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Love is the Answer

Ok! Today is the last day of July! Can you believe it?! There is only one month of summer left! Crazy, time flies. But I am positive, I look into my bright future because August is going to be super exciting! First of all in couple of days I am off to trip which is always super exciting! Second of all (and not that exciting) I have an exam tomorrow. So wish me luck! Today I want to make a small update with a ootd. it's a simple and casual look I wore to do some chores, hang out in the park with my beloved and dogs and generally relax. What I love the most about this outfit is the top. The phrase is everything here: Love is the Answer. Have a nice day, Lyosha

Chamaripa inspiration: sports shoes

Are you ready for some inspiration now? I will show you new place Chamaripa I don't really believe in breaking good habits so here I am with my regular weekend inspirational post. What I also did today earlier in the morning (and I am not really writing about studying for exam, I try to ignore the fact of upcoming examination not to get stressed even more) is some running. I am running my next half marathon next Sunday (so soon!) so this Sunday I was aiming for planned 15 km. I am so happy because I managed to meet my highest expectations (in fact more of unreal ones) and it makes me feel safer for next week. Even though I am excited a part of me is worried because I run not home for the first time. Having this all in mind I think it's a great idea to share something sports related. It's really is a great idea because sports clothes and shoes as well as accessories are inspiring. I mean if I look great I have my motivation higher. Also as I really feel more comfortable I c

Interveiw with Knick Knack handmade accessories designer

ENG: I bet you all missed this posts! It's an interview! This time I want you to meet my friend and also a very creative and talented person Alexandra! She does beautiful accessories in various techniques, I am absolutely positive you will something of your liking among her creations. The easiest way to find her is her instagram RU: Уверена, вы все случали по этой рубрике. Интервью! В этот раз я хочу познакомить вас с моей подругой и по совместительству очень талантливой и креативной девушкой Александрой. Я делает различные украшения в разных техниках и стилях; я абсолютно уверена, что среди её украшений вы обязательно найдёте то, что покорит ваше сердце. А самый простой способ познакомиться с её творчеством поближе - это ещё страничка в Instagram   I. RU: Саша, я очень рада, что могу называть тебя подругой и горжусь тем, какая ты креативная! Рада, что согласилась ответить на мои вопросы! Спасибо. Мой первый вопрос, самый банальный, однако интересный и, я бы даже ск

Cropped top for Strasbourg

In two weeks I'm running my next half marathon. I am pretty excited especially since we're going to different city. It is a familiar one but still it's not my home. Moreover it's a birthplace of my husband. St. Petersburg, here I come! After I am going to visit Finland which is making me even more excited. It won't be exactly as we planned but still exciting. And as I normally do during I will be posting my photos from the trip before. However today I am a little bit too lazy and don't have new quality content to share with you. That's why I cheat and post one of outfits from before. This one is what I wore during my stay in Strasbourg, France. It was a hot day but I felt wonderful because my clothes was super comfy.  Strasbourg was lovely! The city center is so calm and beautiful. The cathedral seams huge and totally dominating. Flowers are everywhere! I especially want to 'honorary mention' the museum of modern art and storks. I had so

Anastasia Dubach, art exhibition opening

ENG: Do you like art? I bet a lot of you do. I am big lover of modern art, art speaking emotions and trying to dig into your head, deeper and deeper. Modern art is not aiming to capture the moment and give you time to admire beauty, it makes you think about important things in life: the artist normally wants you to leave with new thoughts or deeper consideration of subject. The art is meant to be beautiful as well or at least I prefer it to. Not being a big talker about cultural moments of life I always try my best to visit museums and keep mind tinkled with knowledge, after all it's the only thing you can't really loose. Русский перевод под изображением RU: Любите ли вы искусство? Я уверена, что да. Я сама очень нежно отношусь к современному искусству, искуству, говорящему эмоциями, залежающему к тебе в голову, глубже и глубже с каждым разом. Современное искусство, на моей взгляд, не ставит своей целью запечатлеть момент и предложить насладиться его красотой, вместо это