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Lingerie and Swim CPM

I know there are different types of women. Girls who are crazy about the shoes, the skirt, beauty stuff, bags, etc. and there are girls who love lingerie. You never know. I find beautiful lingerie my secret pleasure, my most intimate yet loved part of closet. And seen on catwalk lingerie fashion looks even more tempting. That is my there is no chance I might skip on posting wonderful styles from CPM Lingerie and Swim. Beautiful collections suitable for each body type and occasion. There wasn’t much but home wear was present as well. Here are the highlights. Русский перевод под изображением. RU: существуют разные типы женщин. Те, кто в восторге от платьев, сумочек, туфель, косметики и много другого, а есть те, девушки, чьё сердце трепещет более всего от нижнего белья. Никогда не узнаешь. Лично я обожаю бельё и считаю его моим секретным удовольствием, моя личная, интимная, но такая важная часть любого образа. А есть это бельё смотрит на нас с подиума, оно выглядит

CJF winter 2018

Do you know what shows are the most adorable? Easy peasy: Kids Fashion shows. Kids are lovely and everything looks cute on them. And if you start 8 kids fashion shows on same catwalk you’ll get cuteness overload. Or at least that is what I have experienced enjoying kids runaway shows during CJF (Сhild and Junior Fashion). My favorite collection was from Malenkaya Lady (Little Lady) brand. But every other were lovely as well. Here are some highlights. Русский перевод под изображением. RU: Как вы думаете, какие показы мод самые милые? Ответ прост: детские. Дети осень милые и яркие, одежда на них смотрится очаровательно всегда. А если взять восемь классных детских брендов и провести показ мод на одном подуиме вы гарантируете передо милоты. Шутка. Хотя это именно то, что почувствовала на показах в рамках CJF (Child and Junior Fashion). Моё сердце покорила коллекция бренда Маленькая Леди. Хотя и другие коллекции не остались незамеченными. Ниже поя подборка лучших выходов.

Skater dresses from Fashionmia to relax on the weekend

It's been ages since I posted inspirational posts. I'm so sorry about that! That's why today I want to inspire you with something beautiful. I didn't want to think much about that so I have chosen a shop you all most likely know and like. But it never hurts to remind ourselves of something good valued, right? To today I want to share with you some inspiring pieces from online store called Fashionmia . Yes I absolutely love them. It's easy to shop there, the products are of good quality esp considering the low prices the keep. I wanted to find a perfect subject for you and ended up with dresses. In fact it's my kind of no-brainer looks because dresses are not that hard to style and it's always easy to create a fine outfit around a dress. Topic of today's post of hot top three styles from Fashionmia is skater dresses: I actually own a couple of dresses with same silhouette! It's so flattering and makes me feel superb always! Plaid is my favori

CPM 30th expo

There are a lot of wonderful fashion events in Moscow. Smaller scale and the biggies like Fashion Week. But for me there is whole extra universe of events: big expo. Targeted more for pros they never fail to fullfill the need of seeing future fashion seasons. What are we going to wear? To answer that question lots of people work hard. I am very impressed with it always. And CPM - Collection Premiere Moscow is a jewel of them all. And what is even more impressive is that it was 30th CPM! 15 years, can you believe it, that’s huge! Today I’m sharing my grand opening experience and I assure you it was absolutely great! As always the collections selected covered almost any type of clothing collections you might need. So inspiring. Here are some of my favorite designs: Русский перевод под изображением. RU: в Москве проходит довольно большое количество разнокалиберных событий, связанных с миром моды, как камерных, так и таких больших как Неделя Моды. Но на мой взгляд су