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Lingerie Fashion Week

If you ask me, there are few things I enjoy more than good fashion. Lingerie Fashion Week is the annual even for me. I always visit and enjoy the beautiful lingerie, swim and home wear. The atmosphere is always wonderful, master classes are super curious and the prices are more than budget-friendly. Frankly, it is impossible to leave without happy face. This time I want to leave you with beautiful fashionshow I got experience without much words from my part. After all, can I really add more beauty with my words? My outfit is actually simple: total black with comfy hat and a cropped top. The curious part of my outfit is my neck scarf. It's my newest item which is actually very not new in general. It's vintage Salvatore Ferragamo pure silk scarf. The color is blue and it has flamingo on it. Perfection, right? I was wearing: Fila sneakers Arny Praht backpack (too comfy to say no during busy day) Tonic top (yes it's for yoga) not branded hat c/o iGlassesshop glasses vi

Biju Moscow

Do you like exhibits, fairs and flea markets? Most of us do! I am no different. There is a place in Moscow where it all comes in one place. I was so excited to stroll between the lines there and enjoy the fashionable pieces everywhere. I saw millions of creative brooches, both vintage and new, from the designers standing right next to me, willing to consult me and tell me everything. I knew a lot about different designs and names and bought presents. I think I should cut on my talking and show you beautiful photos:   My outfit. I almost forgot about it at all. I wore this outfit before but not for blog. If you follow me on tiktpk you saw this one already with my 'Getting ready with Surak' series. I do think he's my best accessory ever. This outfit is very comfortable and is bright blue. Easy to wear, looks eye catching and definitely pust a smile on my face. Sadly think skirt practically invites wrinkles over, I totally forgot about it and after some time of sitting, walk


RU: Не знаю, как вы, а я обожаю конкурсы в сфере моды. А когда я слышу МКММ, я точно уверена, конкурсанты меня не разочаруют. Всегда самые яркие стили, креатив, а так же горды и счастливые лица дизайнеров-участников. Этот конкурс стал трамплином для многих участников, поэтому часто говорят, что попасть в финал уже можно сказать победа. Честно говорю, я не могу не согласиться и от всей души поздравляю вышедших в финал. ENG: I love a good fashion contest and when I hear MKMM I am sure I will not be disappointing. Always the best possible styles, creativity all the way and happy faces of the contestants. The contest became a trampoline to many designers and they say being at the finals in a win already. Frankly, I couldn't agree more.   RU: В этот раз более 20 участников представяли свои коллекции, и я уверена, что жюри было не просто выбирать. По крайней мере, мне было сложно выделить своих личных фаворитов. Темой конкурса было "На Обратной Стороне Луны", и мне кажется, у