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Happy Halloween

Don't you just loove  Halloween ?everybody does! This year we made it very special  decorating  everything, cutting a huge pumpkin and creating yammy  Halloween  food. We've celebrated this holiday at the exact date October 31st at home with friends. I chose the costume of intelligent witch (yeap, jedi costumes are not fair for Halloween) and finally worn my little black dress I wear so seldom. Max decided to come to usual role of ordinary Murre vampire. He's the best in this part.  Our little ghost this is my entery for IFB project #70 I was wearing: little black dress I own since I was 9 years old (I still more than fit in it) Topshop hat Jeffrey Campbell heels Chanel makeup   Have a nice day, Lyosha  

OASAP love

I love spending time home resting my family. My dogs, my husband and a cup of hot tea is all I need. I feel a need to stay home. During the messy very wet ( and because of it cold ) weather I'd prefer staying home. Even if goes to time I've spent after Volvo Fashion Week Moscow (stay tuned those posts  are yet to come). At home I usually wear either very classy or too tee&shorts outfits. That day I felt girly so I've chosen a a big  princess  dress (I feel princess  every time  I wear it) and my new OASAP jacket. This new item can to me thanks to this amazing shop . I really love ti and highly recommend it. The prices are so low that you don't even need to think whether or not you can try the trend on. The quality is awesome! I often see clothes with much higher prices and way lower quality. Don't hesitate to check this awesome shop OASAP  and give yourself a nice new something! The shipping is FREE which AMAZING for buyers  worldwide. Don't forget to add

MBFWR: Day 5.

It was a great yet a little sad at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Russia. Last day always feels that way. I loved the shows from the las days a lot as there was something very about each of them. My first show of  day was a lovely and very laconic collection of Elena Tsokalenko. Ladies dressed in clothes with lack of patterns, mostly closed dresses gave a me a strong impression of Medieval in  general and Slavic Medieval clothes as well. Lets start with amazing double wear look. (first photos are 1-2-3 stages)   Second show was the funniest that night. How could it possibly be the other way if this show was all about... Barbie. Yes, Dasha Gauser teamed up with Barbie to create awesome styles for ladies who wish to be Barbie. Or let us think about this doll again. I've never been a Barbie-doll fan when I was little but may be that's because I didn't have those stylish outfits?   The last show for me at Mercedes-Benz Fashion We