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Happy Halloween!

Actually I didn't think I'd post it but than  I realized it's a tradition of mine and I always post something about Halloween on my blog. And after all I have photos and costume (sort of) this year right in time for Halloween. So there you go! Happy Halloween!   Have a nice day, Lyosha  

Ridiculous amount: lip balms review

Do you know that I have in ridiculous quantity apart of dog toys and glasses? - Lip balms! I have it in my bags, pockets and workplace. I try to moisturize my lips as often as I can. I also have lots of hand creams but I don't keep it my pockets so it's way-way less in numbers. Can you imagine how happy I was when Nivea offered me to review 3 of their new lip balms? Over excited! Cherry, Strawberry and Mango. I have a hard time picking my favorite. After a week of usage I realized I use mango more often and frankly Cherry is now stolen by my husband (I don't mind). It all smells and tastes very real as well as doing the job on moisturizing my lips. Lip balms are good, the price is affordable. What are you waiting for? Lip balms are a must this season and wearing a mask actually makes my lips drier than usual. P.S. I am wearing my favorite Halloween top. Totally sets me up for proper mood. P.P.S. I'll set this post as an example of how long it actually takes to make o

Touriste Russe about Tula

Last week I did something creative and unusual for me. I visited an exhibition tied with presentation of new issue of sport travel magazine "Touriste Russe" or "Russkiy Turist". The magazine has a very long story (it's over 100 years old) but suffered from hardships over the years. Currently the project is crowdfunded. The latest issue is dedicated to region of Tula and it is opening the series of magazines speaking closely about ways to explore the region and best routes for it. Cycling, kayaking, Nordic walking, backpacking even SAP - you name it, they have it. In fact you can definitely use the magazine as a guide to plan your perfect trip. Be you interested in nature or more urban locations you will find a lot of support there. Tula region is also very closely tied with Leo Tolstoy, the famous Russia writer so if you are interested in him I highly recommend you to visit this region (have in mind that most interesting parts are a bit scattered so save couple

MBFWRussia, Nikolay Legenda and Alena Nega

Second day of MBFWRussia, such a blast! I met with many fashion people I missed so much and seen two beautiful collections. Nothing beats that! It started with elegant and formal show by Alena Nega. Opened with breathtaking opera diva Daria Davidova (who also modeled the best dress in the collection in my opinion). It was fascinating being backstage as well, so much to glimpse before the actual grand result. love it. I do think I need more formal wear in my life. and more gold too. Second show is a long favorite of mine. A huge contrast with the first: a very casual, wearable and edgy show by Nikolay Legenda. I want to wear those jackets right now. And this flowing dress on the first photo feels perfect to me to wear right now. Do you like futuristic casual? I love this dress. It's old but I love it still. I wore it on my first MBFWRussia years back and now it's back next to the catwalk. I received so many complements about it, I definitely should wear it more often.   I