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Vacation, part 4

This is one of the similar looks to what I wore for most of walks. During the 1st day walk I had a little sunburn so I've desided to switch to something more covered. I didn't wear this outfit for a sightseeing so here are just 2 shots of mine. I had a very limited clothes with me during the trip so what is pretty much the same clothes. Jeans are seen suring the 1st day, hat was bought in Montenegro and was shown during the sea photos, my flopflops are in a big use always. But the top is new to this blog. It has a little story - my mom and I went shoppong one day and were looking for something new for our closets. We both liked this top a lot and bought 2 of them. We often wearing the same top when we meet. It looks soooo adorable! I was wearing: Zolla top Calvin Klien Jeans Hat bought in Montenegro Flip flops (I've had them like forever)

The sea

For our vaction we've chosen the country with the sea. Actually  we wanted some rest and expected a verycalm vacation like laying on the beach and swimming the sea all day long. It didn't work out for it's boring for both of us but you caught the main idea. I was very happy to buy this beach dress! it's so sexy and comfy! and what is the most exciting it looks great being oversized! yay for belts, girls! The photos I'm going to show are the shots of two days. the photos where I'm in the dress are from the beach near our hotel and the swim-suit are from the Great Beaches (or Veliki Plyazh). The sand is grey there it's volcanic and said to be healthy. I don't know if it's true but it's fun for sure. We've been acting like kids there, building the sand castles, running and laying on the sand and playing the water (it's not deep at all, I was already tired of walking when the water was berely at my tummy). oh, how I wish we had the extra da

Vacation, day 2

After the 1st day we desided to have a simple a day, just going around the town we lived in (Bar). As most of towns in Montenegro it has the old part called Stariy Grad. We went out and and made a slow walk to the port and then asked one lady (she turned to be local) where the old town is. She asked id we wanted a bus or we have a car to get there. We answered that we are walking, we love love walking. She looked on us the way people look on crazy people but showe us the direction. It was a long walk but we loved it deeply! so awesome! As a style blogger I have to say my outfit was no fun. I used a romper, flipflops and the same necklace I did the day before. But it still looked nice. I promise, the outfits I have for the other days are much more interesting! (there the most interesting is the view) Here is the Old Olive. It's more than 2000 years. Stunning! And here comes the Old Bar. That's the moment when we've remembered I'm a blogger and need at least c


I was such a lier to tell myself I can blog from vacation! I barely twitted to be honest! The vacation took everything from me! We've been walking a lot, swimmimg a lot, eating a lot and so on. I've a lot of shots I can't wait to share both the outfit ones and the view. I'll make a combo of this shots making it go day by day or so. The vacation was in Montenegro, where a lot of short mountains and sea. There are very small towns there and almost each has the old part so called Stari Grad. It's the land for people who loves walking! It's not a very easy walks anyway, they have mountains everywhere, remember? I injoyed every min. I've spent there and really want to come back! The shots I'm showing today are "we've just arrived" shots. We had a tiny talk about the contry and visited lovely church and Sveti Stefan on our way (we had our bags in the car so the feeling was very unusual!). Referring myself as a style blogger I've to tell abo

Colours are fun

Do you remember this wall? From the moment I saw it to the moment I made 1st photo here been couple of months. After the 1st shots been made I couldn't help but thought about taking the outfit photos again. The more I looked at that wall (I'm passing it by almost all the time I'm going to the park) the more I thought about bright and cheerful photos. Sometime before I created this outfit (and recreated it for this photos) I realized non of my colourblocking outfits made into my blog or chictopia. So I thought it was the colourblocking day! I'm sorry or my messy hair - it was too windy even for my short hair! I was wearing: Alba shoes and bag no brand dress P.S. sorry for being lazy not creating a different from chictopia post and lack of comments

Vintage and New

You know the only thing that's missing  Is a little mouth-harp blues That's how we do it! This outfit is partly vintage. I guess you're staring at my shots and thinking what the hell could be vintage in there. It's not my clothes (and I'm actually sorry but thrift stores are not awesome here in Moscow. If you know the place where the nice goods are - tell me, I'd love to see it) the vintage part of the outfit is my mouth-harp. It was made in 30s or 40s, but not later because this model was out of stock. It's wooden _________ mouth-harp and made for C and G. And the sound is awesome! I'm so in love this mouth-harp! But enough. It's style blog you're looking at, not a music addict's blog. Anyway, I find it kind of lame, I'm wearing the same skirt 2 post in a row but I have to say this shots have 3 day in between. And I love this skirt. It was my vintage part of post. Now about the new part of the oufit. There's nothing new in this out