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Wednesday Whites

Happy Wednesday! It's middle of the week. Do you enjoy it so far? My week's a little bumpy and I a little bit too much focused on my upcoming weekend in St. Pete'swhich is really deepened by odd cold, rainy and windy weather. Why do we have Australian weather here? Why is it nowhere summer today? I don't know. Anyway, I didn't have much desire to get a proper outfit post done (I need to give my pictures a little work, you know) but I decided to post anyaway so here it goes: inspiration post. To make a good and pretty fast inspiration post I teamed up with wonderful and always pleasing  Babyonlinewholesale to make it real for you today. I can assure you I didn't have any issues thinking of a brand/store to write about btu I did have issues with a theme. I really wanted something to cheer me up to put a smile n my face. Thankfully I got pretty fast: I wanted to get some bridal inspiration! After all summer is wedding season even though I frankly prefer late spr

Kitty Glasses

Hello Kitty! Today I want to share with you my new sun glasses! It's blue (which is my favorite color) and it's prescription. Not that dark as my other favorite pair (read about it here ) so it's a better choice to pack if you are going to do some quality museum time. The thing is there is a color gradient on the lenses so the bottom part is practically discolored - hold you head up, gaze down and no problem reading at all. But differences aside there are two things in common: absolute comfort and quality as well as a brand. Yes! It is one more item from my favorite glasses brand of late Glassesshop . Just a reminder: easy interface when you shop, great quality of lenses, light frames and super fast shipping. The only aspect for Glassesshop I can say nothing about is customer support but I believe it's for the better I know nothing about it. The frame is very comfortable and it doesn't touch my cheeks which often happens and  is what I dislike. But it f

Midsummer inspiration dream

Nothing makes me more excited than summer. July wasn't the best in terms of weather but the event were definitely lovely and exciting to me. I enjoy it a lot. Summer for many people (me included) is closely bound with festivals and various events. Lately there was a big and fancy festival nearby Moscow I originally wanted to attend but couldn't and am thankful I couldn't really because it turned out to be real flop. But people there made costumes based on ball dresses. Now you totally see where I am heading! I wish I could wear a ball dress now! I partly will today making an inspirational post teaming up with well known and trustworthy Babyonlinewholesale . Let's get some wildly creative and elegant. Let's dress up in a ball dress for no reason. Let's enjoy our lives the fullest now and always! Let's tinkle our imagination and enjoy this post inspired by ball dresses. Check out my favorite below, three best for me today in  Ballkleider kurz This dress

Saturday Night Special

This weekend is awesome! Finally great warm weather, lots of joy with my friends and family, lots of events, sun and general laughter. I wish I lasted forever. I am so excited I can' actually sleep so I decided to calm myself with something exciting and relaxing. Something fashion related because you know me, all right. I can't really think of something better than dresses because dresses are my uniform pretty much all the time I spend time in hot weather. I love it loose and short, it is making me feel as if I wear nothing without breaking any code. And it definitely looks more pretty. I also treasure dresses during my cycling trips because I often find myself tired after all day cycling and don't really want to think what to wear. Dress is life savior in that situation, all you need to do is just put it on and all set. less variations may be but still comfortable and relaxing. That is why I decided to write a quite special post today teaming up with to

Summer time

Hello! Summertime and the living is easy. During hot and not so hot summer days I do enjoy as much time out as I can. I try to connect with all the greenery around and enjoy warm and pretty sun around me (tons of SPF included for sure). This is one of my relaxed casual summer looks I wore to hang out with friends and family (and yes crime detected: I wore it several times without changing the details!)     I was wearing: Calvin Klein jeans and watch Marc by Marc Jacobs shoes (8 years old and still going) H&M body   Have a nice day, Lyosha  

A. Troll style

You can never have too much fashion. I love watching fashion shows, big and small. I like it inside and outside when we talk about the location. Fashion is making me happy. But there are a lot of thing which are not very healthy about fashion and I am talking about ecological matters here. That is why it is so important to me to follow fashion turning its face to ecology. This is what my post is about. Some time ago in House Gogol museum/library there was a special event to support eco approach in fashion. This time it was a charity market, public lectures and a small fashion show to support eco-friendly fashion. It was held for three days in a row, I visited the second. Here are the highlights  But it was not only about fashion show: there were several useful shop stands here too: I wanted my outfit to be comfortable, kid appropriate and relaxed to match the weekend theme. My light summer cap helped me to resist the possible ra