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Estet Fashion Week, part 2

A long waited part two of my Estet Fashion Week experience this season. Day two was way shorter for me but nice nevertheless. The highlight of the day for my was Naz Maer show with beautiful and elegant gowns. I also enjoyed some kids fashion as well seeing shows by Anj Kids and Jeanne Nicole. The first presented a very creative styling and even angel wings (I wish it was Halloween!), while the latter showed gowns for women of all ages. I hope you'll enjoy the shows with me. My outfit features my favorite shirt ever. It's vintage and is made of silk.I paired it with super old pants I wear from time to time when they come back into fashion (even though I'd prefer something longer really). And yes I am wearing a hat again, I just gave in a allow myself to wear has as much as I want. P.S. sorry for non-event photos. I met up with a friend and we chatted our way out, totally forgetting about the photo!   Have a nice day, Lyosha  

Sunday Inspo

My husband has deadlines (lots of them all in one place) this weekend and pulling tons of work. It actually gives me more time to do something for myself or my blog if I feel like it. I actually do feel like so there you have it: a new inspiration blog post. We haven't done it in a long time so why not. You might take it as inspiration to think of your festive outfits if you have a tradition to celebrate it somewhere fancy rather than we family wearing a stupid Christmas sweater (not that it's bad, that's something I wear too). So today I want to talk with you about fancy clothes and beautiful dresses. To do so I headed to customizeone , a new place for me but filled with beautiful options to choose from. When it goes for formal wear I highly recommend looking through to regular sections like formal wear, evening dresses or cocktail dress which might seem natural places to look it. I find many options too boring classic, lacking of creativity and trends. I don't mean

Aloe Vera duo

While I could have written about Estet Fashion Week (it finished only yesterday) and I know some of my readers are waiting for it, I won't do that. Why? I still have to do some sorting and finish up some things. But I do have a short content and post to share right now. It's actually one more review with Nivea. It's a long and fruitful cooperation and I normally like the product they offer.    This time there were two products that actually match and are supposed to be used one by one. Toner and micellar face wash/makeup remover. I used to have (I used it all up) micellar makeup removing muss and I liked it. This product is alike but I generally think muss form fits better than gel form for me. Both are ok remove might makeup but don't feel like enough if you had a full on makeup. I like using it after pro makeup after regular makeup removing water to clean it all up. It doesn't try the skin too much as well. There is aloe vera in there so it is slightly itchy whe

Estet Fashion Week, part 1

One more fashion week in Moscow is here. This is a unique combination of beautiful jewelry made by the jewelry house of Estet (and it's various branches, targeted to different niches and audience) and fashion shows. his year  I attended the first day and took tons of photos I plan on sharing with you. There were two collections I liked the most, surely aimed for adults. The first collection by Brand Band inspired by Russian singer Angelica Agurbash. The clothes is pretty nice, definitely aimed for low to mid segment. I hope it will find its customer. The second was the collection gowns by Ivan Rybnikov. Ivan makes dresses for very different women and body types. Each dress is hand-sewed and is unique, he never repeats the design. I was also very happy to see a very diverse model cast focusing not only on body types but also age. If you are interested in Kids fashion there was Mercedes de Alba, Kangaroo (it's actually a multi-brand shop for kids, so they only styles the items