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Lingerie Fashion Week. Day 2

  Shall we dance? It's not a proposal it's a movie title. Romantic movie from 2000s with Jennifer Lopes and Richard Gere, a very nice and proper one. Filled with beautiful and graceful yet sexy dances. And it was also a theme of second day of Lingerie Fashion Week. Beautiful sexy lingerie, beautiful models and music. I was so very much excited! There are my favorite looks from the show: My outfit was comfortable and matching weather. I really liked wearing it despite it being super simple. Hope you like it as well! Let me know it in comments!     I was wearing: Calvin Klein shirt and jeans Pakerson shoes Uniqlo coat Alba bag Liza Karikh choker   Have a nice day, Lyosha  

FollowTheFabrika I.VII announcement

27 мая 2017 года уже нашумевший по всей России fashion-проект от Марии Резниковой «FollowTheFabrika» вновь займется продвижением на международный рынок российских дизайнеров! Событие пройдет на новой площадке в атмосферном пространстве «МОДУЛЬ». Место мероприятия выбрано не случайно. «МОДУЛЬ» - пространство нового поколения, способное моделировать под самые разные мероприятия: от научных конференций до вечеринок, презентаций и кинопоказов. Участниками седьмого этапа станут: наш фаворит с «Belarus Fashion Week» - Екатерина Волкова (бренд «Ekaterina Volkova»), наш фаворит с «Kazakhstan Fashion Week» - Сункар Есмуханов (бренд «KIRITTI»), наши фавориты с «Volga Fashion Week» Алёна Воронина и Павел Метлин – (бренд «Лаборатория Rd.Yoke») и другие. Напомним, что «FollowTheFabrika» ( - это механизм, позволяющий дизайнерам одежды получать грандиозный опыт и множество необходимых контактов для дальнейшей работы, а главное - возможность

Cyprus, part 6

This officially the last part of Cyprus travels and I even feel a little sad to post it. Actually it's also a mark of my actual vacation right now is coming to it's end which is making me sad as well. Today I'm posting photos we spend wondering around Limassol in between of travels from Paphos to Larnaka where we were to take our plain back home. it was very hot and we practically lived from shadow to shadow taking a long walk from bus station to nearest beach. It was way better when we refreshed in warm sea and become even better after eating an ice cream or two (I know I'm guilty of being such a sweet tooth).   I was wearing: c/o Choies skirt Uniqlo Moomin top hat I bought on Cyprus sunnies c/o Firmoo   Have a nice day, Lyosha  


One more from the trip present for my and Max' birthdays. During our stay in Copenhagen region we took one day to see the Hamlet castle and also took a ferry to see one more city, this time Swedish. The small cities are so charming and calm! In Danish part of the day we enjoyed a lovely castle (I love castles so there was no way I might dislike it) and absolutely stunning two museums marine (ship, boats and ferries are my secret-not-so-secret passion) and museum of technology which makes my engineer heart rise and shine. As for Swedish part... well, we wondered about the streets, enjoyed some food and weather. So calm, so peaceful - just what we needed. The only con was the early closed castle part which we missed. We managed to take some time and make couple of photos of my outfit which was causal, travel but cute at the same time. Or so I felt. and as usual I can't leave you without a bunch of assorted sightseeing photos.