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Hot pink

If someone ever told me like 5 years ago I would wear pink and then publish it on any web site I wouldn't believe it and moreover I would found this person crazy! But here you see me. In a pink dress while running the errands on Saturday with my hubby. Ok, I do often wear dresses during weekend as it's most likely the only time I actually can wear it with out complications. And there is nothing better for summer than a chic dress (and don't even think to argue). What I also wanted to share is my new award! I was awarded with the Editor's pick award of Pocket Change web site. I feel very happy and proud these lovely people found my blog. By the way, their work is very interesting, you shoud definitely check it and find a lot of useful stuff there. I was wearing: Topshop dress Marc by Marc Jacobs 'Mouse' flats New Yorker bracelet   Have a nice day, Lyosha  

Fashion Fest

As I promised I'm doing a specail post about Fashion Fest happened in Moscow a week ago. God, I missed fashion events so much! It was situated in design factory Flacon in Moscow which is a very cool place in general. For this festival they gave all the free space outside the buildings for young designers who had a chance to show off their staff. You could buy almost everythng there for acessory to clothes. We couldn't help but buy some jewelry. Handmade, fun and custom our choice led us to Steampunk style. We had beautiful time there, laughting and listenin to relaxed music, injoying the sun and having short looks on long lasting programs Festival provided. Max and I didn't think twice about our looks. Both choosing outfits we worn already for... a night walk in the park. Sometimes we go to the park a bit late and relaxing there with or without our dogs and also create outfits to see if it fine or not. It's my way to create nice outfits when my brain refuse to w

Sporty heels

Sorry for my absence. I got a job scope change at work (or I should better call promotion to feel even more awesome?) so I've tons of things to do. In the meanwhile Max and I had a great time trying to rest after busy and  nervous days having time hanging out on some cool events. Last weekend we've to Fashion Fest but this is material for my next post.  For now I'd love to tell about the outdoor sport event Moscow held near-by Luzhniki stadium. It was free and I didn't believe there could be so very much fun and places of interest for that price. It was.  Bicycles  and motobike shows(we didn't get to see latter but still) wrestling and  power-lifting  arenas, basketball,  Russian  games like lapta etc. I've chosen confy yet girly outfit for that. H&M heels (from last year) I'm wearing are very comfortable despite their look and I love how little brown-wooden detail of this sandals let me wear my hubby's bag (yes, I do steal things from him but tha

What I wore for summer, part 2

Hello! I'm still catching up with outfits I missed during my vacation and posting travel and other photos. I've chosen 2 outfits I wore for just one day showing a slight difference of weather and still similar outfits and one of outfits I often wear as no brainer - just comfy clothes I have to wear for work (in case you missed it - I'm an IT engineer who happens to spend most of her day in cold data centres and server labs) I was wearing: outfit #1 (Saturday fun): H&M skirt and hat Marc by Marc Jacobs mouse flats (Max' most fave pair of my shoes) Boticca Leo brooch Clock House top outfit #2 (on my way from work): My old noname jeans Port Aventura souvenir top Lacoste bag Marc By Marc Jacobs 'Miss Marc' flip flops   outfit #3 (taken in metro): H&M hat (stolen from Max) vitage pants shoes stolen from my lovely Mom Boticca Leo brooch Clock House top (You see? outfit 1&3 are similar on my top part) Have a nice

Love Firmoo and get yourself a FREE pair of glasses

Not long ago Firmoo , on of biggest online glasses shop wrote me offering me pair of their glassses for the review. I didn't think twice as I love glasses so much. I chose a pair and waited. The delivery was very fast esp. for Russian post services. And everything else was simply perfect.  But I think it's way better if you see it yourself. First of I all I needed to chose a pair. It wasn't easy as there are a lot of pairs! I have to be honest but with all my love to online shopping glasses never were the object. I thought it would be too complicated taking glasses as item I just have to try on. Firmoo add awesome app for virtual try on and it worked perfectly for me. Moreover glasses mesurements taken pretty much everywhere. Not mentioning filters, which very useful. Plus you can also find small theme-based articals about styles with exampls and set of glasses you can buy. What I also just have to add - the number of pair increased in just couple of weeks. (I checked

New award

Just a brief post about new award I recently  received  thanks to charming Anastasia (don't forget to read her blog  here ). I can't help but say how  grateful  I can for this.  Especially  now when I feel great but tired. I really  appreciate  each and every one of you! P.S. I'll make a new big post tomorrow or the day after tomorrow. I write it here because if I don't I'll be  ashamed . P.P.S. by the way, I'm having a lot cool stuff to share with you!