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Make a step towards art

Late last year GES-2  was opened. It is a modern art gallery focused on performances. I loved the place for being airy and white as well as for a wonderful collection presented the day I was there. Behind my photo you can see the series of works, portraits of fellow artist in his hotel room during the Venetian film festival. Each portrait was made during one day and a new portrait was written everyday. I was impressed and charmed. There were costumes, bulky works, videos and loop videos, portraits and landscapes. I loved the series of self portrait photo works by a regular man from Iceland who loved taking photos in the harbor and on ships coming to Reykjavik from all over the world. The main highlight though is a non stop Santa Barbara filming performance, with actors and camera men. It's curious to watch it live. I think it's the part of the current collection that brings the most attention from people. My outfit was nothing special but I am a huge fan of this vest and tend

Sweets and Music

I think you all know very well that I love classical music. I also really enjoy listening to it live and even have a subscription ticket for Moscow Philharmonic. Needless to say every time we go, it's a date night for us. This one was no other and I enjoyed it a lot. We listened to Beethoven (which is a little unusual for us, I like his pieces but he is not my favorite, neither it is for my husband) played by Pavel Kogan Moscow State Symphony Orchestra which is probably the best performance you can hear in Moscow (if you ask me). After we indulged ourselves in sweets and started a new 'sweet date' year. For 2022 we picked honeycake. I actually looking forward to our choice for February already. We have a couple of runner ups for try out but still not sure what we'd prefer more: places are too different as well as the recipes.   For the date I chose a jacket because it can be a little chilly in there (not this time) paired with some color from pants and top. Rust is

Think Pink!

I am not big on pink but fell in love with both vest and a bag the moment I laid my eyes no them. I thought it might be a nice idea to wear them together and I think it worked well. I needed simplicity with everything else basically being a canvas. I chose black because it’s the easiest for me and I don’t have that much neutrals to make pink-beige work. I wore this outfit for museum date and it was a blast. I love natural museums, learning more about our world is always beneficial for me. It wasn’t my first time in this museum but I still enjoyed the main core of it (even unchanged). It is very curious how this or that catches your attention one time but not the other. I really enjoyed this museum date and even took some pictures so share my outfit with you! I was wearing: c/o Glassesshop glasses Monki vest Kenzo bag Uniqlo jeans Jil Sander boots   Have a nice day, Lyosha  

Современная мода на выставке «Уникальная Россия»

С 27 января по 13 февраля 2022 года в Выставочном центре «Гостиный двор» в Москве пройдет II Художественно-промышленная выставка-форум «Уникальная Россия». На выставке будет представлен широкий спектр арт-проектов, отражающий культуру современной России. Большой сегмент программы будет посвящен актуальной российской моде. Центр «Грани» призывает к миру через моду Наступивший 2022 год объявлен Президентом России В.В. Путиным Годом культурного наследия народов России, и «Уникальная Россия» станет первым масштабным культурным и социально-политическим событием выставочного формата, раскрывающим эту тему. 29 января в рамках программы выставки «Уникальная Россия» Продюсерский центр «Грани» , организаторы Главной Детской недели моды Kids Fashion Week, уже в третий раз представит специальный проект «Грани мира» (продюсер – Елена Склярова, режиссер – Валерий Сороковой). Название для показа было выбрано очень верное и актуальное. Именно мир и творчество — это то, что способно объединять людей

Inspiration to help you

Did you get back in shape you prefer after the holidays? It might be a bit tricky for some us because after all don't most of the holiday celebration have strict food policy. There also is a lot of pressure to eat this or that food and often you have to eat what you normally would not just because you don't want to offend the cooker (normally that's your parents because friend don't have such issues normally). If you had longer holidays you also might ruin your routines and have a hard time going to sleep at the time normally should or would. This might bring to want more measures to get back to normal. Today I have a post with Lover-Beauty to inspire you in that irregular task. If you need it of coarse. P.S. also very useful to mothers who definitely need all the help they can get. Today I want to show two different products. One to help you boost your confidence and one to help you get the results faster and easier. I do think both are equally good and important. Le

Comfy, basic, warm but on a Date

I've been a little lazy on content creation lately. I totally blame the cold weather and holidays for that. Also a big chunk of my heart still reflects on Mexico weather so I am even more not into it. Basically I am mostly wearing jeans, t-shirts and hoodie pretty much all the time.  Today I want to share with you my pre-New Year annual theater date outfit. The weather was lovely that day so I went for simple skirt and sweater adding more comfort and warmth with my Docs. I still don't know how feel about this outfit. I worked way better in my head and here it's just not what i wanted. I am sure I posted it if I had anything else, really. The theater is pretty nice and I have been there many times. I have to say none of the plays we saw were not fantastic. Some I loved more, some less but it's mostly because the subject of one play might shine brighter in your eyes or affect you more. each play is very beautiful for my eyes, the actors not matter what age and body-type

Mellow Touch review

Not long ago I've been sent products for a test from Corelle . I do spend a lot of time and effort on my hair because I don't feel like I am blessed with good hair. After trichologist is the doctor I visit the most. I got 3 products by Mellow Touch. And I loved it so much I decided to share my thoughts with you even though I don't really have to. But I just can't be a blogger and not to share the product I seriously LOVED everywhere I can. One of the products is apple vinegar for oily scalp. I absolutely loved it, it worked very nicely on me and targeted the zone I wanted more comfort with. I really enjoyed using as well as prolonged 'fresh' hair time. No wash hair treatment as well as hair treatment you need to wash worked pretty similar on me so I use either one or the other. It's also very handy because using the no-wash option I save about 10 minutes, it might actually be a lot. I made a reel about my way of using the products and it actually was fun to

Happy New Year

Happy 2022! How did you welcome New Year? We did our best to follow the traditions: started a year healthy with a run, listened to the music, met with friends and did our best to fill days with joy. I know it might sound stupid but I do want 2022 to be filled with pleasant things, things that make me smile and enjoy life. Love you all! Very soon I am coming back with a normal post with outfits and such. And so far I am semi-idle semi-holiday mood. Have a nice day, Lyosha