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It was a very good NAP

Playful. Sexy. Badass. Me. That's what this dress screams.  I had so much fun styling it. And I am sure I will wear it a lot in future. It can be a skirt (I see several ways to make it work actually). It can be worn with a top or a shirt. I can adjust straps differently. I can add layers on top of it. I can wear it with elegant accessories. Don't you love it? This dress is sponsored by Nap Lounge Wear . Stop here and receive a gift. Use a coupon LYOSHA25 to get 25% off and free worldwide shipping! They have a vast sleep and home-wear collection along with some more regular silk dresses. I don't really fancy regular home-wear so I just had to get a dress. The material is just perfect! The dress runs a little too big for me so I chose a design what would work anyway (it's adjustable and I do believe the skirt being a little loose actually works better). I hoped it might run lower than the measurements and prayed it doesn't run bigger. At least for this dress it runs

Like mother like daughter

My daughter scored her first collab on my blog and I am proud. I am not sure if we did the right thing but I thought why not. Ada Maria worked through her mom and dad with bambinifashion . We chose her a dress (not a practical choice but who needs to be practical with 3 months old, right?) and a Hugo Boss branded pacifier. There is a joke of our baby wearing black that often at her age which never happens because after all you do see her parents there. And the Addams family vibes too. No wonder really. Black velvet dress with embroidered rose is from Mini Rodini, I know you needed to know about it and that's not a joke either. But here's a good joke on the pacifier. Why do we need it? Because every baby is a boss in the family. Lesser known reason: she's a daddy's girl, and he's a Boss lover. really, check his closet. To highlight Ada Maria's black outfit I chose white dress. I like the way we oddly match being totally different. Like mother like daughter: unite

Sculptshe goodness

Hello! Owning your body after pregnancy and abdomen operation is journey. And it's the journey I had to take. Not a big fan in general but there is nothing I can do. After all everything my body went through was the price to have a baby. And while parenting is not always easy, it definitely has perks. I will talk about them in my next post and today I am willing to take a different route and make a move and shuffle things up a bit. It's Wednesday, early morning and I talk inspiration today. Let's visit Sculptshe today and get inspired. By the way, I also don't plan to blog during the weekend like I normally do or on Friday because we go on a our first trip with a baby. Fingers crossed things will be fine. It should be ok, it's no too far, we don't have to fly, nothing exotic in food (different take on all familiar stuff) and we stay in just one place. Perfection if you ask me for the first try. I plan on many museums and galleries though so one can only hope th

Relaxed and beachy

I love this silk skirt! I feel a tourist every time I wear it and a sexy tourist at that too. I wore this outfit to have a nice long weekend walk/beach/food morning. It's funny how I feel like breezy when it comes to much waited beach time. Huge hat works the best to shade face and eyes from sun. And yes I am guilty ones again of using a tote bag as a diaper bag. It actually works so nicely!   After strolling in the morning, we made a little stop at home for couple of things to do and went on Mayan ceremony in one of local parks nearby. I was impressed! It felt very special and I loved it even more because there were mostly locals present. On little wins side I got almost everything they explained about the ceremony (apart of couple of words I didn't know the meaning of which is fine and it didn't affect my general understand and experience). I am very excited with my rapidly growing Spanish. I was wearing: H&M skirt and top Uniqlo x Ines de la Fressage hat Mic

Comeback of the year

Feeling so relaxed lately. This week is very odd! I have many things to do and I actually get things done but at the same time it much is moving and I feel like I am too low. On the bright side my workout routine is blooming and I feel so much move confidence in my strength and moves. Super excited to be actually running my first run as parent soon (I think I could have done it earlier but summer is not the season for running here, much less events comparing to fall/winter/spring time). Why am I talking about sport? It's because recently I noticed my abs coming back! I am so excited! Most of time I had my 6 pack around and it felt weird not to have it. And yes fast endorphins too. You work out - you look the mirror - muscles show up. As for the outfit I really love the cargo pants trend lately. It's so comfortable and relaxed yet chic. Hardly able to pass on it, really. I like pairing cargo pants with something sexier to spice things up. Button down shirt and a fancy silk bra

Playful skirt

happy Monday everyone! I had a fantastic weekend with lots of activities and fun. We even visited local mayan ceremony. Tons of steps made, food ate and smiles had. In short it was a weekend equal to small vacation. And we played a lot of video games which I absolutely love! And we did a big shooting for a project coming up later. I can't share much before things are approved but it's pretty cute. What a weekend really! I really feel refreshed but a little lazy today. I actually started this Monday one hour earlier to make a morning run. I am super happy to do a steady and calm 10k without an issue. Yes, that is what I call lazy. Actually I even can't say I dodged any of my responsibilities or regular chores today - it just somehow feels slow. Today I want to show you the outfit I actually wore last week. I wore it run the shore and have a small date with my hubby. We enjoyed nice meal and some hugs. I felt playful and I think it shows in my outfit. Also I am very happ

Effort or no effort?

I love this look. It's funny because I originally planned on something different only to notice I had a spot on my pants. Well, not much to change but scheduling some laundry time. I originally planned to shoot an outfit I was supposed to wear so I was a little bit sad it didn't happen. We had things to do anyway so I just threw an outfit to do the shores. Passing the mirror by I noticed that my outfit actually looked pretty cute. I smiled and asked my husband on his opinion. He only smiled back and said that we are doing the shoot anyway. Isn't it lovely? There is a lot about me being effortless lately. I do own my looks and I don't actually work hard to look pretty. Yes, you can still see me wearing a smile t-shirt+jeans/shorts combo oftentimes but most of the time I look as if I made an outfit (read some effort here). Also don't you have some Caribbean vibe here? I somehow get it here. A lot. There is one more thing I want to talk about today. Not actually a