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MFW day 1

ENG: Moscow Fashion Week is always a little special to me. It's not that major yet I love it. I am always a bit excited about attending it. This season is no exception. It started on Wednesday and it was charming.First day was mostly Anastasia Kuchugova fashion show. Romantic and feminine a little retro collection featuring fantastic straw hats. RU: Неделя Моды в Москве всегда особенная для меня. Она не такая большая, но я очень её люблю. Всегда рада посетить её. И этот сезон не исключение. Сама неделя началась для меня в среду, и это начало было очаровательным для меня. Первый день для меня во многом день показа Анастасии Кучуговой. Романтичная и женственная, немного ретро коллекция, включившая в себя прекрасные соломенные шляпки, которые надолго оставили след в моё сердце. ENG: But this day was also marked by shows by Alena Nega and her wonderful red and grey gowns. Magical flow of skirts, too adorable! RU: Однако, день начался для меня с показа талантливой Алёны Неги и

Al Arabia Fashion Days. Day 1

ENG: I am absolutely in love with Arabian Fashion. Long gowns, full of grace. Never tacky. When I first heard of collaboration between our cultures I immediately new I am going to see that. And I wasn't wrong. I really wish the fashion shows were more modest though it was still very beautiful. RU: Я полностью и абсолютно влюблена в моду арабского мира. Длинные платья, всё полно грации и нежности. Никакой вульгарности. Когда я впервые услышала о событии, соединяющим наш культуры, я сразу же поняла, что мне туда идти необходимо. И я не ошиблась. Хотелось бы, конечно, чтобы показы мод на тематических днях были бы более сдержанными, однако и так было очень красиво. ENG: During my first day I was able to attend three shows. First and the most sticking was by ArAm Designs (Saudi Arabia) which left a big mark on my heart. Those gowns were superb. Very unusual, creative and sure chic. RU: В первый день я смогла посетить три показа. Первый и самый интересный был от ArAm Designs (Саудо

MBFWRussia, day 2, part 2

I realized I missed this post! Do you remember when I told I don't want to mix wonderful Yulia Kosyak fashion show with kids fashion show. So I wanted to post it separately esp as I had different 'changed' outfit. I forgotten about both! So I am posting it now. So the fashion show was about kids fashion. Once again I have attended wonderful magical cute kingdom of L'Erede fashion. I have attended their fashion show last season and it sure was pleasing to me. I was very happy to visit the fashion show again this season. Kids fashion sure is adorable.  As for my outfit. Well I am crazy about this shorts trend. It's so comfy and could be edgy. I mixed it biker jacket and girly top with flowers. I tend to wear my waist bag way too often lately, sorry about that.   I was wearing: c/o Zaful jacket Arny Praht waist bag thrifted shoes karen Millen top   Have a nice day, Lyosha