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I really wanted to make proper post but I am just so slow! I am sure it has something to do with me playing Wizardry 8. Yes, I love old hardcore games and such. Not ashamed really. Also the weather became way less hot and actually perfect for running training. I have big plans on today's training. Excited! That's why I decided to stick to shorter and more simple post. I want to share a beauty review with you. Yes, it's Nivea again, I have to admit that this partnership is very fruitful and useful to me. I was very excited to receive sunscreen before (read the review here ). I use sunscreens all the time so it's a product I need. One more thing I need on daily basis is hand-cream. My palms are easy to get dry and I moisturize all the time. I have stashes of hand cream all around the apartment so I don't have to look for it, just use it.  This little box is 3-in-1 antibacterial hand-cream. It has the Nivea scent. It is closer to lotion which is great for summer. It

Retro Dress Inspiration: 4 dresses, 4 styles, all flawless

Happy Friday! Today I want to offer you something very usual. Today I want to chat with you. Normally when I write a post about something I give you a lot of space to look through the images and normally I don't push you to read, pay attention to the details or something. If I talk about fashion show I stick to only interesting facts (or may be very strong personal emotions, which I think benefit both of us). If I am showing my own outfit I normally mention why I wore this outfit, if there was an idea behind it, how did I feel wearing this particular outfit. If it's the inspiration post I simply state out what I liked this particular item and why chose the theme for the outfit. Today I want to spill more words, more thought and thus more effort into this post. I hope you will like it. I am not sure if I like enough to make it again any time soon but who knows, may be I will fall in love with long reads, right? Anyway, this time more than ever i want to hear your thoughts and


As I have already promised I am posting my walk from Monday. It was lovely! We enjoyed wonderful weather and beautiful botanical garden. I enjoyed the scents and unusual tree and flowers a lot. It was lovely! I haven't been to this garden for two years which actually made my walk even better. We shared many laughs, hugged trees and rested from very active weekend. I wore tunic from Pirosmani studios with sport shorts underneath. You hardly see the shorts but it made me feel safe. Cut out style added a lot to comfort on a hot day (it went up to 33C that day). I couldn't bring myself to wear anything but flip-flops that day. I actually would go barefoot if I could walk the grass only (I actually did it from time to time). Baseball cap is a very much needed detail for this outfit to cover my face and add a little twist to the whole outfit. I was wearing: Pirosmani  tunic and necklace c/o Rosegal cap   Have a nice day, Lyosha  

3 tips for opt earrings for a man

I got vaccinated. I wasn't sure about that but with current situation it has actually become a must, not a option. That's why I am keeping it low and spending some time at home. At least for today. It's actually a shame because I expected to feel vaccinated and all I feel is that I overate a little. The weather is fantastically good and I spent the wh ole last week mostly outside. Yesterday we had a nice walk (I will post my outfit and the details very soon). I have to admit I am a little bit bored right now. I wanted to make an inspirational post for you. I hope you'll enjoy it as much I enjoyed writing it for you. Today I headed to Helloice which is a new place for me. I heard of it from my internet pals several times already and I was curious to learn more. To tell the truth I should have done it earlier. The shop looks great and there are lots of various styles to enjoy. Scrolling mindlessly through the sections I found earrings for men the most curious to me. I

SPF, always

The weather is fantastic in Moscow. If you don't think about the pandemic it feel fantastic. I do want to spend more time outdoors hanging out my friends, family and dogs, which is actually what I do every day. With good weather here comes the sun and it means I need even more sun protection. I am one of those people who applies SPF every day not even looking for a forecast but when it's summer I re-apply often and generally look for stronger options.  I was very happy to be provided with this SPF 50+ spray by Nivea. It's not sticky, dries fast, don't have strong scent and works fine. I think it's a great daily option for any person. I still go for sport versions when I go on a long walk but this spray got me covered for my daily routine. I like the spray version because it is easy to apply, I frankly dislike spending too much time on putting the cream. The packaging is 95% recyclable (except for pump) which is wonderful for a very affordable product, keeping a gr

Keep Your Hydration Game with KEEPTO

I just love summer. It is always fun and happy for me. More opportunities, easier to meet friends and family and, frankly, even simple rays of sunshine make me smile more. After all I don't need to put on tons of clothes just to leave the door. It is a blessing. According to forecast  this week should be very sunny and warm both night and day. I am so excited! There is so much I want to do! With the weather getting hotter, we tend to hang out outside more and more. It also means we need to take care of ourselves more. While most of us don't forget to apply SPF (or at least try their best to do it), I often notice people stopped thinking about the hydration. I often joke I might skip on some water if I leave by myself but I never do if I go with my dogs. On the bright side, they never mind me drinking their water. However it is not always for the better. I strongly believe in stimulating yourself with comfort. If you own a comfortable drinking bottle (bonus points if it looks g


Running tourism is probably my favorite, at least lately. I really enjoy walking around the town and running these same streets as well. Running and walking makes a new perspective and I can also mention cycling through the streets feels different as well. This time we were not alone but accompanied with our friend who chose this town to run their first ever half. They did just fine and I am proud of them. I was waiting for them on the finish line and felt so amazing seeing them all happily crossing the line. The track is very flat and I enjoyed it a lot. Also the organizers of this run are one of my personal favorites, they always are super attentive and fun. Kostroma is known is cheese capital of Russia but I wouldn't be proud of that name, really because cheese in Russia is not something to be proud of at least a little. It is also a town closely tied with Ostrovsky, one of grand classic writers of Russia. River Volga divides on two halves with one being historical and other i