and I'd love to take you with me to some new shop I've recently found. It's fab and yes, it totally took away from apt stuff which is never easy. But wonderful Rosegal  made it real for me. All of those summer garments are amazing and totally making me inspired for summer brake. Navigation is supereasy so I didn't think twice how to use the shop. Look what I've added to my fave list. three coloured summer dress from Rosegal I've found several best pieces from each summer must have category: a dress, a romper and a swimsuit. You can easily survive summer with this items only. First of all, a dress. I

I am OK

I had a lot of emails, messages etc asking if I'm ok. Thank you so much! I am really absolutely safe and fine despite the fact that we are all freaking out. I use metro everyday and moreover - I passed the location of the disaster only 30 minutes before that. It's not comfy to get to work now but among all other issue we might have it's fine. Weekend is very soon and I'm happy to think about it. Keep in touch! Random shot of me to make this post look better. Have a nice day, Lyosha  

My friends are getting married soon

Our friends soon are having a wonderful moment of their life: wedding. No matter how you decide to celebrate it modern or classic it's a moment of your life. Even if it's far from your first wedding. I think it's very fun to see couple who are getting married when they are mixed with experience. To see how differ their look and change their mind. But first wedding or not - it's wonderful. They still have some battles about wedding theme but let us think about more traditional options to celebrate it. I personally prefer men in lighter suits on wedding day. Classic black is too unhappy and besides what could ever be more boring (sorry white tie and black tie options) than classic black suit. Wedding day should be of fashion fun for both men and women. Why don't us pick unusual dress shir t colour and some cool details with contrast on shirt and tie? Why don't you make a theme colour and complement it with additional colour on your suit or a wedding dress? For

White dress for summer gal

When it goes about summer - it's awesome to wear something nice and white. White is called ultimate colour for summer and although we wear it all year long it still feels better to style it in summer. But not only color white is better in summer (apart from practically everything but skies is better in this time of the year). I do  believe  all of my readers from cooler places of Earth must agree with me: dresses are always better when it's warm. And when it's warm - it summer. Why don't us think of wonderful white homecoming dresses 2014.  You already heard about my feelings to Dressv shop as they provide a nice inspiration for me. Sun is all around and I know no better way to make me feel myself special and force myself to a better fashion forward looks than window shopping. Dressv has it all. Also summer is the usual time for homecomings and a charming white dress may be your ideal choice.   White can be tricky to wear as many of us are afraid to look like brid

New York Minute

I do apologize for all of my blogger and real life friends again for not writing and meeting them when we had our time in NYC. Point is - we did spend there just couple of hours and it was our wedding anniversary. Shortly speaking it was either trying to meet everyone or no one. Having a huge need of romance we've spent all our time wondering around the city, smiling holding hands and enjoying the view. The point is NY is very different from what we usually see - that inspired more and more and more. Who could possibly skip the star-stripes theme for the outfit during their first time in US? - Definitely not me. I wanted to keep the look simple and light Need to come back and see more of the country. Relaxing and energy bringing... and I need to visit some museums too. I was wearing: Dolls Kill top Topshop pants Cute to the Core sneakers random accessory incl. c/o Tanchoo bracelet   Have a nice day, Lyosha