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More summer dresses

I couldn't stop with just one more inspirational post with week. I do hope you are ok with this! Bikini is a great wear but I do think there is so much more to do during summer. Or may be that's because there is a lot of rain yesterday and still is today so I am kind of feel colder and less tempted with the bikini idea. I really would like something more 'closed' for today that is why I am posting this today. To make this post I teamed up with lovely online shop DressAB which is focues on dresses only. Pretty cool, right? I love wearing various dresses but often get distracted with more 'practical' wear seen in 'you might also like' tabs. Here I have only dresses to look at. Also ever since last year I think dress is probably the best summer option to wear because it's easy to throw, you don't have to think much about the possible combos, it's also comfortable enough and feel lighter than  shorts and top anyway. A win-win situation. right?

Be worthy a million

I am back from my short vacation and I totally feel very much refreshed and new. I loved everything about it so far and now my daily life shines with absolutely new colors. I am more than ready to provide you with posts, style advise, thoughts and general chit chat I always do here. I am here and I am full of power. I haven't sorted my photos yet and haven't done anything of much style because I actually alternate between two dresses and flip flops but I feel like I am so ready to. I wanted to make you happy with my new post so I decided to start with some inspiration especially since I have skipped on it during the weekend.  To do so I decided to show a new place, at least new to me, I am pretty sure some of you, my readers, visited and may be shopped there before. It is called Chicmillions . So are you the former or the latter? Any way I offer you to check out my choices. As it is hot and the first month of summer is practically out in the air let's stick to something

Latvian minute

I am on a short trip to ST. Pete's to accompany my husband on programming conference. Actually he is working and I am walking around the places, go on a guided tour and generally enjoy myself. And yes I envy myself too. As I always do when I am away today I am sharing with my travel experience the post about my past vacation. It was a glorious trip to Riga, Latvia where I ran my first half marathon this year. I loved the gold label race and the whole city as well. I could feel the love people feel towards it. And I loved Riga. But it was not only Riga for me. We took a day to experience a near by touristic place. It is an old and well known hiking location with beautiful river, forests and 3 castles. A pure gem people enjoy vacationing ever since XIX century. Last May we joined the glorious company of tourists in Sigulda and Turaida,    My outfit was all touristy and cozy so pardon my way too regular outfit, not really worthy a mention. But the Livonia ord

Nivea keeps me clean: product review

One more beauty review from me! Super excited to share my opinion on Nivea products, Nivea provided me with. Yes I didn't pay for the products but opinion is my own. Micellar muss. It's a face wash and micellar water combined. It is said to be the product you can use to vanish your makeup. And it actually is so when it does for daily makeup. It might need some extra help if you had heavy makeup for example for proper photo shoot. However it is perfect helper to make sure all of your makeup is wiped clean. It doesn't dry your skin, easy to apply, smells nicely and the foam doesn't need to much liquid which means you will use for quite a long time. Shower Gel . Hibiscus and Saffron. It smells wonderful combining evidently both scents. If you like both scents you will like this one. The scent doesn't really stay on skin after the shower which is a pro because it will not disturb your perfume. Also it foams nicely so you don't need a lot of product to make