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Unique Russia, day 2

Second part of Unique Russia. I really enjoyed my time there. It was different block of events. This time I got to see some of the fashion shows from regular Russian Designers "Territory of Russia Fashion". There were several fashion shows taken places one by one, each has its own style, spirit. It is wonderful to give creator a place on a catwalk on a fair focused not only on the professionals but also other people. I am sure many people who came to Unique Russia (Уникальная Россия) to see art might find some inspiration or simply enjoy (and may be even update their closets) seeing the catwalk these days. I liked it that we could see a more casual collections there, more formal too, kids and adult fashion and seeing women of all ages on the catwalk made me smile the most. During the day I also got to see Marco Moretti's show. This brand is a special guest for the show but somehow I liked it the most. other designers from that day: L'Erede (I have posted their show

Unique Russia, Day 1

Yesterday I attended one more amazing event. It was an opening day of of Unique Russia. It's a mix of everything: education trading fair, art (in most general meaning) exhibition, some concerts and (what is the most important for me) lots of fashion. This festival supports all sorts of local designers, new and better known. Some of the shows will take inspiration from folk clothing, traditions and other impactful moments of Russia. Many of Russian people forget that Russia is a huge country with many nationalities and cultures. While during the opening we only saw a show inspired by Slavic Russian nationalities and a modern style snow themed kids fashion show (presented by amazing center 'Grani'), other days are going to feature a lot more parts (and I will make sure to cover it in my blog as well). And so far please do enjoy the opening day fashion sequence. RU: Вчера я посетила очень интересное событие. 27 января в Гостином Дворе открылась выставка-форум "Уникальна