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Christmas weekend

What is the best way to celebrate whatever? I strongly believe it's doing what you like. I have spent Christmas weekend 9which is not an official holiday in Russia) doing exactly what I love. Surely I have spent time with friends and family, relaxed and... attended a fashion show. This time it was a holiday celebration, themed with Christmas. There were many fashion shows, mostly kids fashion shows but there were some adult gowns present too. Also there was a really fantastic moment in there: DNK brand set a record of the most number of participants at the same brand clothes on a catwalk. It was tons of fun to watch and see how different they are actually.  Beautiful gowns and casual items mixed naturally on the catwalk and despite being very long I enjoyed every moment of it. My outfit is mostly my vest. I am obsessed with it just throw it in for warmth and cuteness all the time. Did I enjoy wearing this outfit for the event? Yes! I got lucky to guess the temperature inside and


I love adventure parks and I love staying active. I didn't know about the place before but i saw ads of it when we were in Mexico and we start reading. Surely, being a blogger I looked through social media and saw just how many bloggers I know enjoyed it. I immediately contacted some of them to see if they actually loved it or had any tip and we went there. We came very early and left among the last. It was so much fun! I loved everything about the trip. It's a great mix of beautiful calming nature, animals, lots of water and fun things to do like cliff jumping, zip-lining, cenote exploring, obstacle course, lazy river, bike route (I was shocked), snorkeling in mangroves and not, with food and drinks included. There are several things you can do for additional payment (for example swimming with dolphins) but you don't have to do it because there is so much to do, you literally have little time to just chill, if you choose to save money on extras, you won't really feel