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Missed me?

Hello! Missed me? I bet you did. I was feeling odd lately and wasn't much into blogging myself. Sorry about that. Here is a tiny update of my casual part of the outfit I orginally wore for Yoga day in Moscow's Tsatisyno park. I used to love this dress so much but now it feels/looks a little odd on me. I doubt I will wear it again soon enough.  Yoga day was lots of fun even though I was already a little tired when we've been taking the photos. It was very hot, I did plentiful of my favorite yoga including but not limited to 108 Sun Salutations. I even got a little sun burn despite reapplying sunscreen with 50++ spf. I was wearing: Naf Naf dress (an oldie!) Marni shoes   Have a nice day, Lyosha  

Cycling in love

It is a super fast post. I am still a little bit slacky at the moment and don't really feel like blogging. I am sorry. I have spent a month cycling and you know... it is a whole new world. While I am not yet ready to post my vacation recap in full here is a short post with me and my bike.   Have a nice day, Lyosha  

Dress to impress and relax

I am back from vacation. It was blast! I am sooo happy I could have so much time on my bike traveling through 6 countries but I have to admit I am a little knocked out from regular day to day life. Organizing yourself isn't easy, at least not as easy as I were before. That's why I am still not ready to show you some photos and tell the stories of my trip. So instead I decided to go for something simpler. An inspiration post, As simple as it is an inspiration post helps me to focus on my fashion sense and push myself to want to wear something at least a little but different from cycling uniform, hehe. And also as I still have tons of post vacation chores to complete my actual outfit of the day is pretty dull with just a t-shirt (probably closer to random t-shirt than to something with a thought and jeans). Why don't we feel for something more beautiful today. Let's head to a good, well known and loved shop and find some inspiration there. I have chosen Fashionmia for t

FollowTheFabrika, June 2d

ENG: not long before second season of changed FollowTheFabrika took place in Moscow. It was on June 2d and showed 9 collections. It was held on a rooftop and generally was more of a vestival. There was a special exhibition zone, a real symbiosis of fashion and art. Moreover there was a special relax zone for guests, to relax and chill out and for example to play some board games. Fashion designers passed for semifinals were: Layla and Fatima Oskanova, brand Te Amo Couture (Ingushetia); Christina Adushkina, brand Ethnique collection with a mix of African-like styles and modern fashion tendencies; Kira Kireeva, designer of brand Auroom by Kira Kireeva and one of the most conceptual designers of Mosco Devon Blake, founder of ZEDZETTER brand. Bagdat Akylbekova (TARIH brand), whose show was styled and made with scandalous showmen and model Ilay Dyagilev joined semi-finals. I wasn't able to attend but I was watching it online. Here are some highlights from the show so you can share th

Casual ice cream hunter

To tell the truth it's kinda disorienting to come back from long trips and come back to normal. Today I am posting my look I wore for a casual day before my vacation. The weather was lovely and Max and I decided we wanted specific ice cream from the shop we had to cross local part to go to. The weather was so welcoming that couple of kilometers we needed to cover felt like two steps. Ice cream was our best reward! My outfit is nothing new but all comfy. Great dress from Forever21 I used to abuse last summer with constant wear. My favorite straw hat I randomly bought in Japan and slippers I thought just for fun (I wear it all the time in summer). What do you think? I was wearing: Forever 21 dress c/o Zaful slippers straw hat bought on Kyoto street   Have a nice day, Lyosha  

Normal People Scare Me

It became some sort of tradition to post my travel outfit photos during my vacation. As you can guess I am on vacation now! I am super excited about it as I am making almost a month tour in Europe. Starting in Milan, Italy I'll use my bicycle to get to Belgium passing Switzerland, France, Germany and Luxembourg on my way. And while I am off I am showing you my trip of winter: Cyprus cycling. I loved this outfit. It looks very bright and I find it a great way to dress during the tip. Vest is a cool option to add some warmth if needed without over making it and carrying a lot. Plus Normal People Care Me kinda was a motto of this cycling trip. Because normal people don't cycle all the time, hehe!   I wore this outfit twice (confessions-confessions!) First during our stay in Pissouri to drink some late Cyprus coffee and east some cheese. It was a date! Second time was for our short stay in Larnaca. We went to eat something after cycling for 130 km and buy some s

Beach abs

I always try to take at least couple of proper outfit posts during my trips. This is an example of how I do it. It is actually an outfit I wore multiple times (you know very limited closet for cycling trips because every milligram matters if you go up the hill). It's super comfy and I can show of some abs. It looks great when your cycling, even better than in dull daily life. The photos were taken on a beach in Pissouri village where we stayed. I am so in love with place! It's so pretty and comfy and peaceful. I do hope I will Cyprus again off season and will live there for longer period of time. I was wearing: Nike top Forever 21 shirt c/o Zaful jeans Under Armor sneakers   Have a nice day, Lyosha