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Happy New Year

Have a nice day, Lyosha  

Running around for Chrismas tree

One more casual outfit to do the chores. I do think it's necessery to stay comfortable yet stylish and warm enough. I am wearing my favorite baggi camo cargo pants and personally can't get enough. Absolute comfort and smiles all the time and all the way. This formula also makes it easy for me to throw in some jacket or a hoodie to give extra warm layer in here. It's definitely a win-win here. I actually wore before Christmas finalizing everything festive out there and finishing up the stuff. Hense the title. I wish a very happy new year! May your 2023 be fantastic and only bring you smiles and love! May fortune be always on your side. May 2023 be cherished in your memory as one of your best years. And don't forget to welcome it with flying colors and widest smiles possible!   I was wearing: H&M top Cuidado con el Perro shoes and pants   Have a nice day, Lyosha  

Feliz Navidad!

Feliz Navidad and Merry Christmas!  Blessings from my family to yours. Bendiciones de mi familia para las tuyas. For laughts:   Have a nice day, Lyosha  

El Cascanueces

Is there a more Christmas-y activity than watching The Nutcracker  ballet? Most likely not. I am absolutely happy I watched it this year and also managed to stay in line with our family tradition of mandatory classic art performance visit during the holiday season. This time it was even more priceless as it is the first time as a family of three To visit the Cancun theater for the first time (the venue is very nice) I have chosen my favorite dress. I actually think I should have worn something warmer but I do believe I was very stylish. Wrap dress is an ultimate classic for a girl Bonus: family photos I was wearing: DVF dress Celine bag   Have a nice day, Lyosha  

Cancun International Boat Show

No matter if I have a boat or not, the love never ends. I was hyper delighted to visit a boat show in Cancun, enjoying the marvellous motorboats, yachts and accessories/tech for all things water. Fantastic experience, it makes me feel for the water more and more again, I do want to feel the salty deck under my feet again. such a joy! And so far enjoy my hightlights of the show as well as my outfit.   I have chosen black and white combo, comfortable to climb and move around. I also wore a hat but it's mostly for the style. Vest was mandatory for me: the day was a bit chilly and I opted for comfort. Even better because it is actually handknitted by my mother-in-law, I am so happy and proud to wear it! My color choices might have been influenced by my own style preference of old (if you knew me before I hit 22 I never wore color) or by Wednesday series, I mean the outfits there are so good, way better than, say Emily in Paris, everybody give so praise to. What do you think? I

In and out of spa

What a wonderful day! This week is action packed again but I don't mind. The end of a year means a lot and sure is a lot in many ways. I am happy and am very grateful because 2022 has been fantastic to me. I don't really want to write final words about it (it feel to early) but I can already mention it was probably the best year of my life, not without hiccups but nothing in life is. Today I want to share a cute, casual and verycomfortable outfit I wore to grab a bite and take my pup in and out of spa. Yes, he is living the life as well. On our way back we took a tiny detour for a park and enjoyed our time there while snapping a couple of photos. And yes I wore shorts because I could. It made me happy. I was wearing: belt Etro shoes Cuidado con el Perro top Monki pants walmart headband miniso   Have a nice day, Lyosha  

Final inspiration is the best inspiration

We made it to the finish line! I am SO proud of us. Welcome, my dear readers, to final inspirational day of this week. It wasn't easy but we made it! Today we are taking a break from from last minute Christmas preparations and do our best to enjoy our time out online with a cup of hot drink (coffee, tea, cacao or whatever it is you like, no jugement here). Today we are going to enjoy fabulous dresses we all might wear. Generally these dresses are marked as bridesmaid dresses but we do all know they work just as nicely as any formal/semi-formal/evening dress. No matter how much fun and joy I find in white main focus of the day attairs I got a little tired of them during our marathon of fashion and style inspiration. Also I think these might work great as Christmas look or a dress for a fancy party for New Year. I am not completely sure but there is still time to find something special to wear. Or at least find some inspiration and heart to actually think about it more. As for me,

Bridelily for day three

Hello! Time flies! it's the third day of posting already! Busy days, busy times but so rewarding and so fun. I actually look forward to this time of the day when my husband is working, baby is peacefully sleeping in her crib, pup is a little tired after a long walk, I have my coffee and lots of time before evening plans. To remind you: today is the third day of my online shopping inspiration marathon, aka week when I post daily and share beautiful styles, clothing, new online stores and generally all sorts of fashion and style inspiration you might ever want to find and experience. After all if you are reading my blog, most likely you are keen on my style which includes my ability to eye a wonderful fashion online. For today, the 3d day of posting, I still want to stick to the theme of white dresses you can find online. After all, we don't get much white here and Christmas still gives me some white impression. Yes, today we still check wedding dresses. The theme for today is

Choose online with Babyonlinedress

Welcome to the second day of inspiration marathon on my blog. I am so excited and very  happy to present it now. As you remember (and if not it's ok) I am dedicating this week to some inspiration to ease your mind of the holiday hussle and give you some peace. I think many would really appreciate it. While my family finalized the holiday shopping and is proud to admit it is like 90% small and local, it doesn't have to be that way if you look for inspiration online. You actually get inspired by wonderful luxury brands all over the place or stick to other online shops. You might look for something you might recreate with what you already have. Or you might go to some imaginery place/reason to find some more inspiration online. Today I want to offer you to get inspired with me again and enjoy some beautiful wedding dresses. Today I will show you something new in wedding dresses design scene and trends. I hand picked 3 fantastic styles I have enoutered on Babyonlinedress and I wil